Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Same Old Physical World Thinking Won't Solve This

What's Wrong With This Picture?

More traffic gridlock? More hybrid and electric cars and buses?  More transportation infrastructure cost over-runs, more global climate change? More environmental pollution and degradation? More health problems? More higher energy costs? More layoffs and chronic unemployment? Just more "green" building retrofitting? What's WRONG with this picture?... besides the fact that we and our government officials are all in it?

What's WRONG is the same old limiting physical world thinking... that won't solve this... that's what's WRONG. Why not instead "re-think" TRANSPORTATION and ARCHITECTURE... by adding a VIRTUAL WORLD TOOLSET next-generation low cost web conferencing and low cost almost no cost web television? And what not cultivate a HYBRID WORLD MINDSET that uses both physical world and virtual world approaches to transportation and architecture instead?  

Like why not use VIRTUAL TRANSPORTATION to "transport" our "virtual presence" and meet "inside" of VIRTUAL ARCHITECTURE... at least sometimes? And with a little VALUE INNOVATION added in as our "secret sauce", there's a whole lot that can done .."inside" that VIRTUAL ARCHITECTURE... like virtualizing meetings... like communicating and educating over a web television channel... like engaging folks in critical conversations and virtual focus groups... like doing remote consulting and e-learning.. and like even putting on multi-day virtual conferences and trade shows... all with zero carbon footprint and saving both time and money. With that time that you saved in commuting you could be tending your community garden, riding your bike, or taking a nice long walk breathing cleaner air....feeling great that you now have more green in your bank account. 

Is anybody listening out there... or are we all just BRAIN DEAD? Hopefully you are not and at least curious about what I am talking about. See my new NWC Overview 2010 our my New World Television Channel page and also take a look at what can now be done... "inside" 3-D architecture.. even right NOW.

Wake up world... The way that you are still thinking about TRANSPORTATION, ARCHITECTURE and moving business forward... is not as good as it gets. - 1.425.780-6872

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