Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NPR on Katrina: Learning in a 21st Century World Can Now Be World Class

This morning, when my radio came on, after listening to NPR's coverage of Katrina five years after, I was again reminded of how powerful learning can now be in our 21st century world. While still laying in bed, NPR treated me to an excellent "sound print" about Kids Face Differing Realities in New Orleans Schools. It's part of a whole series that NPR is doing this week.

This story was most "instructive" to me, and in a multitude of ways. First, the CONTENT itself told a most instructive story about what can happen educationally when people care.. and when they do not. Then there was the wonderful DELIVERY.. the richness of the the sound that had me visualizing the people and the situation...that's the "soundprint" piece to this. As an educator and as a designer of instruction myself, I am again reminded this morning about how "world class" learning can now be..if done with as much heart, spirit, and with as much innovation and skill as this. 

The model for it is right here. Now all we have do is learn from that model, "de-construct" how it was put together and replicate it... and the world class learning ourselves. Wow does this thought make me feel great this morning. Let me resonate it through the rest of my day.

Call me, if after listening to this excellent programming,  you are resonating too. 425-780.6872

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