Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Pause this Morning to Celebrate the Visionary Work and Art of Abbie Lincoln

This morning on NPR I learned that visionary jazz artist Abbie Lincoln and self-proclaimed "Warrior Woman" passed  away at age 80. I stop this morning to eulogize her because of the way that her work and art has spoken to me,  encouraged me, and guided me over the years as a human being.

Abbie was fearless in her quest for truth and beauty that she communicated through her raw emotional voice. Like Billie Holliday, her singing style was like a conversation she was having with Spirit that she shared with me. It was a gift not only to me but also to the entire world. It's wonderful that so much of her work has been recorded that can now be shared with people for generations to come. Abbie Lincoln was just that great. 

Just listen to " I Am Not Supposed to Know" in her interview with Terry Gross of NPR in 1993 and hear what I'm talking about. If you are still alive emotionally and still allow yourself to feel, it will bring you to tears as she celebrates human connections that oftentimes we can not find words for. There the words are that you were looking for. She talks about being the "Warrior Woman" and being introduced to and being saved by the World of the Artist. She speaks of the other artists whose work and art "spoke" to her, and what their lessons to humanity were to carry through her own deeply personal work, work that reaches for the stars. 

What's wonderful is the advice that Thelonius Monk gave to her about not trying to be so perfect, but to reach  for the sky, take chances, and allow herself to make mistakes, and  allow oneself to be possessed by her artistic muse that guided her.... and now her work and her art continue to guide me.

Listen to this interview and let's  all connect, blessed by the visionary art and work of artist and prophet Abbie Lincoln. 425.780.6972

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