Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year 2011 Now's the Time for You to Give Yourself.... a Virtual World Toolset.. and to Cultivate a Hybrid World Mindset...for Phenomenal Advantage

This afternoon ...what's on my the end of 2010... are all the people and organizations still stubbornly clinging to same old time consuming, physical world ...carbon-intensive... way, spending more money than they now have to, and not reaching as many audiences as they could...basically because they still haven't added a virtual world toolset.. or cultivated a "hybrid" world mindset... that leverages both physical world and virtual world approaches and resources... while taking nothing away. So what are those new virtual world tools and what's so potentially great about them?
  • The "New Television"... What we are talking about here is a real game-changer... especially if we practically apply the new television to "re-thinking" and "critically doing" the things that we deeply care about... like "re-thinking" and "re-doing" education.. and like "re-thinking" and "re-doing" business development... in a now 21st century world. It's incredible to believe...but it is now possible to create whole new blue oceans of uncontested market space at the same time on several fronts....whole new "channels" of the new television.. and whole new networks...with multiple channels.. using the Internet itself... as an "Internet-work"...and wrapping social media around that.... Watch what Oprah does with her about to launch new OWN network..This time around... a web television-producing audience is part of the offering... and watch how the cream...rises to the top as an outcome of the crowd-accelerated value innovation (It's what I've been blogging about.)

  • Next generation ...big-reach, learning-rich web conferencing. We are not talking about your older think lackluster services that you may have been unimpressed by... but newer more powerful technology... that has the "secret sauce" of value innovation ... laid on top of it... creating fantastic new experiences... never before experienced in the history of the world.... like Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou.. or even a top elected government official...logging in and "being here" with us.. Oprah has been a front-runner with this stuff herself... powerfully introducing the technology always in support of marvelous ...CONTENT..that people deeply care about. I did one of her Oprah Book Club reading groups a few years ago...reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth and we "virtualized" our own physical session with the web conferencing of the day... . Since then... relationships of local and remote attendees as far away as South Carolina... have grown ..deeper....and richer too as an outcome.

  • The Explosion of Social Media ... Now that everybody  is on Facebook... and Twittering... across the generations...what's next to do is to learn how to leverage it to develop more sustainable business in a 21 century world. This social media can also be "wrapped" around the television and big-reach, learning-rich web conferenced events... focusing on things that we deeply care about.

...So what do you care about? and what's been holding you back...from seizing and leveraging this stuff more than you did in 2010? Fear, apprehension?.. self-denial?... or is it simply that you have still have just not cultivated a "hybrid" world mindset... and approach that leverages the best of both physical and virtual worlds? That's where I am coming from... and where I am going and trying to help as many folks as can... seize this stuff and have a ball with it to create new meaning.. and new wealth.. like I intend... What is your own intention? Call me and let's both declare it to the world...and ... moving forward with it... watch the Universe respond.

Happy New Year... 
...we all deserve a new one.
Art 425-780-6872

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New World Television Workshop Crash Course - "Critical Viewing"... Can Inform..."Critical Doing"... That You Learn How to Do Yourself

What part my of this week's New World Communications web television "crash course" focuses on "critical viewing" to learn what the cultural trends... bubbling up from YouTube are... and what entertains... and "edu-tains". There is a lot of creativity here and "The Crowd".... weighing in... on what moves them actually is "instructional".  Learning from all this can also both shape and inform one's own "critical doing". YouTube's Rewind site does a great job of  serving it up across a 2010 timeline even.... so all you have to do is watch... absorb.. reflect... and innovate yourself ...which is how we intend help you move way ahead of even your closest competitors.

So what does all this have to do about business?... The answer is a whole lot.. if you apply Blue Ocean Strategy to what people are get themselves "edu-tained" by...and what they like to consume, and then figure how to design and "spin" your own content that speaks to their needs.  We are not talking about producing more old-think boring business web television... but about creating whole new blue oceans of uncontested market space... that can float your boat.  If you are not already enrolled in this week's web television "crash course"... you are missing out.. for not only will we "critically view" the new television, but we intend to "critically do" some of it ourselves.  Call me and let's connect after you watch some of this stuff...remembering that your own videos don't have to be as popular as these to reach your own audiences. 425-780-6872

Best regards,


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The New Google TV a powerful reason .. to Critically Do Your Own Television

This evening, what's on mind is communicating with you about the new television and what's in this for you as an entrepreneurial person... That is if you can get your head around the power of the the new television for moving your business forward. 

What I am particularly excited about is new Google TV and how with an intelligent direction and the mission-critical learning a new world needs, we can have our own web-based television channels showing up on home HDTV sets ...competing for prime-time television-watching eyeballs. See Google's Quick Tour Introducing Google TV and see how it merges revolutionary web television with television coming from the establishment on those HDTV screens.

This at least provides an meaningful context for which understanding why learning how to master and leverage the new television is so important... which is what my upcoming 3-hour web television crash course ..offered December 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31st could be a real "game changer" for you... helping you come out of the chute running in 2011. See yesterday's post for more information about my workshop. Even folks at Google are excited about TV like kids ... all over again.. and so am I. Call me and let's connect around taking make upcoming workshop.  425-780-6872. - Peace!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

New World Communications Offers Crash Course in Using that Camcorder to Come Running Out of the Chute ... Growing Your Business in 2011

Just in case you are thinking about new ways to move your business forward in 2011... and finally using that camcorder of yours to do it, you may be interested in taking The New World Television Workshop, a 3-1/2 hour "crash course" that I am offering this last week of the year 2010 both in Seattle and Kirkland. Folks taking this "hands-on" workshop will come away ...empowered...with a working understanding of the following:
  • How to produce quality web television programming using low-cost and no-cost strategies and tools - e.g. Flip or other digital camcorder and your laptop.

  • How to design and apply the new web television to grow your small business, not-profit business, or government agency business with excellent guidelines about talent releases, etc. Our emphasis will be on the Structure of Story and how to tell and "spin" it to grow your brand, create mind share, and move your business phenomenally forward.

  • Where the new web television is going in terms of more advanced applications - using it in webinars as part of a remote consulting and practice; using it in multi-day virtual conferences and trade shows, using it in prime time grassroots web television programming applications that we are developing.
Price: $299 per person. For more information see our online published Google Document. Pre-enroll online via our online registration area. Call me for the session # and date that you want or if you need additional information. Taking this workshop will be one of the best investments you ever made for...coming out of the chute ..and shoot....running  and empowered with powerful new world television skills that you'll be able to practically apply in 2011. Call me and let's connect. 425-780-6872

Friday, December 24, 2010

Talk to us About Net New Ways to Extend Your Business Reach and Do Business More Sustainably in 2011

With 2011 right around the corner, it is time to talk to us about "net new" ways to extend your business reach and do business more sustainably...that you have not taken advantage of yet. We can help you "Walk Through the Virtual Door" for phenomenal advantage...saving you time, money and with zero carbon footprint....Gas is already over $3 a gallon and is certain to go higher...and being stuck on traffic gridlock ..while paying high prices for travel and hotel, and convention center... while time ticks away ...and funds run out.... is a drag and makes no sense at all...not when you can now communicate, "transport yourself", meet, learn and convene more cost-effectively and sustainably:
  • New website developed with virtual apps ...with free hosting - See our own New World Communications website that we have cost-effectively designed and developed using new Google architecture...and you can meet with us ...train and conference "inside" of it. Our approach is innovative, yet surprisingly affordable ...Also please don't miss our limited time offer, end-of-the year special for a special discount of 15-30% off if order is placed by December 31st, 2010 depending on the communications services you need.

  • Web television - The new television is a phenomenally powerful new business development opportunity. Working with us, as part of a strategic communications plan, we can produce excellent television that communicate your product/service or program offering. We can also create a web television channel right on your website and work closely with you to program it using your content and other great content on YouTube. See our own New Television Channel page right on our own website.

  • Web conferencing, webcasting, virtual conferences...and virtual trade shows - All web conferencing is not the same. We are also experts in the field who offer a smarter approach than what you may be aware of...and we can "roll" web television programs "inside" or real-time e-meeting and e-learning webinar session.  We are also working on collaborative financing resources so that even the smallest micro-business, non-profit, or government agency can afford to do webinars as a member benefit of joining a business group cooperative that we are putting together. We also  have both low-end and high-end approaches to doing webcasts and are planning entire multi-day virtual conferences and virtual trade shows designed to grow your business. 
So talk to us now about "net new" ways to extend your business reach and do business more sustainably in 2011..and in a 21st century world that's now way more competitive. Here's our phone number 425-780-6872

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Oprah Winfrey Network Will Be A Learning Experience For Many... Including Us

This morning I am reflecting and flowing positive energy about  Oprah Winfrey's new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) cable network .... and the learning experience that this will be for many stakeholders... including me here at New World Communications...with my own fledgling web television "channel". 

Don't laugh. Not when you see this where this poor African American girl born to a teenage single mother from rural Mississippi has taken her life... and millions of other peoples lives and from all walks of life. Wow, I am filled with joy just thinking and and feeling The Oprah Winfrey Phenomenon.. and the lessons it teaches... Multiple stakeholders...are watching to see what lessons come next...beginning on January 1, 2011. See her December 10th "sneak peek". 

One lesson that I am already getting.. is that in this new chapter...members of Oprah audiences will be encouraged to create their web television "channels"...See her page encouraging viewers to do this. Oprah brilliantly intends to leverage "crowd sourcing" and the power of audience web video to fuel innovation and develop extraordinary content ...that she already knows will "bubble" up. Look what she did with Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Nate Berkus and some of the members of her own audience.  See my recent  blog about this citing Chris Anderson's TED Talk about the Power of Web Video Fueling Innovation. And also see front-running examples of this coming out of the poorest nations. See my recent post about this...focusing own excellent community-authored television coming out of India. Oprah also got the new learning right when she rapped the entire world around her conversations with Eckhart Tolle and his bestselling book, A New Earth. See it in my New World Virtual Bookstore  (I facilitated an Oprah Book Club group and extended the experience using web conferencing after Oprah modeled the experience using Skype. )

The other lessons to learn from are to be found  in the industry conversations about the new world television business model... that is now taking shape before our very eyes. See Bloomberg BusinessWeek's December 9, 2010 article for example: "Oprah: Will the Queen of Talk Be Cable's Last Word" Ronald Grover and Andy Fixmer. Read and learn about how commercial television is paid for and how success is measured and you may discover some of your own lights becoming turned on. 

My own "lights" sure are. The great thing about experiential learning.. is that you can learn from one best practice and practically apply it to another... while putting your own spin on top of that. That's what Oprah even talked about in a recent interview by someone she learned from, Barbara Walters herself. 

So, if this time around we don't learn from Oprah Winfrey about how to create our own "blue ocean"... then our brains must be already Rest in Peace ...but if me you are still excited and empowered by what the Oprah message is really about... creating joy and success and helping the world ourselves... then let's connect and talk about moving forward to do that...Stay tuned... and in the meantime let's connect at 425-780-6872

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ustream has both web television low end... as well as a High End... Nice!!

This afternoon I am again flowing positive energy... with the discovery that folks at both a web television "Low End"...e..g. using no-cost and low-cost Ustream instant webcasting as well as "High End" professional Global Production services. Wow... does finding more about Ustream help ...fill in the blanks... and fix "the communications disconnect" that I have been experiencing...seeing gorgeous top notch televised big event video ...with the Ustream name on it... streaming gorgeously from C-Span and even from some local in Seattle... and being unhappy at the kind of quality I have been experiencing working with their low-end offering and seeing funky stuff being webcasted by some of my consulting and coaching friends with the sane lower quality issues.

So BINGO!  everything changed after I went back to's website and found their Production Services page and the kind of high end extra gear and expertise they and their contract production team were broadcast quality gear and NewTek's TriCaster. So wow... is it nice to now have both of these resources at my disposal. Look out world!  Here comes New World Communications... now with a greatly expanded ...full spectrum offering of both low end... as well as high end web television-based and conferenced based tools and strategies... 

So what about that regional or national conference that your organization has been talking about...that's in the planning stages? What about adding value... and adding even more revenue... by allowing remote participants...and high powered presenters ...and dignitaries also "be there"...remotely? Call me and lets' connect and explore this excellent opportunity. 425-780-6872.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google Apps Marketplace Is Excellent Way to Scale Businesses...of Any Size

This morning I was thinking about how I can add even more value to a Google Sites direction to business owners having to deal with multiple business issues....and BINGO...two major ways to add additional value come to mind. Let's start with the first way:

Adding Value the First Way: The first way is by using and leveraging some great resources that come free of charge... just by getting a "Gmail Account". Actually a Gmail a Google Account...which is the door way to a whole suite of free mature applications and even some experimental or "Labs" ones. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Gmail - Wow... Gmail keeps getting better and better especially the way "Groups" works to automatically organize my contacts and e-mails and documents associated with them. I use it like a mini-CRM system and have recently added the third-party plugin which also has social media connectivity and let's me know if my contact is also on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  A friend and colleague also recently introduced me to the :"Labs" icon and there some really cool mini-apps that even add additional functionality. One Lab application I really like is one that can immediately turn an e-mail into a Google document...Nice!!

  • Google Docs - This provides even the smallest micro-business with a virtual file service and free applications to do word processing (Documents), spreadsheet number crunching (Spreadsheet) and even input forms (Forms) that you can embed in your website that post to your spreadsheets. There is even a slide-making application (Presentations) that has a web conferencing capability that allows the presenter to push slides that other remote session attends can see while on a telephone conference call with them. If your computer or local files server's hard drive fails... with both your apps and your documents secure in the cloud uisng Google Docs you won't miss a beat.

  • Picasa - This is a powerful digital image file organization system that consists of both a local application that finds all your images on your computer as an online web album that allows you to easily share images and collaborate with others. You can even make a self-running slide show that you can embed right on your website.

  • YouTube  - YouTube is a revolutionary television phenomenon ...that is changing the entire television landscape. The biggie is that it allows any one to create... and program.. their own web television "channel" and embed it right on their website.  See my own New World Television Channel page.

  • Google Sites - This is still a well-kept secret that most people who have Gmail account don't even know about or take advantage of. For many small businesses... and even some larger businesses its all that we need. See my my own web site built with Google Sites architecture -

  • Blogger - This is the blogging resource that I doing this blog with and how elegant and powerful it is. I can even put my post on Facebook, and Twitter in just a few clicks.. Nice!

  • ...and countless other free Google applications - See this page  ... Every time I go the More link...Google has added even more free apps! Most (except Picasa) are all virtual too with updating done by Google... not you. This saves both time and money. 
Adding value the Google Apps and Google Apps Marketplace Way - Businesses who have multiple employees and who need to scale without an expensive in house IT operation will love Google's Google Apps and Google Appls Marketplace direction. The cost is only $50 per year per employee to access a domain name based "Google Apps" offering, where contacts can be shared and where you can upload to your own more private Google Video account. (See my blog about the Google Video corporate television opportunity)  Google has also established strategic business relations with third party applications developers as well as well as with service providers that can deliver phenomenal additional power in key areas of business. There are "free" and trial editions of applications that are also modestly priced.

Products - Just look at all these third party products - Browse them yourself.
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Admin Tools
  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Customer Management
  • Document Management
  • Productivity
  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Security & Compliance
  • Workflow
Professional Services - And look at all the professional services providers - Browse them yourself.
  • Archiving & Discovery Implementation
  • Custom Application Development
  • EDU Specialists
  • Google Analytics
  • Medium-Large Business Implementation
  • Small Business Implementation
  • Support & Managed Services
  • Training & Change Management
So what's the smart way to go down the Google path? My answer to that has to good strategic planning with a sensible developmental, training, and change management path that can deliver value over time as we go as part of a longer-term relationship that can be way better than just working with a lone cowboy...or lone cowgirrl "web developer" not versed in doing much more than that. Today's demanding marketplace demands new project management skills and teamwork working with multiple experts.. which is where New World Communications is going with this stuff. Call me and let's connect and explore how we can all work together - 425-780-6872...for phenomenal advantage. Also please make sure you don't miss our limited time only December 2010 special offer on our own services.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Treat Your Business to Gifts That Keep On in December...for a Special 15%-30% Limited Time Only Discount by Dec. 31st, 2010

This morning I am buzzing about some early gifts that you can treat your business to this month in December. These are special gifts that can keep on giving throughout the coming year:
  • Strategic Marketing Plan: This is a rare and valuable gift that many small business owners have never treated their businesses to. It's a written document that serves as a road map for strategic marketing initiatives implemented throughout the year that can help you reach more customers, address their needs and result in more sales. The plan includes all  the physical world as well as virtual world "venues" that you will use to grow your business - e.g. Starting or joining a group, upgrading you website, producing a promotional video, programming your own web television channel,  planning and doing your own webinar series.

  • New Website: If informed by a good strategic marketing plan your website can be more on target with the audiences you intend to reach and in our now 21st century world. It can be way more than just a "home job" website with just pictures and text and can cost less to host too. We work with Google Sites architecture ourselves and are not paying one cent for hosting. See our own Google-powered website. We also added some powerful new capabilities like our New World Virtual Meeting Room, and our New World Learning Institute & Conference Center so that our customers can meet, learn, and convene with us..."inside" our website... using special green-metered web conferencing from for zero carbon footprint...ultra green communications. (See their "demo")

  • Promo Video: A good strategic marketing plan can also inform what you say about your business in a powerful promotional video that communicates your business's unique value proposition when people visit your website. Hosted on the Internet, your video can also be virally "shared" by others on Facebook and on Twitter. The good news is that the cost of all this has gone way down due to low cost technology and newer, more innovative approaches that we are pioneering. You can even have and program your own television channel on your website if you want..

  • Webinar Series: Again a good strategic marketing plan can also inform what your existing and prospective customers need to learn more planning and doing a series of well-done webinars. All webinars are not the same. Newer and better technology can communicate your "virtual presence" with a live webcam and  even roll in your promotional video. Newer technology with a special green meter... even communicate that yours too is a "green" business. Web conferencing is a big reach capability and can be really learning-rich with good strategic planning and implementation. Talk to me about this.
So "deck the halls"....and call me NOW. if you'd like a special season's greetings 15%-30% discount for moving forward in December that you can come out of the chute running in 2011. 425-780-6872. This limited time only offer expires December 31, 2010.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Leveraging the Power of the New Web Television Save Our Wild Salmon...Our Orcas and Ourselves

This afternoon I am thinking about what to post about next, having the do with leveraging the power of the new web television to create powerful social change.. and BINGO, I discover an excellent example of this on the website. This video makes a scientifically-informed connection between Orca survival, wild salmon survival, and our own survival, and advocates for supporting salmon migration on the Snake River through better public and private policy, driven by multiple stakeholder support and advocacy.

Enjoy and let's connect if you too are interested in leveraging the power of the new web television applied to saving our wild salmon, fostering environmental stewardship and having us all work together to create a more sustainable economy..and planet. It makes me feel really hopeful when I see new world communications tools & strategies practically and innovatively applied this way. 425-780-6872.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New World Communications Upgrades Seattle Pottery Supply's Robust E-Catalog... Adding SPS TV Channel

What's on my mind is this morning is the great project I just completed with my wonderful long-term client Seattle Pottery Supply at 35 Hanford Street in the SODO area. I just upgraded their robust e-catalog on and added a new web television channel that communicates how great the pottery experience is. Seattle Pottery Supply has been been a long contributor to it. See their history. If you visit their newly upgraded e-catalog, the first thing you'll see is master potter Claudio Reginato throwing what most probably is the world's tallest and thinnest cylinder, while his students down in Fort Mason in San Francisco look on admiringly. Then he throws the world largest and thinnest bowl... Amazing! Then look at all the great products and services they provide by browsing their e-catalog.

My relationship with SPS began years ago when my youngest daughter was still in elementary school. I had just volunteered to be an Art Docent through Northshore School District's excellent program and decided to introduce my 5th grade class to the wonderful world of ceramics. So while visiting Seattle Pottery Supply's wonderful warehouse sized facility, I let them know that I could put their entire print catalog online using affordable new e-commerce architecture that I had become proficient in. Then BINGO! I get a call from them about moving forward with the project. What great experience that was...rapidly developing the e-catalog in ninety days...and seeing nice orders... even the first day we brought the system online. 

Since then they've sold just about everything online ...even pottery wheels and kilns. Fast-forwarded to now, what we recently did was to completely upgrade their e-commerce platform and migrate it to an even better hosting provider...and we successfully introduced and implemented SPS-TV was well. I love doing Raku pottery myself, so working with my friends over Seattle Pottery Supply was like dying and going to heaven. What great people they are. If you haven't been there yet, you are in for a real treat.What a great place this is and their service is outstanding.  They'll fire your pots and they even do a raku firing out back the first Saturday of every month. See the guy with the red bandana...holding his just fired raku pot... that's me digging the whole experience. 

Let's connect if you'd like to know more about innovate ways...using affordable tools and strategies... that can help successful small businesses like Seattle Pottery Supply continue to grow and prosper. 425-780-6872

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visualizing the New World Television Studio...It Can Be Part of the New Landscape

Today, I flowed energy into visualizing what the New World Television Studio might look like and include, as part of the "new world television landscape" that I have been talking about. Here are some of the core components...or "pieces" to this:
  • Strategic Planning, Community Outreach, Technical Consulting and Systems Engineering with key clients - It's nice to have a television background, and an Internet consulting background as well as a business development background and teaching background, and be able to help people,  organizations and entire communities move forward with community-authored television....with new tools & strategies ... even in spite of economic challenges with older-think ones. See my recent post about "re-thinking" television.

  • Mobile Laptop Studio Console -This  uses Ustream Producer Pro and Wirecast Pro for more complex productions involving chroma key and possibly even remote IP-based video feeds.  All kinds of people already are taking off with this stuff. See my recent blog about these fantastic new, low cost real-time streaming and recording applications.

  • Low-cost SD/HD Camcorders - Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) formats are both important and I have been evaluating several camcorders that do these. What's great is how much simpler these devices have now become to operate. Special features like presets, image stabilization and being able to use external mics and headsets can make a qualitative difference.

  • Inexpensive Remote Control Tripods and even dollies - The explosion of consumer television has driven the price for this stuff way down. Sony is smart to make low cost tripod with a remote control built right into the handle and dollies that fit these are now less than $50... nice!

  • Green Screen Set-up - This is for chroma keying people on top of a virtual background or set for a nice professional look. Some striking effects are possible with this stuff.

  • 3-Point Lighting - Having decent lighting can not be over-emphasized and up until now its been heavy, cumbersome and expensive. The good news however is that the consumer marketplaces has driven the available of new lower cost and lighter weight lighting solutions. I have been tracking this. Now even community folks and employees can learn how to light sets well... I can teach them.

  • Audio Package - Having decent audio can also not be over-emphasized, if it can be made affordable. My professional filmmaking and videographer friends and colleagues have been teaching me how to shop for professional audio gear.. at bargain basement prices at special websites and on E-Bay. By shopping there we can all the right stuff - Mixer with EQ, wireless mics...the whole enchilada. All I had to do was ask and the professional community has come to the rescue again... Their hearts are in the community too and love to be a part of the kind of social change we and other friends and colleagues of mine are about to facilitate

  • Value Innovation... "The Secret Sauce" - A bunch of hardware and software no more makes great television.. than does paintbox automatically paint a Rembrandt...but that's where I and talented colleagues come in... We've even got some creative strategies for developing business and revitalizing communities... and even help recover the economy with this stuff. Call me and let's connect. This is gonna be good...even if I have to take a "day job" to keep the vision alive for positive social change and community service ...and a more sustainable world.. continuing to move forward - 425-780-6872