Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Engage the World in a Series of Critical Conversations and Virtual Focus Groups ..We Can Do That

One thing that government officials haven't explored yet is using affordable technology like next-generation web conferencing, and low-cost, almost no-cost web television and social media to engage the public and both inform and shape public policy. This unique approach can also be used to shape product/service offerings.

It's part of our strategy to add a virtual world TOOLSET and to cultivate a "hybrid world" MINDSET over time that can save both money and time, as well as serve the needs of a changing public better. The real-time web conferencing component also greatly reduces carbon footprint and phenomenally extends business reach. Remote subject matter experts can also add world-class learning richness.

Once people and organization understand the phenomenal benefit, imagine the wonderful  ways this powerful and innovative communications and learning approach can be used to make ours a better world.  It can help us gain more focus on what people want and need. People can even remotely consult and do e-learning with this stuff, and even do multi-day virtual conferences & trade shows with it that can engage more stakeholders.

Multi-day virtual conferences and virtual trade shows will cost way less than physical world ones, one  too cost-prohibitive for many stakeholders to even attend now. The communications can go all the way into businesses, community centers, classrooms, senior living complexes and homes... and all people to need to do to "get there" and to "get back" is to log on and off.

One doesn't have to be rocket scientist to do the math about the cost-savings here, especially as more and more people get comfortable doing next-generation e-meetings or "virtualized" physical world ones. Call us today and let's talk about how to get doing a proof-of-concept pilot study that can actually document some of the benefits and help us all learn more.  1.425.780.6872.

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