Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's Us Help You Get Unstuck!

This morning I am thinking about all the ways that I can help business owners and not-for-profit managers both large and small get "unstuck" marketing communications-wise and learning-wise. Being caught in the middle of an economic recession is no time for a be "stuck in the mud"...  not  being fully functional and mobile. Here are some resources that can help:
  • Business & Technical consultation -New technology and new approaches that cost less and that do more can help you get "unstuck", especially if we work together to develop a strategic business plan that can have you reaching the people you need to get to with better communications and better learning. The new way to sell is to serve customers better by providing them with helpful information that help them address their issues. Then they put 2 + 2 together.. and Bingo! They do business with you. As communications and learning professionals, we can design that in that using a whole suite of smart tools and strategies....See next.
  • Virtual File Server and Computing in the Cloud - Talk to us about "Going Google", putting your documents online,  using Google's virtual applications, and about powerful advantages of that. This radically cuts IT costs and helps prevent loss of valuable data. It also can  also have you working differently with your customers by collaborating with them on shared documents like proposal drafts that you can work on together..building the relationship...and closing the deal as you go. If you have people spread all over, or are a non-profit you can all work online to work on big projects and on partner grant proposals. Google applications - word processor, spreadsheet, forms, and presentations are great to use and easy to learn and we can help you get started. Your e-mail services will also be way more dependable.
  • Web site Upgrade - If your website is only a few years old, you need to think about re-doing your website in order to deliver more communications power and at far lower cost and ease of administration.  In some cases, if you elect to "Go Google"  we can even eliminate your hosting costs while providing a lot more functionality via the integration of Google applications, third-party applications and "gadgets".
  • ... and much, much more - Using affordable web conferencing, and web television, we can even have people meeting with you "inside" your website... and watching your own web television channel...streaming powerful programming that we can produce for you. We can even empower and train you and your staff to produce some of the content yourself. Working with us under contract, and over time, we can even do highly lucrative multi-day virtual conferences & virtual trade shows together ...using a scaled up version of the same tools and strategies.  
Call me today and let's talk about multiple ways to help you get "unstuck"...moving you and your business forward. 1.425.780.6872


  1. With all those available resources, it's like having a whole CREW standing by to help business owners and non-profit managers get out of the mud during these slow economic times. Great article!