Monday, August 9, 2010

World Trade & The Potential for New Big-Reach, Learning-rich Communications - New Possibilities to Work Things Out

What's been on my mind lately is the impact that low cost big-reach, learning-rich communications and value innovation could have in improving relations with world trading partners, now that the world has been made smaller by communications technology. When I look at the world, now brought down to size by NASA space flight pictures, and when I can now "fly" across the world on Google Earth, and view video content of people in other parts of the world, all this contributes to the realization that we all live on the same fragile planet, on that sale blue marble in space and that we had better work our differences out because we all have to depend upon each other. 

I may sound naive, but I think it really does help when you can actually connect with people in marvelously human ways that can transcend cultural, economic, and political differences and have you discover that you still have something in common to offer each other. Getting involved with face-to-face Internet conferencing  folks from Marratech in Sweden a few years ago really brought that realization home...and now with Gmail video chat, I can do that with anyone on the other end that has has the same capability. 

Fast-forwarding to now, what excites us the "green" communications and learning platform that we now have as a resource - e.g. special "green-metered" web conferencing,  new low cost web television... and our own value innovation that can work with larger groups of people. With these three things, we can have people from Washington State and people from China meeting in the same virtual room, "inside" of virtual architecture to do big-reach, learning-rich cultural exchange between whole generations of people. 

Kids in elementary school, kids in middle and high school, and kids in vocational school and in college. Kids learning about each others countries and what's own their minds with respect to their hope and aspirations for the world. Our kids the way that they connect with other kids can teach us adults something and that kind of positive energy attracts more positive energy that's capable of building that "harmonious" society that government dignitaries on both sides of the ocean which that they had more of. Our elders also car a whole lot of wisdom. We need to connect them up as well.

I am just beginning to outreach folks actually involved in world trade with some of my resources... the most powerful one... being my feelings of hope for the world. I welcome your own thoughts and feelings. 1.425.780.6872

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