Thursday, February 24, 2011

Google for Non-Profits - Some Amazing Resources We Can Help You With

What's on my mind this morning are all those non-profits that still have not taken advantage of the powerful resources from Google. We are talking about Google for Non-Profits and its now part that New World Communications Landscape that I have been telling you about. Just look at all these powerful resources from Google that we can practically apply to help grow your non-profit business. There are so many of them we couldn't list them all. Working with these resources, we can help with communications and learning in three major areas:

Reaching More Donors
  • Google Grants - Did you know that Google will give your free advertising?
  • Google Analytics - We are working with a team of experts here that can analyze your traffic.
  • Google Checkout - Wow is their Donate Now button great and so is their Google Checkout Store Gadget Wizard that we have been working with
  • Gadgets - These drive traffic to your website so that you can interact with supporters
  • Trends - This resource tells you where your donors are searching
  • Website Optimizer - This helps you figure out the best landing pages to turn site visitors into donors
  • Webmaster Tools - These tools help you see how Google sees your sight and helps you correct for errors.
Improving Operations
  • Google Apps - This robust resource helps you reduce IT costs and helps staff and volunteers collaborate more effectively.
  • Google Mail - This is fast, searchable email that can even have your domain name... Cost-effectively managed in the cloud
  • Google Docs - This is a virtual file server... with a suite of office applications - Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, and Presentations that are elegantly simple to use.. and Google does all the updating, and file sharing and collaboration is amazing.
  • Google Sites - This allows you to create websites and secure group Wiki, with low cost hosting and and elegant content management system (CMS) architecture that is highly extensible. We prefer to Google Sites architecture over all other website architectures... including WordPress because its more robust, is easier to administer and is more robust.
  • Google Calendar - These are wonderful and have excellent collaborative and meeting invite capabilities that allow you to communicate powerfully with both staff and volunteers.
  • and much, much more - These go on and on.
Raising Awareness
  • Google Earth Outreach - Did you know that you can now visualize your cause and tell your story on Google Earth and Google Maps?
  • YouTube - Did you know that Google and YouTube supports you in broadcasting your cause to the world's largest online line video community, and that I at New World Communications have a public television background and can help you with that?
  • Blogger - Blogger is a robust blogging application owned by Google that we can embed right in your Google Site. In just a few clicks your Blogger post can also be "Shared" on other social media sites, and Google Search loves your "tags" which help you get found. 
  • and much, much more.
New World Communications role in all this - Our mission is to not only provide the most intelligent communications ..just by ourselves... but also to deliver "the mission-critical learning a new world needs"... so we are building a world-class remote consulting and e-learning practice with world-class subject matter experts to do that. So what would you rather have, just another lone "web guy" or "web girl" or a communications professional and educator aggregating a whole team of people to support you way better? CALL US TODAY, and as a professional consulting/project management firm, and working with a whole team of  experts and strategic partners... including Google... we can help you move forward with Google for Non-profit resources for phenomenal advantage.... NOW!. 425-780-6872

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bravo! New iLinc Release 11...Web Conferencing..Now includes Live Streaming.. and more

Bravo! What I am buzzing about this morning is  iLinc's new Release 11 web conferencing service ... with a new "Media" button that now includes a new feature that allows streaming of live video ...right in the presentation window. Nice!!! You can also easily stream YouTube videos and even upload videos on the fly. Here are just some other great new features:
  • All new interface with understandable icons - This is really great when you are presenting. Access to key resources and instant online polling are right there so you don't have to get lost in your Library looking for content while your audience waits. Sweet.

  • Tabbing of Attendees - This makes this a multi-webcam video conferencing system if attendees all have webcams or attendees can just have their still image avatar up there. If they don't have either then there are now more sillouettes that take up space.  Instead you just see them listed in the sidebar "matrix"...Nice!

  • Floating of Components - This is a nice feature that allows you to move windows around. They system even remembers where you locate them and you can easy get back to default format. They understand  presenters' needs. Nice!

  • Enhancement of the Audio - Folks at iLinc have really given working with both Internet audio as well as conferencing calling some thought with great instant control over participant audio.

  • Real-time captioning - This is great for multi-lingual and hearing impaired audiences. A stenographer can be typing in the language as you go. Sweet!

  • Connectivity with Social Media - This fits in well with a social media-based strategy that we can also help you implement in a now Web 3.0 world.

  • And much, much more! - You'll just have to call us and meet with us..."inside" our iLinc Release 11-powered New World Meeting Room... "inside" our website and have you experience this first hand as we talk about working together to help you move your business forward.
What's next is how you actually practically apply this powerful resources to grow your business more sustainably in our now 21st century world.

That's where New World Communications comes in, to help local, regional, national, and international people and organizations Walk Through The Virtual Door ...developing sustainable business... for phenomenal advantage. For more information see our NWC Overview on our website at - or call us today at 1-425-780-6872, e-mail me at or use our Online Inquiries Form on our Contact Us page and we'll get right back to you.. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Re-thinking E-Learning.. Learning Solutions Magazine Has A Good Article

What's on my mind today, in between connecting with and communicating with corporate clientele about work is "Rethinking eLearning" and trying to figure out our how much people and institutions are ready for that and whether folks even realize that a "re-thinking" of eLearning is even necessary... or that we are even talking about the same thing in our now 21st century world. Like how does one wrap one's own mind around it?

Then BINGO... the Universe again responded via a Google Search for "re-thinking e-learning" with an excellent and thoughtful article in Learning Solutions Magazine - April 28, 2010.... so here's the link to it. Even the bold-faced sub-titles help you get a grasp:
  • Technologies - These have have a profound impact on the way the people can now not only learn better, but also perform what they do better.

  • Mobile Devices - Mobile devices are especially hot now that multiple technologies have both improved and the market for apps has exploded.  The CONTENT delivery, the COMPUTATIONAL POWER, their real-world CAPTURE capabilities, and their power for COMMUNICATIONS...especially in ripe new markets such as in developing countries.. is fueling both investment, and hot projects.

  • Virtual Worlds - What's new is that virtual world learning is beginning to happen in in different and more practical communications scenarios such as in immersive 3D web conferencing... without having to plunge into the swamp of Second Life and all it's seedy anonymous avatars of people of questionable character and ethics.

  • Semantic Web - This has to do words and terms... and associative "tags" themselves  that are creating new contexts for learning, away from formal classroom events.

  • Learning... Not for Learning's Sake..but for personal performance ... driven by people's need to know and to excel...with or without the institution's support for this.

  • Spaced Practice - This is where you get your learning in "snippets" in between the practical applying of what you are learning.

  • Social Learning - Wow is this a biggie. The web now... is a "Social Web" where content is being "crowd-sourced", commented upon and socially "highlighted"... which itself drives innovation and even more social learning.

  • Meta-Learning - This concept hints at how big this phenomenon really is.

  • Distributed Cognition - This goes hand in hand with the social learning and the meta-learning and is about recognizing and honoring the fact that we are all "smart" in our own special way with something to contribute and process...Power to the people!

  • Slow Learning - This term in the article is confusing. Maybe it has to do with how slow institutions and political regimes are able to learn in contrast with workers themselves... empowered by the Internet.. and learning fast about how powerful they are. Witness the fall of Mubarek in Egypt for instance. 
There is much to think about... and to do ...and experiment with...and to collaborate on as a global learning community when it comes to "re-thinking e-learning" ...if institutions dare. Let's connect if you are re-thinking it too. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

About the Value of Cultural Diversity for Change and Innovation

Frans and The Medici Effect from The Medici Group on Vimeo.

What was on my mind this morning is the value of cultural diversity for driving new ideas and innovation... when BINGO! what was waiting for me in my e-mail in-box was a communications about a pricey ($1995) Strategies '11 HR conference being held down in Half Moon Bay in California featuring cultural diverse author and consultant Frans Johansson of The Medici Effect, his new book. Frans is one engaging person with excellent stories that he spins as concrete examples of what he is talking about:
  • Personal story about Frans bringing his Black, Native American, and Swedish cultural heritage together in his own life, communicating the value of what he is about.

  • Tall building in Harare, Zimbabwe without air conditioning informed by how termites in mounds manage to keep their environment at just the right temperature, saving 4 million dollars. Read more about Eastgate Centre on Wikipedia

  • Recombinant genes between spiders and goats to spin strong threads for surgery made from the spinnable protein in goat's milk.

  • Combining Moslem Burka with bikini concept ...the "Burqini" so that Muslim women can also go swimming in Australia and around the world with modesty. See

  • The initial slowness of working with diverse groups vs initial faster speed of homogeneous groups working together that gets turned around over time...where the diverse group eventually passes the homogeneous group up... creating whole new blue oceans of innovation.
It's nice to see the conversation about value of cultural diversity finally and more accurately re-framed... away from reacting to affirmative action and not understanding the competitive value of a diverse workforce, and towards the proactive embracing of the value of diverse ideas from diverse people in driving innovation, cost-reduction, revenue-generation,strategic advantage, and making ours a better, more sustainable world.  

Let's connect about that 425-780-6872 or use our Online Inquiries Form on our contact us page.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here is Art's Happy Valentine's Day 2011.. on

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some Awesome Limited Time Only Offers to Help You Get Your Horses All Pulling Together By February 15, 2011

What's on my mind this morning is helping your business "get its horses all pulling together marketing communications-wise using affordable intelligent communications strategies and tools, starting with following awesome limited time only special offers if you act now by February 15, 2011:
  • A Written Strategic Communications Plan: This is what's been missing in most small business approaches. Consulting with you and developing a concisely-written strategic communications plan can save you time and money and help you manage your marketing communications sensibly. It also serves as a roadmap and beacon that illuminates the way, informing what and how you communicate. Our approach also uses free social media applications like YouTube, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz to help you reach your audience. We are also front-runners in the use of newer surprisingly affordable technologies that can provide you with a competitive advantage such as web television, web conferencing and webcasting .

    New World Communications is a dynamic front-running company. By working with us, we can help you Walk The The Virtual Door.. for phenomenal advantage, working in a eco-friendly low carbon footprint way - See our NWC Overview on our website for a glimpse of our big-reach, learning-rich approach -

  • A Powerful New Web Presence - We help you get started  are working with new Google Apps/Google Sites architecture that is actually a whole new way of doing business "in the cloud". Hosting of your website can even be free if use a gmail e-mail address or only $50 a year with one-time set-up free of $49.95 if you elect to use a domain name e-mail address. We also have an excellent way of managing online inquiries via a customized submit form that submits to a secure data table in Google Docs as well as sends you an e-mail notification of the inquiry. Google wrote the book when it comes to search so their architecture indexes excellently. With the addition of an optional web conferencing service license... we can even having you meeting and training people "inside" your website like we can do in ours - Browse our own Google-powered website and see the possibilities - New World Communications - we don't pay one penny for website hosting!

    * Optionally we can also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services working with an international team of SEO/SEM experts if you require this.

  • A Powerful 3-7 Minute Video Promoting Your Offering - Our background is in television and we can tell an excellent story about your business and how people benefit from it. We can also create your own (web) television channel right on your own website and get you started producing video and programming it using radically new low cost.. and no cost video technology. 
This is a $5000 value....Yours for only $2500... if you act now by February 15, 2011. 

Lower Budget Folks...Also talk to us our $750 - Do It Yourself Offer.. (A 5-7 page navigational website structure that you can flesh out yourself.) Yours for only $500 (plus $49.95 one-time set-up fee) if you act now by Feb 15, 2011

Call us today and let's help you get started in Qtr 1, 2011 - 425-780-6872.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Talk to us about Google Apps, a Google website and Leveraging The New Web Television...for Fundraising and Donor Development

This morning I am intent on talking to more non-profit folks about using Google Apps and the new television for fund-raising and donor development... instead of listening to them crying the blues about how hard it has now become to raise money and develop donors competing with others the same old way the same old "blood red" ocean of competitors. They are same ones who still haven't discovered or leveraged the power of Google Apps...upgraded their websites, or gotten hip to the new television... so their "challenge" really an huge opportunity disguise... to take in some new information and "re-frame" how they do things. Here are the benefits of that:
  • Google Apps - This is not just about a better and easier way to build and manage a website... but a whole new virtual applications infrastructure that... in smart, innovative hands ....can provide phenomenal strategic advantage.  For starters, there's Google Apps startup page which is like a power dashboard that is customizable using cool "gadgets"... There's also a domain name e-mail account...powered by the same robust architecture that powers Gmail and that "talks" elegantly with a virtual file server and powerful virtual applications like Google Docs, Drawing, Spreadsheets, Forms, and Presentation.

    The implications are far-reaching - e.g. right out of the chute non-profit managers and small business owners can save big bucks and experience better performance than attempting to do IT the old way with expensive mail servers and file servers that keep going down, and all the software updating and additional expense of managing and administering all that. In sharp contrast, Google provides all the mail and file services virtually...with elegantly simple easy to learn apps that are automatically updated for only about $50 per employee..providing better "up-time" and performance at a mere fraction of the cost.

    It's not only non-profits and small businesses who will benefit but so will large enterprises and government who also elect to to "Go Google"... and many already are. And the really good news is that even the smallest micro business can afford to "Go Google" and even with free website hosting if they just use a Gmail e-mail address. See next.

  •  Then there's Google Sites website architecture that's so powerful and so elegant that one begins to realize that WordPress website directions for non-profits and for small business will soon be history. The handwriting is already on the wall...the  Google cloud computing direction... IS the new future... and its here NOW. See my own Google-powered website for example and see how I have extended  it... You can even meet with us.."inside" it (using next-generation web conferencing, and webcasting.)

    See Google Apps product manager Rajen Sheth  demonstrating Google Apps on YouTube. He starts with corporate e-mail and intranet direction, but then he speaks to how even small businesses, non-profits, and education can take advantage of the architecture.

  • Fund-raising, Donor Development and The New Television - When integrated with a Google cloud computing direction, the new television... in the right hands can significantly impact and improve fund-raising and donor development. Take for instance the new trend in grant writing where strategic partnership building and collaborate across a region or nation.. or even among nation-states is the new challenge. This where virtual applications and the new television can be innovatively applied. Add some of the newer web conferencing and some of the new webcasting that goes to mobile and to social networks like Facebook and Twitter and the fundraising and donor development game... changes phenomenally. We focus on this in our Community-authored Television Workshops.
This is what we here at New World Communications are about. Call us today and let's talk about Google Apps, a Google-powered website upgrade and leveraging the power of the new television for fundraising and donor development. 425-780-6872.