Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's Build a Bridge Together to Sales "Nirvana"

What I am visualizing this morning... more importantly...what I am feeling... is that bridge to sales "Nirvana" that can now be built in quality-assurable steps... in a tranquil almost meditative way... like walking slowly and contemplatively over a bridge in a peaceful Japanese garden. The "Sales" that I am feeling... and resonating... and attracting here ..are good and positive because they are a manifestation of serving people and organizations phenomenally well through all the helping them walk through a "virtual"...and "spiritual" higher consciousness that also results... in miraculously higher sales. ..sales that happen by connecting with the heart. Sales "Nirvana" I'm calling it. 

This is not "Woo-Woo" science here or some drug-induced state that's getting me there... but just the way that the history of this world of ours is evolving and unfolding...educating expressed in the new science, philosophy, art & culture... in the people connections...and in conjunction with marvelously practical and innovative use of technology-based tools & strategies that we are now experiencing... a new world consciousness.. that increasingly is becoming, more and more... self-evident.  How great it is to be a part of this new world of communications as it continues to unfold. 

Wow is this journey fun and full of joy and peace! And how wonderful it is ... once people and organizations also start "walking the walk" through that garden of joy and peace with me, experiencing it too, as the technology and the solutions continue to miraculously and almost effortlessly fall into place. Already I feel myself resonating some very high and positive energy here. If you are feeling it too... let's connect and work out the details...even as the technology continues to morph. 1.425.780.6872

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