Monday, August 23, 2010

Today's Web 3.0 Technology Explosion: Doing it Alone Is Like Drinking from A Fire Hose

This morning I am looking at this picture and thinking about all my existing and prospective customers, the micro-business owners, people who own small-to-medium sized businesses, people who run non-profits, people in government, and even folks I work with in really large enterprises... they all have the same issue... trying to deal with today's web 3.0 technology explosion is like trying to drink from a fire hose.

Think about it... so much new information about new Web 3.0 technology is coming so fast.. that many people I talk to are very overwhelmed, very uncomfortable, and very stuck, especially when they try to go it alone. It is an interesting dilemma, on the one hand there is all this great new technology out there that can save them time and money, and help them move their business forward, yet on the other hand, people are so stuck trying to manage all this new information on their own that they try to put off changing anything! 

Meanwhile the marketplace keeps changing, continuing to march forward as folks get left farther and farther behind, and putting themselves even more at sustainability-wise. So what's the solution? Actually, it's simpler than you might think... I have discovered that things can go a lot smoother when you don't try to deal with the Web 3.0 explosion all alone. The good news is that the new technology itself is a SOCIAL PHENOMENON... so take the hint... socialize.

Socialize online, not only through Facebook, but also in the physical world. for instance provides a list of  meetings where you can connect with people.. not only online but also in the physical world. Once you do, then it's some of these people that you meet that can either help you directly or refer you to someone they trust who can. Even as a technology consultant myself, I am amazed at how many new things I learn just by connecting socially with other technology colleagues. Then this Web 3.0 fire hose becomes a lot easier to drink from. 

I am thinking about starting up a group myself. Call me and let's connect... I or some of my colleagues can help you... one sip at a time. 1.425.780.6872

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