Friday, December 2, 2011

YouTube's Radical Channel-centric Re-Design: The Time to Seize the Web Television Opportunity is Now

This morning, I am again ecstatic after learning of YouTube's radical redesign of its homepage: Now it has become your own personalized interface to... a whole new world of subscriber-based television channels that individuals, and businesses of all types and sizes can author on a smart television console only some of the channels can be the very ones you authored! YouTube's channel-centric re-design of its now personalized homepage means that ...The Time to Seize the Web Television Opportunity is NOW.

This new direction supports what I said in my December 1, 2011 blog #2, after planning the whole social media marketing plan and program enchilada, has to do with moving forward of your own web television channel on YouTube and getting some help with that as part of a comprehensive multi-venued social media marketing strategy that leverages now web video, social networks, and mobile platforms.

So what does this mean for you as an individual, as a business or as an organization trying to reach your audience to move business forward? Let me help you "connect the dots":
  • Never before in the entire history of the world do you have the potential to do more good than you do today by crafting ...and aggregating some quality television programming that can speak to peoples' needs by serving them well with quality information and how-to expertise and "edu-tainment".

  • Nothing is more powerful then well-crafted television that now has even greater business reach than broadcast or cable television that has been both cost-prohibitive and technology-prohibitive to all but only wealthiest individuals and larger businesses.

  • Nothing is less expensive or easier to use than the low cost ...and some cases even free web technology that you can now use to produce quality web television. See our Web Television Technology page for example on our Amazon-powered New World Virtual Book Store... Ultra compact and easy to use HD cameras are now under $200 and now you have even shoot HD video with your smart phone....and upload it right to YouTube...where you can stabilize, fix and edit content online...using YouTube's online editor... for free!

  • Nothing will do a better job of getting indexed and driving traffic to you website and brick-and-mortar business operation than a series of well-crafted... mega-submitted web television programs that people "like" and +1 and virally share with each other.

  • Nothing better will have your business spring more to life,  become more intentional, create more mind-share and do more good than if you "raise the bar" in your own industry... by creating your own front-running web television channel that serves people and organizations phenomenally well...locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally. 
It can be part of a whole new social media marketing strategy that a television-literate, and learning-literate consulting firm can help you with. For more information about how this can all work for you and your organization, call us today at 425-780-6872 and let's connect ...and start strategizing!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

These are Gifts for Your Business That Can Keep On Giving Throughout 2012

In light of the challenges and opportunities ahead in our now 21st century world, these are some great gifts you can give to your business that can keep on giving:
  1. Social Media Marketing Plan & Program - Only about 26% of small business owners invest in the development of an integrated online marketing plan and program. The newest and best plans can leverage new video, social media, and mobile tools & strategies to drive traffic, build a supportive community, and grow business both online and in your brick-and-mortar business.

    Most small business owners just don't have the time, the in-house resources or the skills to do this themselves, so working with a competent consultant makes a whole lot of good business sense. If your consultant has a training and development background, he or she can also train and work with you and your staff and help you and your entire organization move forward very cost-effectively.

  2. Web Television Channel - Web television is potentially more powerful than broadcast or cable television and way less expensive, with an elegantly simpler production process and viral sharing across social networks. See our Web Television Technology page in our Amazon-powered online store to see how inexpensive the new ultra compact technology actually now is. YouTube, (owned by Google) is the world's second largest search engine with over 300 million people a month accessing over 12 billion videos. A consultant with a strong television background can help develop some powerful programming that speaks to your customers needs and drives traffic to your website and place of business. Web television can be a core component of the plan and program. Web television, done over YouTube is also instantly mobile as well.

  3. Google Apps & Google Sites - Google is the undisputed leader in search, in cloud computing, in web video (via YouTube) and now in web browsing with Chrome, in operating systems for smart mobile phones with Android. and in the development of Google Sites architecture. Google also owns Google Earth and Google Places and is the process of changing the social networking equation with its launch of Google+ that early adopters like us are loving. When you "Go Google", you immediately experience the benefits of lower cost, and less frustration with elegant architecture that scales incredibly well. Google applications are automatically updated, and your core business documents end up being a lot safer. Google Docs can even be used to create print collateral and presentations that can be shared online without printing or mailing costs. A competent consultant working with other strategic Google business partners can help you to take fullest advantage of these resources.

  4. Google+ with HangOuts and Pages - Google+ is Google's elegant new social network that is already delivering significant advantages that early adopters are already loving, like 10-seat video conferencing and having collaborative e-meetings ...for free! Google+'s Circles feature is perfect for communicating with groups of people important to your business without the "noise" of pseudo "friends" posts. Launched only a few months ago, Google+ already boasts a rapid growth trajectory of more than 41 million members with personal accounts and the updates keep coming. Google recently launched Pages that allow businesses to build their brands on Google+. If you realize how many properties Google already owns....and if you work with a consultant to help you "connect the dots"... getting you established and building your community on Google+, this will put you way ahead of people and companies who join later. Google+ is also mobile.

  5. Facebook Marketing & Leads Capture - The best challenge and opportunity of Facebook is its 800 million people who access and socialize on it on a daily basis. The problem is that it can be a real time waster trying to sort through all the clutter and "noise" of who "friended" who. On the other hand, an intelligent marketing strategy for a company or organization that understands its niche and that communicates its compelling offer using video to capture leads and develop business can be very effective.  The plan and program can also include the design and development of this. The great thing about Facebook is that it's also mobile.
Imagine how much better off you and your business will be with more and better business coming through the door, as you move way ahead of competitors by leveraging the power of video, social networks, and mobile like early adopters have already been doing. The key is to realize that you could use some outside consulting help to design, develop and manage all this.

Call us today and we can help develop a intelligent social media marketing communications solutions for you as well as deliver the mission-critical learning that you and members of your staff may need. (425) 780-6872

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kenny Brooks on YouTube is Off-the-Charts Brilliant

This afternoon, I again celebrate the divinity within us after watching brilliant young comedian-artist-intellectual flowing his brilliant consciousness in a most positive way as a real world door-to-door salesman on his way up. There is much going on here to learn from by viewing this video and experiencing this brilliant communicator at work, honing his craft.
I welcome any an all comments. Young Brooks is an excellent example of Universal Mind... expressing itself through the outpouring of life-affirming brilliance.

Thursday, November 17, 2011's Video and Approach Are Excellent Examples of Fund-raising Possibilities

This morning I am resonating about how the Universe responds when you think,  feel and do the right thing. I just made an 8-week comittment to a local non-profit, teaching them about how to leverage the power of  the new web television and social networking to fund-raise and help change the world...when BINGO my friend Kwan Nam on Google+ shares this great link to YouTube video done by All the pieces are there:
  • The Right Consciousness - Their mindset is one of abundance, not scarcity .. even in Africa. Tapping into creativity of all people is the source of true prosperity. Notice how the community itself was involved in this "community-authored" web television piece.

  • Communications-Literacy - Experience the outcome of their creative brainstorming and coordinated global collaboration to make the split frame collaborative action and music work.

  • Social Media Marketing Literacy. Their relationship-based, social approach and use of other technology venues - e.g. website, presence in social networking architecture is just as smart and innovative. 
What great course material! - There is much to learn here by "critical viewing" and "de-constructiing" what they had to do in order to be able to create this kind of outcome, and orchestrate these qualitative results. If you too would like to eventually create quality communications like this to grow your non-profit business, let's connect. Call me at 425-780-6872 and let's start getting the ball rolling.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011: Some New Resources to Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving 2011. Here are some scrumptious new resources to put on your table that you can be thankful for:
  1. Social Media Marketing Plan - Wow will you feel great after investing in the development of a 21st century marketing communications plan that develops and manages multiple communicates venues intelligently and innovatively... instead of just "drifting" and wasting time.. unintentionally...which typically happens without a plan.

  2. Web Television Channel - Web television programming is the way to communicate and drive traffic to your website and physical world business. You can create and embed your own web television channel right on your website. If all you have on your existing website that is just text and photos... it's time to get with it and upgrade your web business presence... to seize new opportunities. Consistently publishing quality web television programming... that you can be empowered to produce.. and putting it right on your website, is now the best and most effective way to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)...that drives traffic that can result in sales.

  3. Google Apps & Google Site - Using Google applications with free virtual file services and collaborating with others ...can move you and your business phenomenally forward while saving you time and money, protect you from losing all your files...when you local hard drive on your computer crashes. Notice that I say "when".. not "if" for all hard drives have a product life cycle. Google Sites also allows you to have a website that you can update yourself...without having to be held captive to a conventional web designer or WordPress consultant that you have to pay for updating.

  4. Google+ with HangOuts and Pages - Just by jumping on to Google+ and doing webinars using Google HangOuts... you can almost instantly be ahead of the pack... reaching audiences and growing your business, while others are still just drifting and socializing on Facebook... or drowning in tweets on Twitter...and going nowhere. New Google+ pages even allow you to create a business presence on Google+ in addition to your personal presence, and Circles are great for direct communications with folks, without the noise and clutter of Facebook that wastes time.

  5.  Facebook Marketing & Leads Capture - There is a way to be more intentional even on Facebook, building credibility, capturing leads and converting prospects into customers, clients and advocates. For several months now we've been working with front-runners doing this who also know all the insider tips that can help you reach your audiences and filter out that noise and the clutter that rips off your time. They also know how to grow business over Twitter as well. 
There's a lot to be thankful for... and put on your table... that can move business forward. For more information, call us today at 206-920-8067 and let's get started making 2011 the best Thanksgiving ever. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Google+ Business Pages are now here...See Zen Bikes scenario

This morning I am celebrating Google's launch of Google+ Pages, a great way to build your organizational brand right on Google+ social networking architecture. See Google's excellent video on YouTube..that paints a nice picture about how a small business "Zen Bikes" can engage with its customers using Pages. So what's so great about Google+... especially if you are already on Facebook and already on Twitter? The answer is...a whole lot:

For one thing, there's not as much "noise" and "clutter" to waste your time, like what currently happens on Facebook about who and who became "friends"... How meaningful...or authentic is that kind of Facebook "friendship"...really? Think about it. Google+ also has a powerful feature called Circles that allows you receive and send communications only with the people with you want to communicate with.  This is done by creating Circles that you can create and name appropriate to who's in the circle. Wow does this save time and frustration... providing the potential for the creation of authentic communities of folks! 

Another powerful feature is free video conferencing called Google HangOuts that's really powerful. Currently you can "hangout" with up to video 10 end-points with two formats - Standard and Enhanced Version. The Standard version of HangOuts is "YouTube-centric"... allowing a pod of people to watch a YouTube video together during a session.... which can really be powerful... especially if the video content is compelling....and you can author that content yourself. There is also a cool text chat that accepts "hot" hyperlinks to other content. The other version - Enhanced hangouts... allows you to share Google documents, presentations, and even your desktops and is more powerful than fee-based web conferencing services... but absolute free. These means even the smallest micro-business can do big reach, learning reach webinars and work collaboratively with others.

I could go on and on about Google resources ...there to be seized - e.g. YouTube, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Picasa, Google Earth, Places, Google Sites, Google Apps and Google Apps Marketplace.. and on and on.

I'm really stoked as an entrepreneur who can now use Google+ business pages to grow business and help other people and organizations work with this as well. The choice is yours..... just keep drifting in sea of Facebook "me tooing" socializing time-wasters... or move business forward... creating whole new blue oceans of opportunity...and uncontested market space...making the nearest competitor irrelevant? What about you? 

Call me and let's connect if you too would like to make better use of your time to move your business forward with Google+ and other powerful resources.  1-425-780-6872

Friday, November 4, 2011

Great Television...Can Be Transformative...It's The Talent That Makes it So.

This morning I was searching YouTube to find something to communicate what's been on my mind....How great television can be transformative... and what makes it so... the talent to be found and discovered right among us from the most unexpected places, affirms divinity to be found right within human beings. See this amazing story, spun phenomenally well about 36 year Landau Eugene Murphy's New York audition on America's Got Talent.

As human beings ourselves... let's learn from and do television like this. It's the talent of all involved that can make it great....transforming our world... I welcome any and all comments.

Best regards,
Art Johnson
New World Communications
Bothell, WA... near Seattle. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

YouTube's Broadcast Yourself Raises the Bar on Excellence

This afternoon I am resonating positively after experiencing where YouTube's Broadcast Yourself blog is going... raising the bar on excellence. The Life In A Day Project provides an exciting and inspiring portrait of life of people across the planet... providing us with a glimpse of what community-authored television can be about.

It's great to be alive.. appreciating and grateful for this. I welcome your own thoughts and comments.

Best regards,

Art Johnson
New World Communications
Bothell Washington (near Seattle)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Community-authored now possible even using an Android cellphone

Our experiment worked... The question we asked was "Is community-authored television now possible using an Android smartphone and YouTube?" See for yourself, the answer was an exciting "yes!". Although this impromptu video just focused on just a few small businesses in the Canyon Park region of Bothell, what's in this for multiple stakeholders is the following:
  • Micro-Business and Small Business Television - Even the smallest micro-business can now afford to produce quality television programming, designed to grow business in a phenomenally powerful way.

  • Non-Profit Television - Even the smallest and most challenged non-profit organizations can now afford to produce quality television programming, designed to develop capacity, fund-raise and develop donors in a phenomenally powerful way. This television can be produced by clients themselves... not just by slick professional video production companies.

  • Government-based Community Services Television...authored cooperatively by and with citizens and businesses themselves.... will be the key to economic recovery, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • Edu-Tainment Television - A new learning model is emerging where increasingly communities of people themselves will be instrumental in authoring their own learning and even driving institutional educational offerings. The new model will be both educational... as well as entertaining...designed to hold audiences... and informed by how Oprah, other prime-time television shows...and front-running Internet knowledge gurus do it.  This television will be more "social" in nature...extended via newer social networking architectures.

  • Large Businesses - The hand-writing is already on the wall. Today's smarter businesses already recognize that all current and future business success will depend upon authentically socially-responsible venturing and partnership with people in the community... not just "public relations". Quality community-authored television will also be instrumental in developing that relationship and in creating and telling that story, driving short-term, mid-term, and long-term profitability. 
What we are already seeing...and involved with... a whole new world communications landscape where community-authored television ... will be the medium, that when combined with other social media technologies.. will be the big game changer.  Call us today... if you too are interested in seizing this new opportunity for phenomenal advantage whatever area of business you are involved with. 425-780-6872.

Art Johnson
New World Communications

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Dream Come True: Google Presentations... with YouTube video..."Inside" a Google Hangout Session

This is a screen capture of live Google Hangouts Enhanced version session. 
This morning, I am resonating with a marketing communicator and trainer's dreams come true, with respect to using Google Hangouts a powerful communications and learning resource...using it to do online events and webinars where the following is now possible...without paying cent.. for fee-based web conferencing:
  • Participants can see each other "face-to-face" in real-time using multiple webcams
  • Participants can do collaborative work together using Google Docs....and Spreadsheets
  • Powerful YouTube training videos can now be viewed "inside" a Google Presentation.
....all for free...using Google+ and Google Hangouts.

Capacity - Right now its up to 10 people... ideal for a small workshop or workgroup. You can even use a third-party screen recording utility to record sessions if you'd like. Down the road, another version of Google HangOuts ...Hangouts "On-Air" will live stream to large audiences as well as record the session. That version will more than likely will be ad-supported, so that you we will also be able to use this for "free". 

What's in this for you... Lot's when this technology is practically and innovative applied to grow your business, locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. For more information, call us today at 425-780-6872 and let's connect. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ten Great Reasons For Learning How to Produce Community-Authored Web Television Programming

This morning I am feeling the satisfaction that people will have as a direct outcome of my New World Community-Authored (Web) Television Workshop experience.  Here are ten great reasons for learning how to produce quality community-authored web television content:
  1. Web Television is where the action and the traffic is. 300.000 people visit YouTube a month. It's where and how you can reach your audiences.
  2. Web Television content done right... can be phenomenally powerful ...communications and learning-wise.
  3. Web Television production television technology is low-cost but high quality, elegantly engineered and radically mobile...going all the way into peoples' homes. See it on our Web Television Technology page of our Amazon-powered New World Virtual Bookstore.
  4. Web Television...done right... and mega-submitted to multiple online locations, can drive traffic to your website and place of business in a smart and cost-effective way that addresses Search Engine Marketing (SEM) challenges...without having to spend an arm and a leg paying to an outsourced consultant to do this.
  5. Web Television, designed as core learning content as part of a heart-felt marketing and sales conversion process, can establish authority, build relationships, and convert visitors into customers, and return-business clients that really value your offering.
  6. Web Television is social and your content will be virally shared if people value it.
  7. Web Television can be used you create your very own TV channel ....right on your website.
  8. Web Television ...done right... can be a source of unlimited creativity and wealth creation.
  9. Web Television...done right... can be the glue that brings hyper-local, regional, national, and international communities together.
  10. Web Television storytelling ...done right .. can be an awesomely rewarding, transformative experience, building your brand, communicating your unique value proposition...turning your business around....changing your life...and changing the world.
New World Communications has designed a special Community-Authored (Web) Television Workshop experience that teaches you and others members of your organization how to do ...and leverage the power of the new web television medium right. We can even tailor-fit our offering to meet your personal and organizational needs. For more info, call us today at 425-780-6872 and let's connect.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Web Television Can Be Inspirational... Look at Young Demias Jimerson

This morning I am most grateful for a social Internet that still celebrates all things positive. Here's a great story about 11 year-old football star and middle schooler, Demias Jimerson from Arkansas who is so good ...that they benched him for making too many touchdowns...invoking an obscure "Madre Hill Rule". Check the way this young man carries himself and how he communicates...even in spite of it. There are multiple "wins" ...and "take-away" lessons in this story including him stating what his priorities are. Check it out.

Watch the video. Web television... authored by communities themselves can be just as powerful... if not more so, when positive stories are shared that can build community...locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. There are young Demias Jimersons inside of all of us. That's why we love him so.  I welcome any and all comments.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leveraging the Power of New Social Media Marketing Will Do It

I am now convinced that leveraging the power of new Social Media Marketing will do it. Here's how:
  • Quality Video Content.... Even that shot on a mobile phone can be produced that speaks to the needs of targeted audiences.

  • Mega-submission of Content... to multiple online-line locations at once, will get you quickly indexed and get you top page rankings on all the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing ...way less expensively than SEO and SEM consultants are charging.

  • Upgraded website with a compelling video and leads capture page can deliver what it takes to have people "join" your list and sales funnel.

  • With great content, heart-centered marketing, quality communications and learning design, site visitors can be converted into customers, return business clients, and even advocates....over time... referring you to others....and building a supportive community.
Just call us if you'd like to learn more about how to move forward with new social media marketing in a now 21st century world. (01) 206.920.8067... or Contact Us via our Online Inquiries form on our website.

Art Johnson
New World Communications

Blogger's Dynamic Views Are Potentially A Gamechanger

This morning, I am reeling with excitement over Blogger's new Dynamic Views.  Here's a video on YouTube that runs through seven new layouts. Personally, it makes a lot of sense to go this way than it does to implement a timeline for all your content, no matter how trivial on Facebook. This could be a real game-changer.  I welcome your own comments and thoughts about Blogger dynamic views. Which ones do you like? I am in the process of trying to figure out which layouts would be more engaging communications-wise and learning-wise. 

Peace! Please comment and +1 us if you like this post. Also call me if you'd like to connect. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Community-authored Television a Hyperlocalized World

This week, I'm ecstatic after doing some experimenting, producing content using my new 4G smart phone and shooting HD video with it. The implications are far-reaching... if you have the right mindset and approach. Having a television background in systems, programming, and distance learning has helped me become aware of just some of the fantastic community-authored television possibilities in a hyperlocalized world:
  • The smallest micro-business owner who can afford to buy and use a smart phone, with the right help, can afford to produce high-quality web television and other content that can cost-effectively drive traffic to his or her company's website or place of business.

  • It's now possible for small businesses and non-profits to produce quality content for a web television channel, right on their on their own website.

  • It's now possible for different kinds of stakeholders to have a web television channel that "speaks" specifically to stakeholder's needs. Just visualize for a moment just some of the possibilities and how much good this kind of community-authored television would do:

    • Personal Development Channel - We could all use this to address our issues and help us become the people we need to be to make a difference in the world. This channel could make the world's very best local, regional, national, and international subject matter experts, life coaches, authors and  personal trainers make themselves available to you to help you feel better, lose weigh, kick a bad habit, transition to the next phase. A youth-centric television channel could spin off from this, communicating and articulating a youthful voice... with a whole lot of guidance and mentoring and community support... of a new from of "social television"

    • Health & Wellness Channel - This is a powerful new opportunity for those of the right mindset not afraid to do front-running work of quality. It can drive purchase of services as well as products. If people learn how to take better care of themselves, billions of dollars can be well as made.

    • Employment Channel - Everything you need that addresses your employment and/or possible career change needs in fresh new ways. If done right you could find a job, or even create your own using the kinds of resources this channel could provide. There's a lot of information out, but the challenge and opportunity is providing and accessing it in a hyperlocalized way.

    • Small Business Development Channel - Everything you as a small business entrepreneur need to help you move your business forward... delivered by the world's very best local, regional, national, and international consultants. Remote consulting and webinars could be part of the offering... "Green" business development could also be a part of this.

    • The Non-Profit Channel - This would be a channel that delivers everything that non-profit people and organizations need to turn that next corner, the people and the resources for capacity building, board development, fund-raising in a 21st century world using technology and social media, donor development, social venturing.. the work's.

    • The Mom's Channel - Everything having to do with being a mom, produced by moms themselves and hooking you up with great people and resources.. even online seminars and information about successfully running a business from home.

    • Baby Boomers Channel - Wow is this needed. Baby Boomers have a special set of gifts...and challenges that such a channel could address. A great channel with new directions could really help baby boomers and their families with special issues and needs that Baby Boomers and their families have from employment and re-thinking "retirement" to coping with aging parents.

    • The Edu-Tainment Channel - The Internet is powerful. With an intelligent approach, people of all ages would be able to learn anything they need to, and even take accredited courses and earn special certificates. Intensive learning is also possible through special virtualized 3-day workshops and retreats, where even remote attendees can afford to The content would not only be educational, but also entertaining...with reality tv shows that do both.

    • And many, many more - The mind boggles just thinking about all the awesome possibilities for community-authored television...taken way beyond "old think" public access television and produced in a quality way. 

Talk to me... NOW... and stop waiting for the economic climate to get better. We're the ones who can make that happen. Let's communicate - 206-920-8067

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Plot Thickens: Facebook to Release Whole New Layout

Here's a "heads-up" about the plot thickening in the social networking space. Facebook is about to release a whole new layout. Jo Barnes of Social Networking Academy fame and fortune in the UK sent me an e-mail about it. She recently attended a conference with Facebook and got sneak preview. See her layout above. Now that Google has officially launched Google+ out of beta, I suspect that we will see a whole lot of leap-frogging going on between Facebook and Google,  that will benefit users smart enough to take advantage of both Facebook and Google resources by using them intelligently and by continuing to learn. This is where working with a well-positioned communications and learning consulting firm comes in. We have the whole world's technology smorgabord to choose from and can help you manage what you put on your plate at any given time. There is also a HUGE community-authored web television and hyper-local business development opportunity. Call us and let's strategize...together - 425-780-6872.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google + Hangouts go On Air...and Mobile as Google Aces A Newer Hyperlocalized Marketplace

If you had your doubts whether Google+ would be a contender or not, you can now be put all doubts to rest. In the last ninety days, Google has made over 100 improvements to its new Google+ social networking platform already delivering phenomenal value to those of us who already understand the potential power of "Circles", "HangOuts", "Huddles" and "Photos" media sharing. 

The lastest win is HangOuts On Air that now competes with LiveStream, Mogulus, UstreamTV, Telestream and others. Phone Hangouts are also possible if you running version 2.3+ on your Android phone with front and back cameras. 

We are witnessing history in the making during this exciting time of ours. Seeing all this stuff go mobile will have important implications for the development of community-authored television and hyperlocal business development... that drives economic recovery of local communities. Talk to us if you to are interested in making some of it. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google+ Hangouts Extras Make this a Serious Collaborative Resource..Rivaling Paid Web Conferencing Services

Google has done it again with the addition of new Google Hangouts Extras in the new Google+ social networking environment. New additions of powerful capabilities like actual real time collaboration using Google Docs, now makes Google Hangouts+ a serious collaborative resource that now rivals fee-based web conferencing services like WebEx, GoToMeeting, and iLinc that you have to pay a whole lot a bucks for... and Google Hangouts is absolutely even the smallest micro-business can afford to get into the game. See this video and look at just some of the new capabilities:
  • 10-seat video conferencing with real-time global conversation and no minute-by-minute costs
  • Document collaboration using Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets to do powerful work
  • Desktop sharing - This could be a PowerPoint slide show used to share application screens
  • Whiteboard features - A great way to globally brainstorm using graphics, text, symbols and images with folks across the region ...or across the world
  • "View-podding" -  This is my favorite and what we are doing front-running work A pod of people can view a YouTube video together and talk about it together...This can be awesomely powerful...if the community-authored web television is powerful. This can be powerful tool for transforming entire communities and for revitalizing local economies. "

    A technical note: Only a few years ago, accessing this kind of capability costed more than $10,000 for licensed use, and it wasn't as good or as convenient to access as it is today. The same can be said of today's low-cost almost no cost web television technology. 
Do some of these ideas help? I continue to be amazed by folks set in their ways and not electing to even try newer technology that has the potential of improving their situation...especially during these challenging economic times... and especially when this new technology is free.  What are they waiting for? With an intelligent and heart-centered approach, Google+ and Google Hangouts can not only be used to grow business, but this stuff can also be applied to make ours a better world. We know how to do that.  Here are just some of the ways:
  • Real Estate, Community-Authored Television and Hyperlocal Advertising Applications - Talk to us. If you wait, the opportunity will have already passed you by. 
  • Independent Sales Reps in Multi-Level Marketing programs - A great way to recruit new reps and build business together
  • Small Business Owners - Use it to do webinars that can grow your business. Talk to us about how we can provide entire suite of Google resources - Google Sites, YouTube video, mobile video, Google+ and Google HangOuts to grow your business.
  • Non-profit Executive Directors and Development Directors - Let us consult with you to leverage the power of the new television and Google+ Circles and Hangouts to grow your capability as well as develop donors and fundraise.
  • Government Managers - There are countless ways we can do outreach using the new web television, Google+ and new Google Hangouts ...including community-based programs working with at-risk, court-involved youth. 
  • Large Business, Corporate Social Responsibility Applications and Community Partnerships - Talk to us. Let us consult with you regarding new applications for these stuff that can position you phenomenally well in the community.
Contact us today at 425-780-6972 let us help you move forward in this now 21st century world of our with a fresh new approach. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Excellent Video for How to Create a Perfect Facebook Page...Great Production Values!

As a new world communicator, instructional designer and web television person, I am always interested in how Internet front-runners keep pushing the envelope as they communicate. This video I found on YouTube is an excellent example of that using excellent production values. The content, the talent, the look-and-feel and the delivery using well lit green screening and a virtual set are all excellent. This how to video, one of the best I've seen, raises the bar when it comes to production values. I just bought a $20 Kindle book on Facebook page creation...and this video delivers exactly what I was looking a few minutes. Web television...done right can be really, really powerful.

I welcome your own comments. Let's connect and explore the new web television future together. 425-780-6872.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Google+ New Ignore and Block Feature Delivers Awesome Control

This morning I am even more ecstatic after learning of Google+'s new Ignore and Block Feature that allows you to ignore and block people from your stream that you don't want cluttering it up.  This new feature delivers awesome control over your social networking life. When you Ignore or Block someone, they don't even know it, and you can easily take off the Ignore or Block anytime you want to.  Bravo Google!

Google+ Hangouts is also an awesome capability that has phenomenal power...once people stop sleepwalking... wake up and start exploring its use.... that is after they joined the Google+ and begin to understand its phenomenal advantages. 

Let's connect if you are interested in ways that multiple technologies - e.g. Google+ Hangouts, Google Sites, Google TV, and other Google cloud apps can make a phenomenal difference in your life and for your business. 425-780-6872. I welcome any all comments.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Here's a Great Book About Feeling Good.. and Getting Rich

This morning I am reflecting on the astonishing power of one's own feelings and reminded of this great book by Lynn Grabhorn - Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting - The Astonishing Power of Feelings and what kinds of feelings I choose to resonate.. positive ones... or negative ones? What is most interesting here, is how easy it is for one's own "drunken monkey" mind to drown yourself in negative mind chatter...beating you up and making you feel bad ... even when fresh new ideas and "net new" opportunities are presented each, and every day to you. Check yourself out - When you see someone in a nice shiny new hybrid car or electric car like a Tesla, do you feel good inside about the idea of having it yourself...or do you catch yourself feeling bad because you don't have the money? How quickly feelings of "pro-car" can become feelings of "no-car" ..scarcity, no money, low-energy and even you resonate negatively...adding to the "economic down-turn." What's interesting is that this stuff is all going on in the mind and can actually impact your physical and mental the physical world...drowning your sorrows in a fatburger and super-sized fries... making you so obese and so sick, that you can't even work. I see this happening all around me and am compassionate about helping people get their heads and hearts right. I love it when I can share videos of folks making positive change like Clean Greens Farms and Market video that I recently blogged about. 

Take the economy for instance. All the analysts say that it due to a "lack of confidence".... a feeling state that creates an oppressive "reality" of scarcity, so the exchange of money... currency...bearly flows.  If this is true, than why not just feel more confident and change that feeling state and create a new prosperous REALITY that flows the money? We just need to get the sequence right. We need be aware of  and "flip" those negative feelings of angst, panic, and fear, first and instead be confident, be at peace, and be happy NOW and resonate that and then we will actually attract wealth. The part I like best about the book is the chapter about flipping these negative feelings into something positive.  If you do, people will amazingly want to do business with you...because of your feel-good energy and they want more of that energy and feeling the money flows bounteously again. Sweet!

I'm no quantum physicist, spiritual guru, or expert in New Thought. I just know this stuff works and how grateful I am to be aware to get clear about what it is that I really want - e.g. I want to be happy, at peace and full of love ...NOW and I can be that NOW... even before the money shows up to evidence the manifestation of wealth that originated deep from within me.  It  feels good just getting quiet and getting in touch with that...and wow do I buzz like a broadcast transmission tower. It's that kind of "vibe" that can make the intelligent "stuff" of the universe flow like water and have our "cups runneth over" if only I choose to get out of right side of the bed every day, show up and let the energy flow positive in our thoughts, feelings and loving helpful actions with others...even in spite of all the negative vibes that people unconsciously are putting out ...supposedly because of the "economy".  If you just  learn how to control your own feelings and funnel them into action and do that intelligently with a whole lot of love and creativity, the world can be your oyster, and I am savoring the taste that even now. 

Just look at all this awesome new low cost almost no cost technology out here now that can help you reach and engage more customers and grow your business in new ways. This new Google + thing is especially exciting to me...especially doing video Hangouts to help make ours a better world and Thinking Video and Getting Rich.. What are you waiting for? Feel the wealth now, and act upon it. Call me today. and let's have you tap into the flow of life too, having your own cup running over... right along with mine. We can do this together, Call today. 425-780-6872.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Imagine How Much Better Life Could Be Using New Google+ Hangouts

This afternoon I am again "resonating"...vibrating with positive energy...imagining how much better life could be using new Google + video Hangouts. Imagine the Congress... or better yet, the people working out America's and the world's economic crisis with this. Google + Hangouts is a powerful new way to have an online meeting with up to 10 people using multiple webcams.. that's!  Skype doesn't even do this with multiple webcams, and the way it can roll in YouTube videos can be really, really powerful.. limited only by your imagination. Here are some practical applications for this that we are working on:
  • Small Business Development applications designed to outreach to your customers, develop your field sales staff, and phenomenally grow your business.
  • Non-Profit Capacity-building, Fund-raising, and Donor Development applications
  • Government applications designed to serve the public better...with phenomenal business reach
  • Education applications.. to help "re-think" and extend education...and phenomenally grow business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility applications capable of greatly improving relations with the public
  • ...and many, many more. 
For more information and to "hang-out" with us. Call us today at 425-780-6872

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reflections About the Power of Community-authored Video and Hyperlocal Platforms

This Saturday afternoon, I am reflecting about three things:  1) Community authored video can be really powerful - See this video produced by Camellia Blossoms that I just viewed done for the Clean Greens Farm and Market project located in Seattle's historic Central District. 2) Hyperlocal web applications can be a powerful resource for the economic development and re-vitalization of communities ...if these mega-applications are wrapped around quality television like this produced by community stakeholders...instead of being wrapped around content controlled by corporate-owned commercial television stations not owned by local community stakeholders themselves. 3) How to make this all work? The answer to that one begins by searching deeply within for the answer and for guidance, and then acting on that inspiration and direction to develop the capacity and the business over time.

I welcome your own thoughts and reflections -Let's connect  - 425-780-6872

Monday, July 18, 2011

Intelligent Approach + Retail Video Channel = A Winning Equation

This afternoon, I am thinking about a winning equation that most small business owners still have not taken advantage of ... combining an intelligent approach like Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich wealth-creation method with low-cost with almost no-cost video production and web distribution technology to create an affordable retail video channel... right on your own drive tons of new traffic through your door...creating lots of net new revenue...and moving you forward. It's now possible to work with special mega-submission technology to submit your content to up 100 social media locations. We also have an excellent "heart-centered" marketing approach that delivers a lot of up-front value that your prospective customers will absolutely love....and we can help you turn that social media marketing corner too.

The new video technology is low cost, and in the right hands, with an intelligent approach, can deliver awesome power. So why hasn't it happened in your own business yet? And what excuses can you make about why you still haven't seized the small business retail video opportunity yet? What are you waiting for?

The "secret" to retail video success is the same one that wealth-creation researcher Napoleon Hill studied, wrote about and outlined... the same one that we can use with you to create an awesomely powerful television channel right on your own website ...with your own powerful content that people will write home about... and we can do it with you step-by-step in a really powerful, timely and cost-effective way working with you under contract and over time.  This can provide you and your business with a whole new outlook and strategic advantage.  Just think of the ways that powerful video programming that we produce together can help move your business forward.  

Call us today and let's explore that. (425) 780-6872

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Getting "In The Flow of Life"... An Amazing Book that Consciousness Has Unfolded

This morning I continue to "resonate" as many areas of my life begin to come together and as Spirit within continues to unfold in a tremendous outpouring of energy, creativity...and meaning. I , was just thinking about the "flow" of life that has been urging me forward.....and the books that my consciousness is moving me to read, explore, and deeply ponder, and the marvelous SEQUENCE of books that I am being mysteriously led to when... BINGO! I discover Eric Butterworth's book In the Flow of Life.... right in first chapters of Paul Hassebeck's - Heart-centered Metaphysics.

Don't let me confuse you.  Mine is not a philosphical or metaphysical quest or least in the conventional sense, but rather a quite practical one.... like how does one plug in to a world continually in flux... especially in an Internet marketplace... where money flows for some... while not for others and where does one look for the answers to this? And how do I get myself and my prospective clients rising about the fear of scarcity and going belly up, when there is a whole new world communications to be seized out there using the new television that can create unlimited wealth just by tapping into our creativity? What is that we need to understand about our "inner" world that help up tap into "The Flow"?

Experiencing Internet front-runners like Brendan Burchard of Millionaire Communicator fame and gain...provide some clues....especially when you experience the energy that flows from this young man, seemingly imbued with timeless wisdom.... and seemingly with the same "secret" which appears to be the source of True Prosperity...that the life of a Brendan Bruchard... points to...if not Brendan Bruchard...the mortal being..himself. Brendan himself, however, admits there's more to this than meets the eye... and that's what interests me... with my "psychology" and with my own 65 years "young" "physiology"... and stamina. Where I can learn more... and where do I look?

Wow, does Eric Butterworth in his book, In the Flow of Life... point to it even better, and I didn't even have to pay his tuition to get more information... but rather, its about tapping into intuition and getting better at what he calls "outformation" ...tapping into the flow from within... Amazing stuff. Enough words... Read this book, and allow Divine Mind to come through your own divine mind to help you make sense of the power within flow all kinds of great "substantive" things... all for Good in the world. Let's connect - Call me at 425-780-6872.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Sugar Chile" Robinson Child 1946 - More Evidence of How the Gifts of Divine Intelligence Manifest Themselves in Amazing Ways

"Sugar Chile" Robinson  - CLICK HERE to experience "The Gift"

This morning I am in deepest reverence, and gratitude after being reminded of the gifts of Divine Intelligence and the infinite ways this Divine Presence continues to remind us.. and teach us. This morning, while thinking about my next blog post, it came in the form of an e-mail  from my friend and colleague, and Master Mind group member Michael Twiggs...who is also on The Path...a Path that led him and me to this amazing performance of "Sugar Chile" Robinson (Frank Issac Robinson),  as a child prodigy in the post World World II film, No Leave, No Love (1946) . There can be no other explanation for this kind of Art and talent... and ability to learn than from the inference that it is all part of the same Divine Gift. 

Let's connect and celebrate gratitude and in deepest reverence...and joy... that Divine Intelligence once again through love of humankind, the Light of Good... can still clearly shine through... even in the middle of the chaos of war. I welcome your own comments. Here is my phone 425-780-6872

Monday, June 20, 2011

The New World Social Media Marketing Way

This afternoon, I am ecstatic about the way that front-runners on the new social Internet are now marketing themselves in an "enlightened" way that speaks to my needs as an educator and as someone who has always been turned off by old think forceful "hard-sell" mass marketing sales types and their tactics, now being gladly left behind in a highly-social Internet world..

Our time is NOW. "The New World Social Media Marketing Way" is freshingly different and deeply influenced by New World consciousness that understands and leverages the" laws of attraction".. and "laws of abundance" in the following ways...that are most seductive:
  • DESIGN and DELIVERY of VALUABLE VIDEO-BASED CONTENT that "speaks" to the needs of prospective customers, based upon addressing and creatively answering questions, frequently on people's minds. Skillful marketers encourage folks to post on their Facebook walls and to comment on their blogs...even produce videos in response.  The more skillful marketers even address "insider" questions that their prospective customers should be asking but haven't gotten there yet to even pose the right questions. The videos are excellent, get right to the point, and now can be produced very inexpensively...and what great "vibes" the really good 21st century communicators put out.  See my recent post about about knowledge industry guru Brendan Burchard and about Simon Mainwaring and other strategic partners in Mike Koenig's Master Mind group.

  • AUTHENTIC LEARNING -  the best content is not advertising "hype"  but you really learn something new from it and this builds credibility and authority... the new relations-based social media marketing way.  The new best salesperson ... is the educator who empowers people with useful information and knowledge that you can practical apply and that makes a difference. Awesome content that you can run with.
  • HEART-CENTERED CONVERSION... These front-runners' conversion environments are so elegantly and lovingly designed that it is a pleasure to opt-in. The information shared is so awesomely good, that people are happy to opt-in to obtain more value, and eventually end up purchasing an offer, just to get more of it, and marketers let you know that they are more enlightened and the actually and authentically care about you...what Oprah has done create a whole lot of abundance for the entire world.. as well as for herself.

  • INTELLIGENT COMMUNICATIONS and LEARNING ...the technology "under the hood" is implemented so elegantly that it doesn't get in the way of the learning and conversion experience. It blasts your content to up to 100 social media locations... at once.. and the design of the conversion environments reflects caring and an enlightened consciousness. 
What this all means... Successfully marketing your small business or non-profit organization now demands much more skill, experience, sophistication and enlightenment than the old-think, tired way of marketing and selling. More than the ordinary "web developer" ...or relative who only knows how to design and throw up a website, the person who can help you most is the enlightened social media marketer and educator who empowers. This is especially so if you need to reach audiences with quality content that they care about, and if you need to see traffic being driven to your website  that leverages the power of inspiring new "how-to" web television to do that. Wow how grateful I am to be alive and still around to be help others take advantage of this fresh and positive new direction. Call me and let's connect. There is a whole new world of communications opportunity to be enjoyed. 425-780-6872.

Thursday, June 16, 2011 with Simon Mainwaring...are Best Practice Examples of a We First social media marketing way

This afternoon I continue to "resonate" as an outcome of experiencing experiencing the work of the MasterMind group... brought to together by Mike Koenigs of Branding guru Simon Mainwaring, author of the new book, We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World  did an excellent presentation their. Wow is this some excellent video content done really creatively. Exceptionally  powerful. is the authenticity of  his humanity.... The storytelling piece to this is also incredibly is Mainwaring' insight about succeeding in a "hybrid" world...what the latest trends portend.  

Even though Simon has worked with the largest companies... the information he shares also applies to the smallest microbusiness intent on building its brand on an authentic... way. His Q & A session is also great.  It is really great to be able to share this excellent content and VISION for a better world... with friends, colleagues, and clients... and the help get the word out.. about a new more enlightened social media marketing way.  I welcome any and all comments to this post. Let's connect. Here is my phone - (425) 780-6872.

PS - is using YouTube's new "Unlisted" feature which as great way to share your video just with folks you want to. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth... Has found me

This morning I am again resonating "abundantly" after having a book by Eric Butterworth Spiritual Economics "find me" ...right when I needed it to find me. For as long as I can remember, I have been subtlely aware of a magnificent, peaceful, omniscient, "omni-presence" that was not the same as the incessant mostly negative "chatter" of my ego-dominated thoughts trying to make my way in a competitive world, socially-defined by scarcity, fear, bidding, market share, limited resources, ultra-aggressive sales practices, charlatans, crooks, gangsters, drug addicts, ignorance, hate, violence, war, and the walking dead.  

What's been really great is that lately, the awareness of this omni-presence has continued to unfold...and more rapidly too... as my ego has been knocked down multiple notches by this "economy"...or so I thought. But instead of being demolished by it all, I am now finding peace, joy, and ...a marvelous feeling of abundance... that is already on its way.... as I get clear about what it is that I want, ... not only for myself, and  for my family, but also for the world and human family. I can also even now see my bank account balance increasing...even before it's I continue to be led to the Source...of all wealth... in the Divinity of the Human Spirit...revealed in is best light..rather than in darkness.

Now, what I am realizing is that what's been going on, has been part of something much larger, that is continuing to fold... that is taking me ...exactly... to what I need to discover about myself... and where the true source of my power emanates from.. where True Prosperity is to be discovered and how to tap into that...and and how to realize it...manifest it.  And so this book by Eric Butterworth a Unity church minister... "found" me.... and right after another excellent read, by Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich "found me" as I was inside of someone's auto-responding  e-mail marketing "conversion" engine. Butterworth's work is refinement of Wattle's work...most probably as the outcome of more "Divine" unfolding since he wrote his book in 1911.  See it and other great reads in my Amazon-powered New World Virtual Bookstore .. These books are also readily available in most public libraries so you don't even have to buy them.

Life ...and the history of consciousness... is a marvelous mystery as it continues to unfold... and already it taking shape in the form of a new of great  works "brewing" inside of me... I am reminded of Hegel and his marvelous work, the Phenomenology of Mind (Spirit) that he wrote at age 39 that moved me as a younger man, as a graduate student at UC Berkeley. Enough words for now... Now all I have to do is just discipline my mind not to get in the way...of all that is good.. abundant... and already on its way. Call me if you'd like to connect and share this abundance with me... Not understanding that I am in Divine Presence is what has been missing and there is this more than enough of this abundance to go all people. The Great Creator...created with the ability to create it ourselves. Now all have to do my part to have the wealth manifested - 425-780-6872.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Internet Marketing Without A Written Strategic Plan?: Would You Try to Build a House That Way?

This morning I continue to be amazed by small business owners and non-profit managers trying to develop their businesses without a well thought-out, written strategic business development plan which communicates how the organization intends to get "from here"... "to there" in systematic steps that build upon one another.  Imagine what kind of house you'd end up with if you tried to build a house without a plan? Imagine if you had someone just start with the "externals".. the roof... and paint job first...without a foundation, the framework, the plumbing, the heating and the electrical? 

Now imagine what the outcome and experience would be like, if instead of hiring  professionals to help design and build  your business, you hired a relative or friend "who knows how to build websites" without a clue about what it takes to build a business in a much more sophisticated and demanding marketplace? By now you should be getting the picture of the mess that many small business owners and non-profit managers get themselves in, wondering why nothing seems to work. The problem with websites and working with technology, is that now it is seductively easy to throw up a website with some content on it...without even knowing what you are doing, without a clear idea of what you'd like to go... and without any clear sense of the Internet marketplace and how sophisticated all this has now become. 

The solution is to work with seasoned professionals who can help you strategic plan, design,  develop and implement the kind of architecture, communications ...and learning that is now necessary in order to succeed. Call me today and let's talk about developing an effective written strategy that can both inform and shape not only your website but your entire business approach to a now much more demanding marketplace. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Age Social Media Marketing Entrepreneurs That Walk the Walk and Give The Gift Upfront

This morning, I am again resonating with joy and a heightened consciousness after continuing the experience of how New Age Social Media Marketing Entrepreneurs Walk the "giving the gift" of helpful information and mission-critical learning ...upfront. It alll started when I clicked through and joined Mike Koenigs of e-mail marketing list... which in effect, dumped me into his sales funnel environment and conversion engine...and how delightful this experience has been in two ways.

First, the CONTENT that Mike has been sharing has been excellent. Secondly, his DELIVERY using his conversion engine environment has been phenomenally thoughtful - e.g. In addition to providing excellent freebie videos about how to market using his amazing 10 x 10 x 4 formula, how to put together an HD studio for $200-400, and even how to get your message across to any personality type, Mike even recently provided me a link to his free speedreading course and e-book....realizing that I needed to learn thoughtful...and how smart this approach is. Small business owners have to get trained and empowered first...before they'll even think about taking advantage of the powerful social media marketing platform. 

The latest amazing gift has been the gift of his amazing friend Brendan Burchard of, an amazing millionaire communicator and author of Millionaire Communicator who makes creating 12 lucrative products that make $100,000 each over the year seem easy. I especially like the way that he designs his content "in the cloud" first  using his awesome Create Anything Framework. 

Creating content in the cloud ...first and then "multi-versioning" it across multiple product formats is exactly what I had just blogged about...Nice! Check out Brendon Burchard's excellent video on "How to Create and Promote 12 Lucrative Products and Programs" and how he has you wanting to know more... after you purchase one of his products... of course. Brendon is one "Divinely Intelligent" communicator who suggests that his near fatal motorcycle accident at 19 had something to do with this... and his wealth creation. His near-death experience had him asking himself - "Did I live?.... "Did I love?"... and "Did I Make a Difference?" ...and wow did he "Divine Presence" come roaring back to share his bounteous gifts with the world. Here's the link again ... Enjoy!

What next to do after viewing all this. Watch out if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by all of this. Remember that even Brendon didn't get there all at once. Call me and let's talk about taking one baby step... but good step at a time by doing some strategic planning first and outlining the scope of work that you'll need help with...The trip of a thousand miles begins with just one step.  425-780-6872.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Successful Ones: Five Ways The Smartest Businesses Are Finding Their Pots of Gold

This afternoon, after conducting considerable research on "The Successful Ones" ...doing well on the Internet, here are five ways that the smartest businesses, whose content I've been working with ...are finding their "pots of gold":
  • They Understand The Social Media Way - The "Social Media Way" of marketing is not just about upgrading or updating the company website with just  more text and pictures on it, and or just benchmarking oneself against one's closest competitors,  but rather it's about doing something much more exciting, much more innovative and much more refreshing than that...with video  that can make older think competitors irrelevant leaving them behind.  It's about reaching and communicating with people already searching for YouTube videos to have their questions answered ... and your company being the one to uniquely do that in a wonderfully helpful, creative relationship-building way. Helping people upfront with free content gets these smart businesses delivered to their "pots of gold". Just think of Oprah Winfrey and how wealthy she became by using "The Way" and you'll grasp the concept quickly.

  • They Produce Their Own Video and They do Teleseminars and Webinars- They understand how to produce "good enough" video content using low-cost, almost no cost consumer video technology. An entire HD "studio"  for instance can be put together for only about $200-$400. These smart companies also learn how to "roll" in their video into webinar sessions using next-generation web conferencing and webcasting technology.

  • Their Content Answers Key Questions... and it's Intelligently Designed - The smartest businesses design their content answers "in the cloud"... in conceptual space...before they assign it to a specific format like a video, an article, an audio program, an e-book, a seminar, or a webinar and this "multi-versioning" saves a whole lot of time, money and energy producing these communications products this way. That's where a good communications architect can come in as part of the project design.

  • They Use Powerful Internet Marketing Platforms - Instead of having to manually submit their content to multiple social media locations, these smarter businesses are using a mega-submission "engine" to blast out content to up to 100 locations at once. Search engines love new video content and they index it quickly... which in turn greatly improves page ranking on the major search and engines, and the great content also drives a lot of traffic to your website where leads can be captured, and prospects can qualitatively converted into customers, return business clients and even advocates that help do the selling for you.

  • They Get the Kind of Help They Need From the Right People: The smartest business owners all understand that the solution that takes them to their own pot-of-gold of necessity has to be "social" in nature and team-based itself, typically led by someone who, on the one hand understands the big picture and the new social media marketing way, yet on the other hand, this person can work out the details and quality-assure the results along the way.
So there you have it ... This is how the Successful Ones are finding their "pots of gold"... while others are still lost in the dark trying to find their way. Isn't "Intelligence"... "Divine"...the way that it can shine light on things that you didn't understand before? (See my recent  blog about Wallace D. Wattles' "New" Science of Getting Rich) How about you?  If you're ready to be one of the Successful Ones as well, we can help you with that. Just give us a call at 425-780-6872

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Attaining Sales Nirvana - The Steps To Take That Now Have Appeared

This morning, in deepest gratitude, I am thankful for what Spirit returns in the way of steps now revealed as I continue to make my journey to Sales Nirvana. Let me share them with you too:
  • 1. Strategically Plan - If you want the Universe to respond with its goodness and wealth, you need to get clear about what it is that you want, and how you intend to get there. Even though the approach is linear and Spirit doesn't  generally move this way, do it anyway...setting an intention...and feeling the wealth now that's already on its way...will set things in motion part of manifesting.

  • 2. Produce those Wonderful How To Videos - 60% of all Internet traffic is video-based and people are going to YouTube to get their questions answered. Answer the 10 most frequent questions they ask in each video. Then answer 10 more questions that they should be asking that they aren't able to ask yet in this second series of videos.  Giving excellent value upfront and concrete demonstration of your expertise will establish trust in you as a person of good heart and authority. See how Mike Koenigs of does this in his excellent 10 x 10 x 4 marketing formula video.

  • 3. Mega-Submit Your Content - - is an excellent social media marketing service that will mega-submit your video content and your transcribed article content to over 100 video and social media networking sites at once. This powerful approach gets you instantly indexed on all the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and greatly improves your page rankings in organic search... driving traffic right to your website and place of business. Your videos will also go to mobile devices and evently to home HDTV screens as they too continue to get "smarter".

  • 4. Capture Their Hearts - This is the New Age Social Media Marketing Way and how you will capture leads and convert them into sales through an enlightened, safe conversion environment and through the use of an intelligently-designed auto-responding video e-mail based conversion "engine" that continues to build trust by continuing to serve people well. Hearts can even be captured directly from Facebook. See my recent post about this.

  • 5. Serve People Well - This truly is the key and is actually part of The "New" Science of Getting Rich" that people like Oprah Winfrey and others have learned how to tap into as they continue to experience the virtually limitless wealth of what even quantum physicists are discovering is part of  formless intelligent "stuff" ...the "Stuff" of Divine Intelligence.
Take it from me... this "Stuff"... works. You just need to do your own part to show up, take the steps and be grateful for everything that this Divine Intelligence continues to bless us with, and it whatever way it miraculously comes. Life and Consciousness are one seamless miracle that is all part of that original "substance". Call me, let's connect, and together let's take those steps to Sales Nirvana - 425-780-6872