Friday, November 25, 2011

Kenny Brooks on YouTube is Off-the-Charts Brilliant

This afternoon, I again celebrate the divinity within us after watching brilliant young comedian-artist-intellectual flowing his brilliant consciousness in a most positive way as a real world door-to-door salesman on his way up. There is much going on here to learn from by viewing this video and experiencing this brilliant communicator at work, honing his craft.
I welcome any an all comments. Young Brooks is an excellent example of Universal Mind... expressing itself through the outpouring of life-affirming brilliance.

Thursday, November 17, 2011's Video and Approach Are Excellent Examples of Fund-raising Possibilities

This morning I am resonating about how the Universe responds when you think,  feel and do the right thing. I just made an 8-week comittment to a local non-profit, teaching them about how to leverage the power of  the new web television and social networking to fund-raise and help change the world...when BINGO my friend Kwan Nam on Google+ shares this great link to YouTube video done by All the pieces are there:
  • The Right Consciousness - Their mindset is one of abundance, not scarcity .. even in Africa. Tapping into creativity of all people is the source of true prosperity. Notice how the community itself was involved in this "community-authored" web television piece.

  • Communications-Literacy - Experience the outcome of their creative brainstorming and coordinated global collaboration to make the split frame collaborative action and music work.

  • Social Media Marketing Literacy. Their relationship-based, social approach and use of other technology venues - e.g. website, presence in social networking architecture is just as smart and innovative. 
What great course material! - There is much to learn here by "critical viewing" and "de-constructiing" what they had to do in order to be able to create this kind of outcome, and orchestrate these qualitative results. If you too would like to eventually create quality communications like this to grow your non-profit business, let's connect. Call me at 425-780-6872 and let's start getting the ball rolling.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011: Some New Resources to Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving 2011. Here are some scrumptious new resources to put on your table that you can be thankful for:
  1. Social Media Marketing Plan - Wow will you feel great after investing in the development of a 21st century marketing communications plan that develops and manages multiple communicates venues intelligently and innovatively... instead of just "drifting" and wasting time.. unintentionally...which typically happens without a plan.

  2. Web Television Channel - Web television programming is the way to communicate and drive traffic to your website and physical world business. You can create and embed your own web television channel right on your website. If all you have on your existing website that is just text and photos... it's time to get with it and upgrade your web business presence... to seize new opportunities. Consistently publishing quality web television programming... that you can be empowered to produce.. and putting it right on your website, is now the best and most effective way to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)...that drives traffic that can result in sales.

  3. Google Apps & Google Site - Using Google applications with free virtual file services and collaborating with others ...can move you and your business phenomenally forward while saving you time and money, protect you from losing all your files...when you local hard drive on your computer crashes. Notice that I say "when".. not "if" for all hard drives have a product life cycle. Google Sites also allows you to have a website that you can update yourself...without having to be held captive to a conventional web designer or WordPress consultant that you have to pay for updating.

  4. Google+ with HangOuts and Pages - Just by jumping on to Google+ and doing webinars using Google HangOuts... you can almost instantly be ahead of the pack... reaching audiences and growing your business, while others are still just drifting and socializing on Facebook... or drowning in tweets on Twitter...and going nowhere. New Google+ pages even allow you to create a business presence on Google+ in addition to your personal presence, and Circles are great for direct communications with folks, without the noise and clutter of Facebook that wastes time.

  5.  Facebook Marketing & Leads Capture - There is a way to be more intentional even on Facebook, building credibility, capturing leads and converting prospects into customers, clients and advocates. For several months now we've been working with front-runners doing this who also know all the insider tips that can help you reach your audiences and filter out that noise and the clutter that rips off your time. They also know how to grow business over Twitter as well. 
There's a lot to be thankful for... and put on your table... that can move business forward. For more information, call us today at 206-920-8067 and let's get started making 2011 the best Thanksgiving ever. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Google+ Business Pages are now here...See Zen Bikes scenario

This morning I am celebrating Google's launch of Google+ Pages, a great way to build your organizational brand right on Google+ social networking architecture. See Google's excellent video on YouTube..that paints a nice picture about how a small business "Zen Bikes" can engage with its customers using Pages. So what's so great about Google+... especially if you are already on Facebook and already on Twitter? The answer is...a whole lot:

For one thing, there's not as much "noise" and "clutter" to waste your time, like what currently happens on Facebook about who and who became "friends"... How meaningful...or authentic is that kind of Facebook "friendship"...really? Think about it. Google+ also has a powerful feature called Circles that allows you receive and send communications only with the people with you want to communicate with.  This is done by creating Circles that you can create and name appropriate to who's in the circle. Wow does this save time and frustration... providing the potential for the creation of authentic communities of folks! 

Another powerful feature is free video conferencing called Google HangOuts that's really powerful. Currently you can "hangout" with up to video 10 end-points with two formats - Standard and Enhanced Version. The Standard version of HangOuts is "YouTube-centric"... allowing a pod of people to watch a YouTube video together during a session.... which can really be powerful... especially if the video content is compelling....and you can author that content yourself. There is also a cool text chat that accepts "hot" hyperlinks to other content. The other version - Enhanced hangouts... allows you to share Google documents, presentations, and even your desktops and is more powerful than fee-based web conferencing services... but absolute free. These means even the smallest micro-business can do big reach, learning reach webinars and work collaboratively with others.

I could go on and on about Google resources ...there to be seized - e.g. YouTube, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Picasa, Google Earth, Places, Google Sites, Google Apps and Google Apps Marketplace.. and on and on.

I'm really stoked as an entrepreneur who can now use Google+ business pages to grow business and help other people and organizations work with this as well. The choice is yours..... just keep drifting in sea of Facebook "me tooing" socializing time-wasters... or move business forward... creating whole new blue oceans of opportunity...and uncontested market space...making the nearest competitor irrelevant? What about you? 

Call me and let's connect if you too would like to make better use of your time to move your business forward with Google+ and other powerful resources.  1-425-780-6872

Friday, November 4, 2011

Great Television...Can Be Transformative...It's The Talent That Makes it So.

This morning I was searching YouTube to find something to communicate what's been on my mind....How great television can be transformative... and what makes it so... the talent to be found and discovered right among us from the most unexpected places, affirms divinity to be found right within human beings. See this amazing story, spun phenomenally well about 36 year Landau Eugene Murphy's New York audition on America's Got Talent.

As human beings ourselves... let's learn from and do television like this. It's the talent of all involved that can make it great....transforming our world... I welcome any and all comments.

Best regards,
Art Johnson
New World Communications
Bothell, WA... near Seattle.