Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let Us Help You Get Unstuck

By Art Johnson - In this fresh new  2014, let us here at New World Communications help you "get unstuck". What I have discovered is that many business folks and organizations are still having a tough time trying to do "business-as-usual" the old way in a world that has now changed. Trying to do "business-as-usual" ... the same old way just isn't working, and so its time to leave those limiting ideas and habits behind and make room for more liberating and bountiful ones this year. 

Here are those limiting ideas and old leave behind
  • "Physical world" only thinking - People and organizations are limiting themselves by thinking within just a physical world framework, and the cost of this personally, to business and to the planet is literally unfathomable. Quantum physicists as well as enlightened teachers though the ages have all been telling us that just having a physical world mentality.. is not as good as it gets.
  • "Physical world" only transportation - Think about how much physical world transportation costs and how slow it is...just to get there and get back. Might there now be other ways to "get there" and "get back" on.
  • "Physical world" only architecture - Think about how much it costs to create a business presence and to develop a sales force in other cities using just a physical world architecture to meet, collaborate, train, learn, convene, and transact business inside of. Might their now be another way? ...Read on.
  • Older-think websites - With the exception of e-commerce and shopping online, for the most part websites are basically there to support basically a "physical world"  approach to doing business. Most websites are like brochure-ware, encouraging you to just call on the phone, or request info via submit form and then get in your car, bus, train, or plane to meet with  face-to-face inside of physical world architecture trying to continue doing "business-as-usual." 
The good news... is that there is an Infinite Supply of new ideas to align with and tap into...and new habits to form having to do with "re-thinking" reality itself and doing business more sustainably.
  • Adding "Virtual World" and "Hybrid World" Thinking - people and organizations can now greatly benefit by adding a "Virtual World" and "Hybrid World" mindset supported by new low-cost and even no-cost technology that radically reduces cost personally, business-wise and planet-wise...and just in time too. This new thinking using the new technology also validates what quantum physics and enlightened teachers across the ages have been telling us... that "substance" ...that the  "stuff" behind physical world appearances.. and of the universe is not essence.. so our view of reality ...and the way we chose to do business.. is "not as good as it gets."
  • Adding "Virtual World" Transportation - It's now possible, for instance, to "get there" and "get back" from meeting "face-to-face"..virtually instantly with groups of people, locally, regionally, and across the planet..."riding the electrons"... just by logging on and off... spending not one cent on fuel and adding not micron of pollution with zero carbon footprint...and the technology to do this is low cost...even no-cost.
  • Adding "Virtual World" Architecture - It's also now possible to have a business "omnipresence" in literally every city across the planet by meeting "face-to-face" with groups of people "inside" of  low-cost and even no-cost virtual architecture.. all the way doing major events... for phenomenal advantage.
  • Upgrading to Newer-think websites - Once you have added and cultivated "Virtual World" and "Hybrid World" mindsets, a whole world of communications capabilities can open up... way beyond just e-commerce and shopping online way beyond just driving around in your hybrid or electric car, and way beyond just meeting inside or physical world "green" architecture.
To help you get unstuck and for more information,  I invite you and your other business colleagues to meet face-to-face with me "inside" of my website - Call me today if you are interested - 1.425.780.6872 and let's connect.

Kindly and best regards,