Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Addressing Small Business Retail E-Commerce Choices Today Can Be Challenging...but also a Whole Lot of Fun.

What's on my mind this morning is how challenging retail e-commerce choices are for today's small business owner in a now 21st century world. I have been doing small business retail e-commerce since 1997 and since then just about everything has changed...from end-to-end as the marketplace continues to dynamically "morph" and me "morphing" right along with it.

Now today I have the opportunity to re-connect with one of my existing e-commerce clients and help them address new challenges and opportunities via some kind of systems upgrade that includes "next-phase" e-commerce. 

Lucky me that I have had the opportunity to learn from the experience of some of the choices... and "un-choices" that my customer have made in the past from small micro businesses... and to larger retailer operations.  All of our retail e-commerce customers have been great to work with in the past, and what fine relationships we have built over time.

The big challenge and opportunity has always been to cultivate a more intelligent systems approach and to invest more time and resources in helping my retail clients keep more up-to-date by sharing lessons learned and our mutual "ah-ha" moments. This is what  drives us to "deliver the mission-critical learning a new world needs"...and what drives our passion to help.

Continuing to refresh and maintain the relationship has also been both a challenge and an opportunity. The good news is that both I and Internet Web 3.0 social media have gotten better at doing the entire marketplace...continues to learn... and hopefully ...earn..via a more human and customer-friendly approach. Wow! It's great how all this new stuff that I have been learning about connecting with folks...via selling from the heart and marketing in a more enlightened way right on time!.

Re-connecting and consulting with my client today, and listening and learning from each other and doing come collaborative problem-solving is going to work out great. Nice... Call me and let's connect if you want to have more fun working things out together to address your own set of challenge...and opportunities...and have more fun doing it even. 1.425.780.6872

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