Tuesday, August 31, 2010

iGoogle - It's Wonderful for Bringing A Whole Lot of Things Together with my new Social page

This is what my new "Social" page looks like in my iGoogle power dashboard

This morning I'm ecstatic about Google's iGoogle power dashboard application all over again. After first creating a CRM tab and page where I manage all my Gmail, my Google Docs, and my Tasks, and my Google  Calendar, now I have created a special "Social" tab that manages all my social media on one page.

It's all there: My Google Buzz, my Facebook, and a cool Twitter Gadget that shows all the Tweets coming in. "Going Google" has been a great journey for some years now. Trying to grow my business the old way: hassling with Microsoft Outlook e-mail problems, and having to hassle with buying and installing countless other software updates, while loosing data files from local hard drive crashes, was not much fun. Neither has been trying to manage all these different social media sites.

Then Google  comes along to make my life a whole lot sweeter. It all started by getting my Gmail account and then discovering that this one account was a doorway to a whole cornucopia of great apps that keep getting, better and better, automatically updating me with newer improvements and additional functionality... without charging me a cent. Google has also been doing its homework developing strategic business relations with its partners, so my Google Account sign-in can even be used to login to third party accounts and importing my Google contacts in! What a time saver this is... Nice!

I could go on and on about the joys of "Going Google", so much so, that now its part of may consulting practice. Call me and let's connect and get together if you like to learn more... especially if you are re-thinking your business approach and could use some consulting help - 1.425.780.6872.

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