Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Funding Community-authored Television by Learning from KarmaTube.org

This morning I was reflecting...flowing energy... on how I could further communicate the power of the new television to facilitate positive social change, when BINGO!!... a new friend of mine sends me an e-mail about KarmaTube.org with just the right messaging needed. KarmaTube.org is a simple site with a simple idea, create good Karma by producing marvelous content that tells a compelling human story about the impact that small acts of kindness and caring can make in young people's lives, as they develop into tomorrow's leaders... with the same thing on their minds and in their hearts. 

The trailer for the Jennifer Arnold film, a Small Act wonderfully communicates that. Now my thoughts are on how content like this can be crafted to support domestic community-authored television right here in the U.S.  that uplifts communities right here. One message is to keep it simple and the other is make the content as elegant and as inspirational as the people your story talks about.

In the last few years, I have been fortunate to be able to work with at-risk, court-involved, youth of color, mentoring them, and teaching them how to craft and tell their own stories using the new television, but initiatives have been stalled due to lack of funding, and budget cuts across multiple government agencies, but perhaps communicating this idea to a broader audience by leveraging the power of the new television and can garner more support. 

Let's connect and discuss if you like and understand where I am going with this 425-780-6872

Monday, November 29, 2010

CIO Magazine Has Good Article About The Schoolhouse of the Future

This morning I am flowing positive energy after reading Chris Yeh's article on "The Schoolhouse of the Future" in the December 2010 issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine. This a nice article that brings together three emerging trends in learning that are rapidly becoming part of that "new world communications landscape" that I've personally been paying attention to and blogging about.

One emerging trend is what Jeff Howe in a June 2006 Wired magazine article coined as "crowdsourcing" in his article, "The Rise of Crowdsourcing". Since then the meaning of "crowdsourcing" itself continues to evolve driven by people defining it. (See wikipedia). One is example cited is using a "crowd" of people as a "source" of information contributing to a web-based Wiki. or community-authored information website, typically using a text type format. Wikipedia itself is a prime example of this. 

The second important emerging trend that the article acknowledges is the power of web video that fast-forwards innovative learning and it cites KhanAcademy.org as a shining example of this, where millions of people are learning by watching short 12 minute videos. Citing the power of web video for innovation is what I just blogged about..just yesterday..after getting ecstatic over Chris Anderson's web video-based TED Talk.

The third and newest emergent trend that Yeh sites is the development of learning "apps" for mobile devices. Actually if you publish your video learning content on YouTube you can already deliver mobile learning, but what the development community is interested in is mobile applications they can sell, so don't be surprised if you see more and webcasting and web conferencing companies also extending their capability to mobile devices. The folks at Ustream.tv are already tauting this..however the jury is still out as to whether mobile users using 4G networks have enough bandwidth to send and receive video of acceptable quality. Changes in codecs and standards are own their way that will of course improve the situation. 

In the meantime, it not too early to jump in now, especially when it comes to leveraging low-cost, almost no cost resources that already exist... with that special "secret sauce" that can make all the difference in the world... value innovation. Call if you'd like to learn more about developing the schoolhouse of the future...but doing in now... in a newly emergent new world communications landscape - 425-780-6872.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some More Amazing Web Television...About the Power of Web Television...for Driving Innovation and Learning

This sacred Sunday morning... I am again in bliss after watching, reflecting, and co-resonating the wonderful energy, passion and desire for a better world that TED speaker Chris Anderson speaks about when he talks about how web video is powering phenomenal innovation across the planet. Rather than being freaked about the prospect of nine billion people plundering the world, he instead resonates with positive passionate energy when talks about the power of web video to create excellence accelerated by crowds of people watching web television, learning from it, and then raising the bar by emulating lessons learned, and then innovating themselves on top of that. 

He calls the phenomenon "Crowd Accelerated Innovation" and the three core components or "dials" to have the innovation wheel turn is what the new web television phenomenon involves: 1) a crowd...or massive audience, 2) "light" shown on the talent...by the crowd through comments and viral sharing, and 3) a human desire to innovate and do it even better. With the web television phenomenon... all three dials are ramped up full tilt. 

Anderson also recognizes the impact that this phenomenon has had on web video-based TED Talks themselves. Each consecutive speaker gets better, driven by lessons learned from other speakers and by a passion to be as good as or better than previous speakers. So now their next move is to expand and accelerate the learning by adopting "radical openess",  having members of "the crowd" author their own TED X ...extended content to have even more excellence..."bubble up" by people watching, emulating and innovating ..sitting two feet away from the best teachers in the world...individuals from "the crowd" that members of the The Crowd are already shining light upon... Even as stodgy old institutions with awful teachers are not serving their students well, students empowered by the new television can still learn from community-authored pedagogy and he gives us several marvelous best practice examples of this, leaving the best for last. Christopher Makau from Kibera, the African continent's largest slum. This brought tears of joy to my eyes as he provides a glimpse of some his accomplishments and as he proudly proclaims that "Kibera is a hot bed of innovation."

This is an exciting and passionate time to be alive as community-based content contributor...in the light of a world audience that is now self-fueled for dynamic radical innovation in a now 21st century world where 80 million hours of YouTube video are being watched each and everyday that's not all "puppies and porn." Let's connect if you too are being moved by the new world television phenomenon. 425-780-6872

Friday, November 26, 2010

Success is in The Cloud...If You Work With Us To Help You Connect The Dots

This morning on Black Friday, instead of spending money, I decided to write about how I can help my clients make more of  it ... enjoying more success by creating it "In The Cloud"... over the Internet..using robust but affordable web-based applications & strategies..including even mobile devices. Right now, many folks are still crying the blues over "The Economy", but quite frankly it is their own attitude and mindset that is the real problem that is making matters worse. See my post about the choices we make...and the energy we flow into them.

As creatures of habit, folks are still working way too hard still trying to do business the same old tired physical world world way...getting frustrated... and then resonating even more negative energy...and you know what that attracts.. even more negative energy.. and even longer economic recovery. On the other hand, with just the right help navigating the new world communications landscape... they could be well on their way to being way more successful and a lot more happy. Here's how:

There are two pieces to this: 1) The first piece involves helping them understand that "success is in the cloud" and what's in this for them, and 2) the second piece involves using my background, experience, skillsets and positive energy flow to help them "connect-the-dots", so that they can start being happier... right now as they move forward saving time, and money by working more strategically :
  1. Strategic Planning: This is a disciplined approach that can help you get clear about where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there by using new communications and learning tools & strategies...with a new "hybrid" world  mindset...cultivated over time.. That's what my "connecting the dots" is all about.

  2. Google Applications: If you aren't already using free virtual applications from Google, you run the risk of either losing all your data via local hard drive, or office file server failure, or you are paying too much for remote backup services. You are also spending more time and money than you need to working with local applications and local documents that make updating, document sharing, and collaborative work with strategic business partners more problematic than it needs to be.

  3. Google Site: If you still don't have Google Site, you are paying way too much in time, money, with more costly updating administrative hassles than you have to. I am not paying one cent for my web hosting and my domain name only costs $10 a year. I also don't have to pay anyone else to update my website when I need to make changes. See my own website... developed with new Google website architecture...and see the advanced communications and learning functionality - www.newworldcom.com ...I "walk the walk" myself.

  4. Virtual Meeting Room: If you can meet with people "inside" your website...using next generation "green" web conferencing... you can phenomenally extend your business reach...without spending one cent on gas and without adding one micron of pollution or CO2 emission. By working with us we can even having you "virtualizing" physical world meetings... making in more convenient for board members or strategic business partners...to instantly "get there" and "get back"... and even meeting "face-to-face" using now low cost web conferencing technologies. This capability can also be used for remote consulting, e-learning and for multi-day virtual conferences and trade shows. See my own New World Virtual Meeting Room

  5. Television Channel: The new television technology, with the right help, can be phenomenally powerful when practically applied to develop sustainable business in a 21st century world, especially for smaller businesses and non-profits who have not yet been empowered to leverage this radically new resource. The possibilities are virtually limitless and soon your own web-based television "channel" can even show up on home HDTV screens using new Google TV and other newly-emergent "smart television" technology. See my own New World Television Channel...on my website and my web television-based NWC Overview 2010. Also see What is Google TV? and surf some of the other content that I have programmed there.

  6. Critical Conversations:  If your agenda is to frame and facilitate the conversation about key topics of interest and concern between stakeholders and strategic business partners, you can do this sooner and more powerfully if you use next generation web conferencing, real-time webcasting, and well-designed web television programming to do it...by extending you business reach and mobilize your stakeholders..virtually. What conversations would you like to frame? Talk to me about doing series of critical conversations.

  7. Virtual Focus Groups: If you are not in touch with what people want and need in the way of product/service offering, and public and private policy, we can use multiple intelligent tools and innovative strategies to help you gain focus online... at a mere fraction of the cost and in a mere fraction of the time of doing physical world focus groups. Talk me about how to do these.

  8. Remote Consulting: We can work with you to create whole "net new" streams of revenue by creating a world-class remote consulting practice, using the world's very best, local, regional, national and even international subject matter experts. This consulting can even be "face-to-face" on a 1:1 basis or on a group basis using multiple webcams. Some remote consulting can even been in using new 3D immersive real-time communications...in multiple venues.. that we have been working with.

  9. Virtual Learning: We can help you and others learn and get empowered, and moving your forward by doing learning virtually. We are front-running instructional designers... as well as new world communicators who can leverage the power of multiple  and design a complete rich-media curriculum, or work with you to put your training or tutorials for customers online. We can do virtual learning across an entire enterprise... or public school system... to facilitate broad-based social change and educational reform.

  10. Virtual Fundraising: There are now more opportunities to fund-raise and develop donors then you as a development director may realize that can mesh well with tried-and-true physical world approaches that you are already taking, especially when combined with the new web television, social media, and the "secret sauce" of value innovation that we can uniquely provide. See my recent blog about this.

  11.  Virtual Conferences & Trade Shows: Once people and organizations get comfortable using the tools ...and "Walking The Walk" we can even help them move forward by helping convene entire multi-day virtual conferences & trade shows... done at  mere fraction of the cost of physical world conferences and trade shows and in a mere fraction of the time...with phenomenally greater business reach... and with zero carbon footprint. Even so-called "green" business owners and city-run offices of economic development have sometime new to learn, master, and take advantage of.. and we can help them with that. See my blog about this.
All that folks need to learn how to do is "connect the dots"... and we can help them with that. If you are not already taking advantage of the above-mentioned tools and strategies to move business forward, call us today and we can help you get started. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Telestream's Wirecast 4 - Turns your computer into a TV studio

This morning, celebrating all things that I am grateful for..right before Thanksgiving, I celebrate my continuing journey across a new world communications landscape that prominently includes authoring one's own television programming in it..and even webcasting some of it "live". Wirecast 4 from Telestream.net is one such product that can turn your computer into a "live" TV studio.  See their video overview.

Wirecast 4 is desktop software ($449) that can add a lot of high-end production value to a desktop presentation by allowing you to set up "shots" with composited elements in them like title overlays, etc in preview. You can then "go live" with them...pushing them to a streaming webcasting service like Ustream.tv, Justin.tv, or Sermon.net.  Their higher-end version Wirecast 4 Pro ($995) even has virtual 3D sets, and chroma keying capability with remote IP camera switching, for more complex live simulcast events and can handle more demanding HD feeds. 

Folks at Telestream.net are also in the transcoding business and can convert content in Windows Media, Quicktime, and Flash formats, depending on the needs of the end-user and the kind of viewing device used. Also see my previous post about Ustream.tv. WireCast 4 can feed to Ustream, if you need fancier production values than those provided by Ustream Producer ($0) or Ustream Producer Pro ($199 one-time fee.), but Ustream.tv is good lower cost place to start. 

If however  you or your organization ever get to level of web television sophistication demanded more system capability. what's nice is the fact the folks at Telestream also have a full Enterprise Product line with awesome products engineered to work together that can help you scale. At the same time, their Wirecast 4 basic version and their excellent tutorial helps even the novice television person started. They even provide helpful advise of about lighting set decently and about using decent audio. 

Wow, am I feeling grateful going into this Thanksgiving in 2010...and already beginning to consult with some of my existing clients about leveraging the power of the new television to move business phenomenally forward. It's nice to have a television systems and programming background and to "fast-forward" that experience...to now. Call me and let's connect if you too are interested in seizing new television opportunities to develop sustainable business in our now 21st century world that are rapidly becoming part of a newly emergent new world communications landscape - 425-780-6872.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Google TV and Logitech Revue - Here's What the Interface Looks Like...and Some of What's in it for Us

This morning Google TV and communicating what the interface looks like...and what's in it for us... is on my mind.  The interface made by Logitech is called The Logitech Revue, and with it you can watch what you want wherever it comes from - from the web or from TV... on your HDTV. It consists of a black box interface with its own microprocessor in it running Android and the Chrome web browser and a wireless full QWERTY keyboard with built-in touchpad that allows you to do all kinds of cool things, accessing the web...and accessing television on the web... as well as television ..on an HDTV. DishNetwork is the first on the block with it, selling for as low as $179 when purchased with their satellite service. Suggested retail price is $299.

The black box hooks up between a digital television box and an HDTV using HDMI cables and you plug your Internet cable right into it. The net effect is that this device seamlessly merges television data programming with web information. For more info see "What is Google TV?" on my New World Television Channel page. Also see my NWC Overview 2010 while you are at it to see how the new web television and be used in conjunction with web conferencing to develop business in quality assurable "steps". 

So what does all this MEAN economically... and culturally..for the small business entrepreneur, for the community television group, or for community-based educators, for advocates of social change and for our world? Though Google TV and this device just came out a few weeks, already the economic, cultural, and educational implications are far-reaching. Here is just a few of them for you to think about:
  • Your own channel.. or series of channels can now show up on HDTV in living rooms, in board rooms, in classrooms and in training rooms and in retail locations....without having to access or pay for time on a cable channel..... and even after public access cable television facilities with older, more expensive and less capable technology with less business reach get shut down. 
  • Your own content promoting your business, your program, or your product service can show up... without paying a dime for cable advertising air time, and cost of spot ads can be less. 
  • You can author your own experiences on television, framing the world.. in your own best interest ...rather than having your experiences authored by someone else framing the world not in you own best interest....this is a BIGGIE for democracy.
  • Entire communities can produce their own educational programming that can make a phenomenal difference in multiple peoples' lives, locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.
The other great news, is that new technology is easier to use... and radically lower in cost... making the producing television possible for any person or group willing to step up to plate to do the new television... and to learn how to do it ...and mastering it well.  This is a whole new world communications landscape that is opening up before our very eyes... it's a whole new frontier... and the earliest birds... who catch the most worms...will win. Call me today and let's talk about moving forward to seize this new opportunity. 425-780-6872.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ustream Producer Virtual Television Studio - Now that the Tools are Are Here... Where is the Consciousness?

What's on my mind this morning are all of the marvelous things that community-based stakeholders can do... leveraging the power of the new television.... developing sustainable business in a 21st century world...once they stop moaning about "older-think"  public access cable TV facility budgets being cut...and once they get hip to new more powerful ways to do live and recorded studio-type television... virtually... and at far lower cost... and with  lower carbon footprint than the old way. 

Ustream Producer Pro, for instance is a downloadable virtual multi-cam studio desktop application that allows multiple content originators to do high-quality television on the web for a one time cost of only $199. See background info about them on WikiPedia. See their info page and their presentation.  Individual web television content orginators can even webcast from the Ustream.tv site for free. Here is some of  what Ustream Producer Pro can do...at least technology-wise:
  • Supports an unlimited number of cameras... Wow!... Think of putting together a ''grassroots" CNN
  • Allows importing movies and audio ... another awesome capability. 
  • Enables unlimited transitions
  • Provides screen capture feature
  • Allows you to use overlays, layers, and add titles ... like the broadcasters do.
  • Support for HDV source
  • SD/HD bitrate support
  • Includes 7 encoding presets, including HD
  • Ability to save to server in same bitstream
  • Support customizable picture-in-picture
What can be done with this technology direction..people-wise... and program series-wise is another whole story...with chapters still to be written.... positively I hope... once other friends, colleagues, prospective clients... business advertisers and angel investors... understand the phenomenal opportunity of leveraging the power of the new television... to change the world...in a positive way...and within our lifetimes...with some really powerful and innovative... prime-time grassroots television...that the entire world is going to write home about.

Call me and let's connect about moving forward with this stuff... that is ...if you are not already "brain-dead" by watching too much of the wrong kind of television...stuff that enslaves by its numbing effects rather than a new world television that empowers and inspires..."refreshing everything"...which is what I'm about...and it doesn't necessarily have to do with endorsing Pepsi...though that also could be a possibility.  425-780-6872.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Web Television and Social Media - Great Tools for Inspiring Achievement in Math & Science...Across the World

This morning I was sitting here in front my laptop... flowing my feelings and my energy about using the power of the new web television and new social media to make life better and wondering how to communicate that... when BINGO! after checking my e-mail from CurrentTV, I discovered youth video testimonials from the Connect-A-MillionMinds Project. Nice how the Universe responds...just by manifesting what I care about. The goal of the project is to use technology - web television and social media to connect up youth in top math & science performing countries with kids in other countries whose national math & science performance does not rank as high. 

This youths talk about their experiences within their culture and within the educational systems and they communicate a wealth of information and passion about what they are excited about.   Here are just a few "snippets" of various students comments from all over the world that Inspire the Next-Generation of Problem-Solvers on Current.tv. Evidently there also was a recent global online TownHall Meeting on the ConnectAMillionMinds.com site with videos to follow. 

For me personally, both the CONTENT and the DELIVERY of this model project are most "instructive" for me and for other learning and ommunity-based economic development stakeholders I am in the process of reaching. and empowering. Now that the technology as well as innovative applications for it are here, what's next to do ... is for all of us to step up to plate to fund and do important projects like this ...ourselves.  See the content and then let's connect about this. 425-780-6872.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New World Television Landscape is Not a Sci Fi Landscape on Another Planet... Rather It Exists Right Here, Right Now

This morning I woke up with fresh new resolve about "tweaking" my messaging about the New World Television Landscape, letting folks know that it's not some futuristic Sci Fi landscape on other planet, but that it exists right now ....as an ultra-accessible...ultra-affordable... concrete reality right here on Mother Earth. The new world television piece to this, for example is being produced even by the world's poorest people. See my recent blog about it. 

So challenged communities right here in the U.S. no longer have any excuse...whatsoever... not to move forward ... leveraging the power of a new world television landscape to develop themselves educationally and economically, and addressing the world's most challenging problems.  It all has to with "Developing Sustainable Business in a Now 21st Century World". That's now become our own mantra these days and it applies virtually everywhere to virtually everything - e.g. reforming public education so all children can succeed, developing small business, transforming government, developing green business and making ours a better, safer, more human and more joyous world.  Here are some of the elements that now comprise The New World Communications Television Landscape:
  • Community-authored Programming - It can now be done even more effectively and powerfully than having to rely upon older-think government-controlled public access cable television facilities with outmoded technology... that costed more and did less. I ought to know... I designed and sold public access studios back in the day as a former broadcast/industrial system sales engineer...before the digital revolution. Now communities can produce and program their own television content using the entire Internet as an "Internet-Work"... reaching way more eyeballs than cable television. The advertising and sponsorship, and membership-based business development implications of the new  television are far reaching.

  • Low Cost Accessible Technology - The implications for social change using low cost television are phenomenal. Never before in the history of the world do even the most challenged communities have the opportunity to seize and leverage multiple technologies... particularly web television, web conferencing and social media to empower themselves and change the world. Even my second generation standard definition Flip Ultra camcorder that cost me $89 (a closeout price) can be used to produce some awesome television programming, and the newer model around $199 can even produce HD television and now has built-in image stabilization for even better quality when capturing movement.

  • "View-Podding" inside a Big-reach, Learning Rich Web Conferencing Session - If communities get organized they could even afford to develop their own Virtual Learning & Conference Center on their own membership-based websites. Members and prospective members could meet online to raise funds, and develop donors, inspired by the web television that they watch as a "pod" of people viewing it... "View-podding" is what we've been call it and what we have been pioneering.

  • "Virtualized" Global Meetings - using the same affordable technology its is now possible to have global meetings with local, regional, national and international stakeholders. Powerful new world television content can also be "rolled" into these online meeting sessions.

  • Internet Television and web conferencing even on HDTV screens - Communities can view their web television "channels" even on HDTV using new Google TV or SmartTV technologies. Stakeholders will also be able to web conference as well if they are licensed to do so.  The business develop implications are again far-reaching. 
To reiterate, "The New World Television Landscape" is not some future world scenario on another planet .... but rather it's a current world scenario... right here on Earth that's right now. Call  me and let's connect if you'd like to learn more about how by working together we can leverage it to develop sustainable business in our now 21st century world - 425-780-6872.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Strategic Marketing in a 21st Century World...Business Can Be Way Better... When Your Horses Are All Pulling Together

This morning what's on my mind is strategic marketing in our now 21st century world ...and how much better business will be for my existing and prospective clients, once I help them add more "horses" to their marketing communications "mix" and get them all pulling together. The good news is that there is now a whole lot that can now be done marketing communications-wise ...in The New World Communications Landscape... even on a shoestring budget... that can make business a whole lot better. 

Here are just some of the powerful new "horses" that can be "harnessed" to all pull together...in a strategic marketing way....moving business phenomenally forward both for you as well as for your clients:
  • Web Presence - Most websites I see are old and and out of date with not much "sizzle" to them. Most people are not even aware that our technology-driven web presence marketplace has now radically changed,  or that more capability can now be had for less money spent. Browse our new website on www.NewWorldCom.com developed with new Google architecture to get an idea of some of the newer possibilities. We can even have people meet and train with us..."inside" our website. What about yours? We also are not paying a dime for web hosting. How much are you still paying for yours? And if you are a non-profit, what is managing and developing donors costing you now...by still not taking fullest advantage of new membership-based hosted web application architectures that can even manage tiered membership plans as well as be "extended"...with all the "goodies"...virtual learning and conference center, web television channel, Amazon-powered store, Google e-commerce, etc.

  • Television Channel - That's right.. "television" that we produce, program and distribute across the entire Internet using radically new and radically powerful low cost  but high quality video technology. See our New World Television Channel page on our own website...to get an idea of where we are now going with the new web television and leveraging our television systems, programming, and distance learning background.

  • Blogging Campaign - Multiple stakeholders...including you are benefiting from mine already. Blogs are great for creating mindshare and search engines love our tags. Also the Google-owned technology we use (Blogger)...also easily sends my post to Facebook and to Twitter ..with just one click... See us on Facebook and on Twitter as well ..with very little extra effort.... Nice.

  • Virtualized Meetings -  Instead of crying the blues about declining memberships and loss of revenue, membership-based business associations and non-profits can phenomenally grow their memberships, raise funds and develop their donors... increasing their revenue ... by adding a virtual world toolset - e.g. affordable web conferencing, and low-cost almost no cost web television. See this recent blog I posted about this -  "Need to Grow Your Membership and Organization's Bank Account?...Start by Virtualizing Your meetings"

  • Critical Conversations & Virtual Focus Groups - These same associations and organizations could be way more effective if they also "virtualized" their conversations about topics of mission-critical interest and used big reach, learning rich web conferencing and web television to do it. In this way, they could "frame the conversion", creating more mindshare, gaining more focus and influencing many more people in many more key places.. at home, at businesses, in public school systems, and in government... locally and regionally and even nationally and internationally.

  • Remote Consulting, E-Learning and Webinar Series - Most small business owners, not-for-profit, and government stakeholders I know could also phenomenally benefit from online coaching, remote consulting and various online training modalities that can be delivered via an innovatively architected and instructionally-designed approach. Development of a world-class remote consulting and e-learning practice that offers online courses and workshops as part of a professional development curriculum can also add a "net new" streams of revenue. If implemented innovatively, the same green communications and learning platform can to utilized to do distance learning facilitating enterprise-wide systemic change - See my recent blog about this.

  • Virtual Conferences & Virtual Trade Shows - Fewer and fewer stakeholders have budget or time to travel to and participate in local, regional, and national conferences and trade shows. Using the same set of affordable web conferencing and web television...and value innovation.. as the "secret sauce" it is possible to do multi-day conferences and trade shows... completely online.... Integration with social media  e.g. Facebook, Twitter can still allow people to socially interact and connect. They can even do this face-to-face using webcams in special virtual lounges and chat rooms. For more info see my recent blog

  • Twitter Marketing - Twitter is one of the more recent mini-blogging technologies that few people I know are leveraging or taking fuller advantage of. This is because they have not yet learned how to leverage it. A webinar about leveraging Twitter, delivered by one of the nation's experts on Twitter could change that...performance-based training works!

  • Facebook Marketing - Facebook can be a professional time-waster if approach to it is not disciplined by a strategic marketing approach. Newer features such as new Facebook Groups however can filter out the time wasting content. Again a series of webinars about how to best take advantage of Facebook...without wasting so much time.. could do it.

  • Physical World Networking - Finally there is the strategic question about how to make the best use of time and resources networking with people... instead of wasting precious time and resources at countless physical world meetings where nothing meaningful happens. Again some strategic planning combined with some of your own strategic networking initiatives doing business casuals and saving money using GroupOn.com coupons could better leverage your time and money, while moving business forward sooner... rather than later. There are also MeetUp.com and Biznik.com opportunities worthy of consideration. 
The bad news is that most small businesses, non-profits, and government clients are still not taking fullest advantage of these resources, getting all these "horses" to pull together. The BEST NEWS, however, is that New World Communications has now arrived to help change all that.. and help you move forward in a most strategic, more cost-effective... and more joyously energetic and positive way. For more information, let's connect and talk about moving forward...together. Call me today a 425-780-6872 and let's get started. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moving Forward with A More Powerful Web Presence, Web Television and Web Conferencing Can Be Like Getting Gifts From Heaven

What's in my mind this morning.... is how so many challenges ...  in so many areas can now be addressed in key areas of the marketplace - 1) reforming K-12 education, 2) small business development, 3) economic development, 4) sustainable business development ....supported by the innovative application of the following technologies...in a new world communications "landscape" :
  • Newer web architectures...as part of well designed marketing communications ... learning...and community mobilization campaigns - There are now newer approaches that can deliver way  more value and cost way less than developing websites the old way. An innovative social media strategy...and a well-done, affordable campaign strategy can be way less expensive...and effective than paying for special Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultants.

  • The New Web Television - Never before in world history is it possible to change the world by leveraging the power of the new web television today... to communicate.. to train.. and to transform entire systems...revitalizing.. entire communities.  It is now even possible to develop and program your own television "channel"... even multiple ones. The new web television can even be "rolled" into to next-generation virtual meetings, training sessions, and full-blow multi-day virtual conferences and virtual trade shows... It can also go to mobile devices and HDTV screens.

  • Next-generation web conferencing...and virtual events - When combined with innovative application of newer web architectures and the New Web Television... as part of a "green" communications and learning platform ...and approach it is now possible to develop and deliver big-reach, learning-rich communications to local, regional, and national stakeholders... capable of transforming the world.
Moving forward with a more powerful presence, web television and web conferencing... all intelligently applied to develop people and organizations and ... to change the world... can be like receiving gifts from heaven. Here's an excellent question to think about...and to address: 

Why remain "stuck" and frustrated in an older-think, non-productive "carbon-intensive" economy...going nowhere... and no longer able to sustain itself ...when there are now "net-new" ways to move business forward...in a new world 21st century communications landscape... that is potentially way more productive.. way more sustainable...and way more fun...even joyous.. once you experience how much better things can be?

 For more details let's connect and talk about moving ahead. 425-780-6872.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The New World Communications Landscape: New Strategies & Tools to Move You Forward

This morning what's on my mind is how many small business owners, not-for-profit managers and government agency mangers and elected officials are needlessly stuck, still trying to the do business basically the same old expensive, unsustainable physical world way with the same old expensive carbon-intensive world toolsets and mindsets. Every day I hear them lamenting about how bad things are with "the  economy", scrambling and competing for dollars... with less and less success... when there is a whole new world communications landscape out there...chocked full of net-new opportunities waiting to be seized that could phenomenally improve their situations . Here are just a few of them:
  • Strategic communications planning for business development - Most small businesses and non-profits still have not developed a comprehensive online communications and learning strategy using multiple 21st century tools & strategies that leverages what they do in the physical world to generate "net new" revenue streams.

  • Web presence - It now possible to even meet with existing and prospective clients "inside" their websites and turn them into virtual learning and conference centers... greatly extending their business reach and improving their communications. Some web architectures are designed to manage tiered membership plans and a web television channel can even be added. Skills are also needed to instructionally-design the communications and the learning, but we here at New World Communications can provide that... as well as train others.

  • Television - Television is in a class all by itself as the world's most powerful communications medium. Streamed across the Internet and affordably produced and streamed using low-cost, almost no cost video technology... Quality television programming can now be produced that can phenomenally move business forward in a myriad of ways - to promote businesses and programs, train multiple stakeholders and develop whole communities ...even nation-states. Used in conjunction with next-generation web conferencing and applied to small business development and educational reform applications, the new web television can change the world... and with a background in both television systems, programming, and distance learning, we know how to do that.

  • Web conferencing - for e-meetings, collaborative work, collaborative fund-raising, and grants procurement, critical conversations, remote-consulting, and e-learning...This is an "ultra-green" big-reach capability that is potentially very "learning-rich" especially if it is used to develop a world-class remote consulting and e-learning practice capable of addressing the worlds many, many challenges.

  • Mobile Communications - Both the television and the e-learning are now finding their way to mobile devices from laptops to iPhones, Android phones, and other smart mobile devices and big players like Google, Apple, and telephony providers are all driving that. 
These reason why many if not most small business owners,  non-profit managers, and government agency managers still haven't ventured onto the new world communications landscape and taken advantage of it has to do with the fact that most folks still are not "familiar with the neighborhood". The still have not acquired the tools, strategies....and most importantly...the Mindset needed to move forward. This is a "mission-critical" issue. If owners and managers still don't know to leverage new tools & resources in pursuit of their mission with the right "hybrid" world Mindset ...that combines best practices from both physical and virtual worlds, then they still remain "stuck"...and miserable. 

This is why we here at New World Communications are also committed to "providing the mission-critical learning a new world needs"...in order to move forward...with more joy...and even more fun...as we help move business forward more sustainably. Hopefully my daily blogs can help make folks aware that there are new ways to work that are much more sustainable than the way that they keep trying to work. Wow is it this a great time be be alive, aware, and skilled... with just the kinds of resources that people and organizations need now. Call me and let's connect. By working together, we can help you take advantage of the New World Communications Landscape - 425-780-6872.

Monday, November 8, 2010

This "Economy": The Challenge Really is the Opportunity

This morning after watching President Obama last night on 60 Minutes skillfully and responsibly manage the challenges and the negativity being thrown at at him ...and experiencing his grace and elegance... and most importantly, his sense of hope and resolve.. and how he flowed positive energy in a humble but strong way...even as he responded to his attacks... it made me think about this "Economy".. all over again... and what the challenge and the opportunity is as exhibited by Oback's remarkable leadership and sense of humanity. I then searched for an image on Google Images that communicated the spirit of this.. and BINGO...the Universe again responded.. This leaping goldfish ...transcending his crowded situation..says it all...President Obama is like that goldfish... and remains an inspiration to me. 

What President Obama continues to teach us.. is that "The Challenge"... really is THE OPPORTUNITY. Here's what I mean
  • Seeing the Economy for what it is... a "crisis in confidence"... but get the sequence right...understanding and leveraging the Law of Attraction. Putting out a lot of negative energy because of our lack of confidence... only puts our more lack of confidence not more....so "The Economy"...which really is only a state of mind... our "crisis of confidence" ...gets worse.. not better.

  • Instead of being a "victim" of  basically bad vibes that attract more bad vibes... Tea Partyers ....ignorant, knee-jerk folk like Sarah Palin are issuing in and enjoying a temporary reign of ignorance that momentarily makes them feel proud, but actually this is very bad for our country ...because it's only negative energy that they are putting out that begets more negative energy.. and lack of confidence... "The Economy" is basically a state of mind... and an energy field...if more negative energy is flowing than positive... then.. that's what you get.

    President Obama on other hand, for me personally, especially when the I see the way he responds, recover and move forward is still my shining star,  a positive change agent... just "learning" from the experience... and transcending it as the resourceful, intelligent and caring human being that he is....exuding confident, positive energy, ultimately and infinitely more powerful than that sea of ugly disgruntled faces...contorted by the their own ignorance that has nothing substantive to offer.

  • President Obama said it last night on 60 Minutes, even while we was being attacked on the show. The economy in fact was tanking...before he even came into office, as the result of years of unregulated economic speculation allowed by, condoned by, a Republican-led administration that promoted this unregulated...unbridled... speculation that brought about the crisis. Much of the speculation was in fact...criminal in nature...with circles of speculators flipping houses buying low and selling high, and selling awful financial products, variable interest rate mortgages and second mortgages that put people under water. Listen to folks This American Life and the story NPR's Planet Money did about, "Toxie" the "toxic asset" they purchased.. to learn about. Their story about "Toxie" is excellent journalism.

    The banks that bought the paper which became "toxic" assets were all part of this agenda as well... an agenda which created a "crisis" of their brand of Capitalism that they so loved and cherished. It was then the banks that used their influence to have the government bail them with TARP under outgoing President George W. Bush. Obama did what he could with his team to execute TARP and actually repayment... at least on the part of the larger banks..under Obama's adminstration has proceeded quite well.

  • The OPPORTUNITY then squarely has to do with COMMUNICATIONS and LEARNING and  how to create and construct our world in a way that makes more sense and that is more enlightened then what is fed us by corporate-owned networks. What's really new now is how the power of new Internet and World Wide Web tools & strategies can ...especially web television... web conferencing... and social medial... now be innovatively leveraged to create more confidence first...through enlightened communications and learning... and then have a developing, recovering economy follow... that even transcends party lines.  Notice the sequence here that adheres to the Laws of Attraction... exuding confidence first... attracting more positive energy... and flowing that energy into positive change... that builds even more confidence.. getting people spending and creating jobs... and wealth again...that is more authentic.. honest and helpful.

    We here at New World Communications realize that this will take time... but we intend to do this in "Steps" that add and leverage a virtual world toolset and that cultivate a hybrid world mind set. See what we are already beginning to bring to our plate for November 2010...for one of the best Thanksgivings yet.  I welcome any and all comments, let's connect ...as human beings and transcend the partisan politics fixing this economy and not making things worse  with our own bad vibes. 1-425-780-6872.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Five New Ways to Create Net New Revenue for Government Workforce Training Operations

This morning I am thinking about a nice set of meetings I had yesterday, right after the election with two of my best government clients interested is exploring new ways to create "net new" revenue for their workforce training operations...even in spite of budgetary shortfalls and failed propositions that would have raised taxes. Wow, was I fortunate that they would even talk to me, but the fact that I had already helped their businesses by using the new television...to seize new opportunity bought me a little credibility that I was able to leverage.

Here then are five timely new ways...or "steps" for creating net new revenue streams for government workforce training operations ...even in spite of tax-based revenue shortfalls and failed propositions to raise taxes:

  1. "Virtualize" all those physical world meetings: Consider adding affordable web conferencing and new low cost, almost no-cost web television to "virtualize" all those physical world meetings for phenomenal advantage ...and taking nothing away. Instead of just projecting local Powerpoint presentations, you project the live web conferencing session on the wall.. and allow remote participants to also "get there" and "get back" ...almost instantly ...just by logging on and off.. and burning not one drop of gas... and adding not one micron of pollution or CO2 emission. People can even log in from home,  or from their favorite cafe with WiFi hotspot.

    The content of the meetings can be way better...because of the phenomenal business reach... local, regional, and national people can meet in the same virtual architecture...for way better collaboration... in way less time. Those newly-purchased smartboards are great for projecting a live conferencing session...right on the wall, still with all the great annotation capabilities... further leveraging investment in them...by having remote presenter and participants also "be there" for additional advantage. Even web television... produced by us.. and by you can be rolled into these sessions... see next:

  2. Leverage the Power of the New Web Television: While others are using low-cost, almost no cost "video" technology for birthday parties, vacations, graduations and family events, we are using it to produce powerful web television programming designed to train and empower people ...and change the world. We come out of a television systems and public television programming and distance learning background and know how to produce and leverage television programming in a phenomenally powerful way that can move business forward.

    Think about it... television is in a class all by itself as a communications medium.. and distributed across the Internet...using the entire Internet...as an Internet-work... in our hands this can be a marvelously powerful workforce training and re-training tool...even making physical training...way more effective...and fun...when we can "roll" in best practices web television that we can produce... and empower others to produce. Already we have even trained and empowered at-risk, court-involved youth on how to produce some of their own television-based learning content..with this stuff... authoring ..and spinning their stories...constructing their lives..and raising their consciousness.. in more positive ways. Adults can learn how to do this too.

  3. Engage Your Learning Community in a Series of Critical Conversations & Virtual Focus Groups:  One of the big challenges of workforce training is information "siloing" and lack of collaborative communications between agencies. Web conferencing and web television are marvelous powerful resources for cost-effectively meeting with and collaborating with learning stakeholders... including prospective "trainees" themselves who can be a part of these online conversations ...providing input and feedback that can both inform as well as shape public and private policy.. This can also help inform and shape your training curriculum.. having it be on target...and better utilized.

  4. Create Additional Revenue By Developing a World-class Remote Consulting and E-learning Practice: If yours is already a model workforce training organization gaining local, regional, and national recognition in your field, then you should consider the ideas of training other agencies in other jurisdictions... and getting paid for it via highly lucrative contract consulting work delivered via the same 21st century green communications and learning platform that you have been using ...and developing your business with. Your professional development training offering, could also be world-class because of the phenomenal advantages of this big-reach, and potentially learning-rich capability. The world's very best local, regional, and even national subject matter experts, authors, trainers...even key political officials...can get there and get back...just by logging in and out..with zero travel cost... and with zero carbon footprint. Our approach... is instructionally-designed to get you ready for this. If you master steps 1-3, you'll be ready to take this step....and will have have even more resources to take an even more lucrative step... doing entire multi-day virtual conferences & virtual trade shows. See next.

  5. Convene Multi-day Virtual Conferences & Virtual Trade Shows - As you might suspect... as instructional designers and trainers ourselves... our approach is also instructionally-designed ..walking the walk.. in "steps"  that get you ready to even seize this lucrative new opportunity - convening your own highly lucrative multi-day virtual conferences & trade events ...that leverage what you have learned and mastered by taking steps 1-4 over time. 
What's important to note is that doing all of this ....costs way less ...and is way more sustainable than the way that most workforce training organizations are still attempting to do business now...and with less and less budget to do it...the same old conventional physical world only...way. So the "challenge"... really is the NEW OPPORTUNITY..if managers elect to use net new tools and strategies... and value innovation ...as their "secret sauce"...to seize it... This is what we here at New World Communications are about and uniquely provide. For more information, let's connect and talk about moving forward with  these resources -  425-780-6872.

Friday, November 5, 2010

New World Communications Documents Day Long Domestic Violence Conference

This morning after uploading all forty clips...covering about three hours... I am thinking about the marvelous and thoughtful community-based  domestic conference that I recently attended down in Tacoma and how great the new web television is for capturing and sharing important events like this. Television is a powerful medium in a class all by itself, and even more powerful when we can now produce and distribute it ...across the entire Internet...using new low-cost ... no cost technologies.

The first visionary speaker ...doing the evocation...citing the lesson of the Chilean miners...for our humanity..and challenging us to free our own "minds" ... is the honorable Dr. Maxine Mimms, founder of the Tacoma campus of Evergreen State College and more recently founder of the Maxine Mimms Academy, an institution that provides learning services to expelled and suspended youths. Experience how she brings all the conference participants together to focus on the issue of domestic violence.

The new television... web television... that goes all the way to mobile devices ...and soon even to HDTV screens is powerful new resource that can be intelligently applied to develop community and to change the world.  Call me and let's connect about what we can now do with the new television and other powerful communications and learning tools and strategies to build capacity and grow not-for-profit business - 425-780-6872

Thursday, November 4, 2010

VideoVolunteers-Voices Unheard is a Best Practice..and a "Virtual Field Trip" from India to Learn From

This morning I am thinking about changing the world via the power of the new television and how to communicate that to my friends and colleagues. I don't know what's messing with them...consciousness-wise but they still don't seem to get it... so I searched Google Images for "Community Television" images to get some inspiration and some positive thoughts and feelings resonating... Then BINGO! ...the Universe responds by having me discover ...just what I need... a volunteer community-based television best practice being done in Goa, India by a non-governmental organization (NGO) called Video Volunteers - Voices Unheard - See their website at http://www.videovolunteers.org/ .... the first thing you see on their homepage is a most provocative question that they pose....

"What if the poorest ONE BILLION people in the world had their own MEDIA INDUSTRY?"

Even to be able to pose that kind of question, people  had to develop critical consciousness to ask it...but more than that... they already are outreaching and empowering entire communities to create that media industry...themselves.. as they develop community...using the power of the new television. The other pieces to this are also all there... the powerful issues that they focus on and care deeply about with excellent well-done fundraising website, and  nice presence on Facebook and  Twitter. Most important is that they evidence the fact that they have gotten themselves...ORGANIZED... They have developed the organizational capacity to raise funds and develop donors... sustaining themselves...moving business forward to accomplish their mission and achieve their vision...obviously driven by an excellent Strategic Plan and high-performance organization....in order to be able to accomplish all of what they intend....and evidence.

Goa, India is a poor community...with less resources than we have...but one advantage that they have that communities here still don't have is this degree of critical consciousness,  media sophistication and organizational capacity. It's like other communities that we are now noticing...across the world... the best recipes for learning and for social change ...are now coming from those one billion poor people themselves...on the way to creating their own media industry... We just need to learn from them. Check out this excellent site, get inspired and see what I mean....this is most "instructive"...as well as "prescriptive" http://www.videovolunteers.org/.. especially with respect to the way that they effectively communicate across multiple venues in our now 21st century world. 

Then call me and in addition to just talking about taking "field trips" to national parks after watching Oprah and Gayle party in Yosemite...and "journalizing"... let's talk about producing our own powerful community-authored television...to help our own communities.. and change the world. 1-425-780-6872

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Need More Funds? Work with Us to Use the New Web Television to Fund-raise and Develop Donors

This morning non-profit organizations and their need to raise more funds and develop donors is on my mind. The new web television designed, and produced to make your case and spin your stories can most definitely make the difference, helping not-for profit organizations develop capacity and in a number of ways. We combine web television programming that we produce with state-of-the-art web conferencing to help not-for profit organizations develop their business in quality assurable steps:

  • Step One - Virtualize meetings. This can also allow board members to remotely attend if they are out of town. This uses web conferencing, and the web television can be rolled into meeting sessions.

  • Step Two - Leverage the Power of the New World Television - We can create a web television channel on your website as well as produce television that hosts on YouTube and that is shared in social media.. and that goes all the way to mobile devices and even to HDTV screens using new Google TV technology.

  • Step Three - Engage the World in a Series of Critical Conversations...about your cause... Use the web television and the web conferencing to do them. The same technology can even be used for doing virtual focus groups.

  • Step Four - Develop a Remote Consulting and E-Learning Practice that utilizes web television ...along with state-of-the-art web conferencing that we can also provide and support.

  • Step Five - Leverage the Power of the New Web Television in Multi-day Virtual Conferences and Trade Shows that we can also put on... to phenomenally grow your business.
For more information, let's connect at 1-780-6872.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2010... Can Be Our Best Thanksgiving yet

This morning I am resonating with an attitude of gratitude ... as I think about ...and flow energy into all the ways that I and New World Communications can help people and organizations move their business powerfully and phenomenally forward, "Walking Through The Virtual Door" in quality-assurable "steps":
  • Step One - "Virtualizing" Physical World Meetings...and Potlucks - This uses a high-speed broadband Internet connection, web conferencing and web television... to spread the joy and allow others to potluck with us... in other cities... across the world...as we build relationships...learn about and support one another.... as other folks remotely log in and "be there" too... with zero carbon footprint.

  • Step Two -  Leveraging the Power of the New World Television... starting by creating a series of "channels" that we produce for and program. This television can stream from multiple websites all the way to mobile devices and HDTV television screens...using the entire Internet as an "Internet-work" to develop community, business ...and change the world.

  • Step Three - Engage the World in a series of Critical Conversations & Virtual Focus Groups - The same technology...with communications design can deliver a powerful series of webinars and virtual focus groups...designed to change the world... by mobilizing communications and by informing and shaping public and provide policy. These series of events also use the web conferencing and the web television and can be "virtualized"...or virtual-only.

  • Step Four - Develop a World Class Remote Consulting and E-learning Practice - This will employ and utilize the world's very best local, regional, national and international subject matter experts that I am in the process of outreaching to and developing personal and business relationships with. With this "smart team" of people... we can  continue to...change the world...but even faster and even more effectively...and joyously too.

  • Step Five - Annual Virtual Conferences & Trade Shows - With the same affordable, low-cost but scalable, high-quality resources and working with people and organizations who will be ready for these..after "walking the walk" themselves via steps 1-4 over time, we'll be ready to engage the entire world by doing numerous virtualized...and virtual only events... designed to make our world a better place to live...for multiple stakeholders...from many walks of life. Imagine how great...and how fun...these life-changing, and game-changing events will be! The energy developed and shared will fuel us ...charging our batteries... throughout the year...as well continue to snowball the positive energy...and great vibes as we develop community...and business across the planet as we go. 
Yes, November 2010 ... and continuing moving forward with these "steps" in a timely and mission-critical way...can be ... the best Thanksgiving yet... with much to feast upon, celebrate and toast to. Call me and let's connect if you like what we are now able to bring to the table... in a joyous and thankful way. 425-780-6972.