Saturday, August 14, 2010

Small Business Development Done Right is the Key to Economic Recovery

This morning I woke up with small business development on my mind... my own admittedly...but also the development of millions of other small businesses at various stages of development in this challenged, local, regional, national, and now global economy of ours. Economic recovery and how to have it happen sooner rather than later...was also on my mind... then BINGO! came to me.... Small Business Development if DONE RIGHT... is the key to more rapid economic recovery...across the entire world.

Notice that I have intentionally capitalized the words "DONE RIGHT" here ... because currently this is both the CHALLENGE.. and the OPPORTUNITY for me and my company, New World Communications. It all has to do with DOING SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT RIGHT...content delivery-wise, and learning delivery-wise. Let me explain.

The problem with small business development and economic recovery today squarely has to do with COMMUNICATIONS, LEARNING, and MINDSET CHANGE. Let's start with COMMUNICATIONS. There is literally tons of of great CONTENT on small business development out there.  From great books on, from the SBA, through  universities and colleges, and through community colleges.  

Then there is the Kauffman Institute with its FastTrack business development curriculum.. and several community-based non-profits offering small business "incubator"... or "accelerator" capability-building services ...all trying to get small business development done right.  Then there are also the banks and the financial services companies,   the chambers of commerce, the urban enterprise centers, and now the "green" business developers, all focused on small business development and all vying for their slice of the ever-elusive small business development pie.

Then there are all the bloggers, Facebookers, LinkedIners, Tweeters,  budding authors, speakers, consultants, and  personal coaches in the world out there, working out of  our homes, offices and Internet coffee me focusing on that There is now literally TONS of CONTENT...and there are now literally thousands of CONTENT PROVIDERS out there... So what's the problem? And why does small business development and economic recovery have to take so long?

The CHALLENGE and the OPPORTUNITY ...however is in the DELIVERY. Trying to take advantage of this all stuff is like trying to drink from a fire hose, and personally there is just way too much clutter.. and just plain too "noise" ..and  way too much or what I call organizational "non-events" out there...You know the ones that I am talking..the promoters of these non-events are also the ones that ask you to pay your hard-earned money.. and then waste your time! Here is right where the need for MINDSET CHANGE comes in.

And who in their right entrepreneurial mind has the time or the money for conventional Instructor Led Training (ILT) and for group facilitation these days? Why not make small business development easier, and the learning faster... and even more effective? What I am specifically talking here is the LEARNING DELIVERY and what we know now about how adult learners, prefer to learn in our now 21st world.  

Now don't get me wrong here. I love the engagement of marketing and networking events, and of physical world capacity-building events. It's all great, but what about leveraging physical world small business development events by "virtualizing" them using special "green" communications and e-learning so that others  can log in remotely and also "be there"...saving time and money... while reducing our carbon print and doing business more sustainably? 

And what about the fact that  folks in between these real-time physical world events are also using online search, accessing learning portals and viewing "on-demand" learning "snippets".. using informal learning modalities... to get what they need to know.. "at the speed of need"...80% of the time..right when they need it? Just think about it? Who actually has the time to access small business development leanring content the way it is currently being mostly "served" up... the old-think... time-consuming formal learning...Instructor Led Training (ILT) way...with its huge carbon footprint.. high cost, and  increasingly more questionable sustainability?

It's why small business development remains so challenged... and part of the reason why economic recovery remains so delayed. For years... the pundits say... while I am looking for economic recovery... this month... to meet my financial obligations and to grow my small business... NOW. 

That's where a change in MINDSET is needed...but the good news is that I can now innovately apply these new tools and strategies to even accomplish that so that small business development finally can be DONE RIGHT... and DONE RIGHT NOW.

Again small business development DONE RIGHT will be the key to more rapid economic recovery that will benefit multiple stakeholders... from the smallest wanna-be micro-business person local, regional, and national goverment, and to the largest multi-national corporation, are even nation-states.  By all working together, we can do this.. for more information call me today and let's connect... our "secret sauce" is value innovation. Call today to learn more... 1.425.780.6872

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