Sunday, October 31, 2010

The New Television and Social Change - The Best Recipes for Learning Will Come Out of Grassroots Communities Themselves

This morning I am resonating with joy about the new television and social change, as The Conversation with my friends, colleagues and allies about education, technology and community-based economic development both widens...and critically deepens.  The fact is that the best recipes for learning are now coming out of grassroots communities themselves the world over, and these home-grown recipes both acknowledge,  leverage and celebrate the indigenous genius of people in the community... including children and progressive community-based educators themselves. Technology ... the new web television and remote web conferencing specifically can help get the word out. 

Suguta Mitra working with his Hole in the Wall experiments is a shining example. See his remarkable presentation on TED showing how slum kids teach themselves even with less than ideal technology access. This is some important work. British educator Charles Leadbetter also is acknowledging where the best recipes for learning are coming from... from grass-roots educational initiatives..the world over. Also see his TED presentation about "Education Innovation in the Slums".

As important is the home-grown grassroots work that has been going on right here in Seattle's Puget Sound region... Why "Wait for Superman" and all the fancy legislative lobbying with push from the not-so-slick commercial charter schools industry... when we already have excellent home-grown recipes for learning ...that we can produce home-grown television about ...that we can write home about, further promote and further support?

That's the thought, the feeling, and most importantly... The Conversation... that I via my blog and other initiatives have been snowballing...and deepening. Wow! Look at how powerful the new web television is... and in our own conscious hands, it can be even more so.  Community-authored television and grassroots web conferencing ...done well... and combined with other forms of social media...can be the way to get the word out... garnering more momentum and support for important work already being done... and changing the world.  Call me if you are interested in seizing this opportunity as well. 1-425-780-6872

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oprah and Gayle's Big Yosemite Adventure: Television Both Instructive and Prescriptive

This morning, after watching a segment of Oprah & Gayle's Big Yosemite Adventure, I am celebrating the power of leadership and television that is changing the world via the kind of "edu-tainment" that Oprah Winfrey's powerful humanism and leadership has created. It's a whole new standard of excellence to learn from and replicate. What's really cool is how good  television can "ripple" and influence other things. A case in point is Ken Burns initiative doing his public television series on National Parks and the fact that few African Americans have visited and enjoyed them. Oprah and Gayle engaged with the same African American park ranger, Ranger Shelton who has been championing more African-American national parks visitation for some time now.

So what does Oprah Winfrey's team do but pick up on this issue and visit Yosemite National Park as visiting African Americans, bringing all her viewers..and the whole world with her, including me, my wife and some of my progressive educator and social change friends here in Seattle's Puget Sound region who also watched the same Oprah piece last night. Then bingo, I get an e-mail from one of them, proposing that we all take African American kids with us to visit regional national parks. 

At the same time, the opportunity could be used to teach and empower them to "journalize" their experience as they connect with the earth and even visit one of our own fantastic educator-activist elders, Dr. Maxine Mimms at her place in ... Shelton...interesting synchronicity here... creating numerous teachable moments as we all celebrate being together, walking on the beach...collecting shell and connecting with the earth..and our Native American friends and strategic partners..talking about food and sustainability.... Nice.

What Oprah has given use is a whole lot to think about, process, and most importantly act upon: This is quality television that is both instructive as well as prescriptive... made even more amazing by the power of the  Internet... and the fact that we can now begin to create and author some of this content ourselves...using new low-cost, almost no-cost web television technology ourselves.  Nice! It was also interesting to see how product/service placement paid for by sponsors REI, Coleman, and Chevrolet were skillfully woven right into the content. If you want to know how some of the television you watch for "free" ...gets paid for ... this is how. 

I will be buzzing with the idea of following through and making good on this for a while.  Thanks Oprah and Gayle. Call me if you are buzzing about the idea of snowballing the experience too...complementing it with our own community-based, locally-authored television and communications events - 1-425-780-6872.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Waste Advantage Magazine... Where Garbage is Being Turned in Gold

This morning what's on my mind is new Waste Advantage e-magazine and its provocative focus, turning "Garbage into Gold". What a great... instructive...eye-opening resource this magazine is, especially for people interested in being part of a growth industry as part of that illusive "green" economy that people are talking about but still haven't benefited from.

One trend that's growing for sure ... is the amount of garbage ... that is created by society and how much opportunity there is .... managing and recycling "garbage".  This magazine is all about how innovative people, companies and organizations are seizing the "garbage" opportunity...turning "Garbage into Gold" by thinking outside-the-box about it, especially the negative stereotypes that are associated with garbage...especially with garbage collection.

In school and in society you are taught that garbage collection is what you'll have to do if you fail in school..not succeed there.. and this magazine helps change that mindset. There's even a great article in this magazine about how one waste management company is working with community colleges, providing jobs, resources and new careers. Even the ads with all the heavy duty garbage management equipment are impressive.  

Instead of just thinking about "garbage"... as "garbage"...when value innovation and critical thinking are added.. what's there to be seized.. is the "gold" that can be generated by putting waste conversion at the very center of the Clean Fuel market.  

There are other benefits as well as recycling and creating new products from "waste" going into landfills, like carpet, and even toxic chemicals that can be retrieved and put to better use via conversion processes. What a great opportunities this is for a number of stakeholders. Getting involved with garbage can do much to "recycle" people as well.  I encourage to read, browse and learn from this excellent magazine. Waste management most definitively is part of a new green future with clear advantages. I would love to tell stories about waste management success stories using web television and web conferencing and can even see myself doing virtual conferences and trade shows that focus on this stuff. Call me and let's connect and communicate about the opportunity here - 425-780-6872.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sir Ken Robinson's Educational Paradigm Shift Animation Provides Excellent Insight

This morning I am enjoying yet another powerful use of the new web television,  a brilliant animated overview of changing paradigms for public education narrated by progressive educator Sir.Ken Robinson in Great Britain.  This creative piece provides much insight on problems of the public education the world over and focuses on how older-think concepts and approaches to public education, driven by 19th century industrial revolution ...and mindset...are not serving us well.

Wow, does he hit the mark when it comes to why public education, done the old way is failing our children in droves, and why public educations systems do not speak to natural indigenous genius of children. Longitudinal studies show that kids are actually dumbed down by old standards of educational "excellence" which discourage their natural creativity and curiosity are even drugged and punished...kicked out, suspended or expelled...or discouraged enough to drop out... if they don't tow the line behaviorally and psychologically. Yes, standards of education need to be raised...but what is needed are new standards of excellence for education and for achieving better learning outcomes.

Much insight is provided here, at least as far is the analysis goes. The need for more divergent thinking and critical conversations among diverse learning stakeholders is what he points to. This really is a call for something beyond mere "educational reform"... a  learning revolution... if you will. Also see Sir Ken Robinson  recent February 2010 presentation on TED about "Bringing on the Learning Revolution". What's really exciting for me personally is the role that the new communications... web television and web conferencing will be instrumental in transforming our world.. and hopefully...just in time too. Call me and let's connect if you are interested in working with me to help bring that learning revolution on. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sustainable Business Development - What's in this for You

This morning, what's on mind is sustainable business development, and how far reaching this concept is. It crosses all the lines. In every area of the marketplace, the following sectors are all struggling to to sustain themselves:
  • Consumers - Young people, adults, seniors, elders, women, men, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, daughters, nieces and nephews, care-givers, homeless, unemployed, laid off... about to be laid off, job seekers
  • Small business, micro-business, large business, retail, wholesale, business-to-business, business-to-consumer
  • Tribes/Ethnic Groups/Sovereign Nations/Immigrant Groups
  • Government - local, regional, national and international
  • Military/Veterans
  • Political Parties/Candidates/Incumbents
  • Organized Labor
  • Public Safety & Health
  • Juvenile Justice and Adult Justice
  • Education - Pre-natal, early-childhood, K-12, higher ed, continuing ed, learning & development
  • Transportation
  • Architecture
  • Banking & Finance
  • Not for profits, community groups, faith-based organizations
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Television/Entertainment Industry
The CHALLENGE, and the OPPORTUNITY is two-fold. It squarely has to do with COMMUNICATIONS and LEARNING related to defining and achieving what we mean by "Sustainable Business Development" with more voices at the table talking about what it means to sustain ourselves on a deeper and more meaningful level than doing the more obvious stuff - e.g. landfill recycling, biomass, windpower, solar. In a now 21st century century world it's really dumb if we also don't utilize newer and more cost-effective tools and strategies that we have at our disposal now..and at the same time....recycling our  "Walking Through a Virtual Door" to engage in critical conversation...changing ourselves and the world...locally, regionally, nationally and internationally...all at the same time. ...using powerful and cost-effective web conferencing, web television and social media...where authentic conversation happens... instead of expensive stupid attack ads..for political campaigns that insult our intelligence and put out even more negative energy. Without the conventional hesitation... and with the usual excuses, and working together, we could take the following steps:
  • Step One - Have a series of virtualized physical world and online meetings to plan for "Developing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century"
  • Step Two - Leverage the power of the new television to do this...focus on the front-runners and best practices to inform, involve and inspire people.
  • Step Three - Engage the world in a series of critical conversations about "Developing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century World"
  • Step Four - Develop and work with a world class cadre of consultants, subject matter experts and activists to put together a world class remote consulting and e-learning practice and curriculum
  • Step Five - Plan and do our first virtual International Conference and Trade Show on "Developing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century World.. and what's in this for you?"
The cost of doing this... is far less than what it is costing us now...going about our lives... the same old tired "old-think" way, not sustaining ourselves.. just working with physical tools and strategies..wasting a lot of time and energy. Instead we could be approaching this issue with new tools, strategies and value innovation. With a renewed commitment as human beings, we all could make the difference. Call me and let's connect about moving forward with this... and without further hesitation. 1-425-780-6872.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Many Different Faces of the People Say It All - Hope is Very Much Alive

Today this Sunday morning, with much concern on my mind, I am writing in gratitude for several positive experiences that bolster my hope, my faith, and my resolve. The first is this wonderful photograph of President Barack Obama engaging with people on his recent visit to Seattle where he put himself within the peoples' reach, reaching out to people and connecting with people. Grasping his very arm is a dear Ethiopian friend and fellow entrepreneur of mine, Wube Worku... in total rapture. I grabbed this from her Facebook page.

The many different faces of the people says it all. Hope is very much alive in the faces of the people, and put into positive action, it will carry us through. This picture captures what President Barack Obama continues to proclaim, that the power resides with people who need to exercise their political in powerful constructive ways, coming together to make ours a better world for all of its people. That photo that captured this experience, on Thursday, was just one of several powerful events that happened across our nation. 

Another important event that happened on Friday, was a grassroots conference on addressing the complex issue of domestic violence that I attended. This was facilitated by the venerable Dr. Maxine Mimms on the Tacoma campus of Evergreen State College that she was instrumental in helping found. Now in her eighties, she moved the event forward with marvelous wisdom and insight. Multiple pastors from African American-based Tacoma Ministry Alliance provided their insight and input, but what moved me most were the testimonials of multiple women who told their personal stories of dealing with and overcoming domestic violence in their own lives, moving on to became leaders and positive role models for change themselves. What continued to be expressed was the important positive role that community-based grassroots education...and community-based pedagogy  can play in changing people's lives and in changing the world.

Wow, was I glad to have the idea of doing a community based web television channel on mind as I got up early, charged my batteries, put them in my funky little $89 Flip Ultra camcorder. I used it to capture some awesome content that can be used to continue positive initiatives that were the outcome of this conference. I now have forty-four pieces of content that can reach more people with. That was positive experience number two.

Then this morning, positive experience number three had to do with developing relationship with indigenous people across the world. After outreaching to folks at the Alaskan Natives Federation for several years about using television and next generation web conferencing to develop community through distance learning and social change, I am finally blessed to receive the address of their keynote speaker via Facebook.. This was a very positive sign that I can now follow up on. 

The spirit of people is now filling me with joy that will making getting through this day... and this week a whole lot easier. Call me... I have enough it to generously spread around. 425-780-6872.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's More Competitive Marketplace Ironically Demands More Cooperation Not Less

What's on my mind this morning is an interesting irony. On the one hand, never has the marketplace become more competitive, more sophisticated, and more challenging, yet on the other hand, never has the marketplace demanded more cooperation.

Internet Marketing is a good case in point. On the one hand, every small business entrepreneur is charged with making his or own decisions with respect with what to do with his or her business, but on the other hand, marketing in today's 21st century has become so technologically specialized, so sophisticated, and so social that today's smartest entrepreneur now realizes that building viable social relations with other entrepreneurs with specialized skills, resources, and possibly other contacts with people is also paramount to their individual business success.

So what groups does a small business entrepreneur join and what criteria is used? Race, gender, and culture have tended to traditionally foster minority-based, gender-based, and political party based business organizations in the physical world, but now even traditional lines of separation are now being eroded by the drive to get more authentic needs met in a broader online marketplace where there are more resources to choose from and where there are also more customers who could use what you provide. The Internet and social media are rapidly changing the new social landscape, based upon people searching for what they need and want in a social setting where new relationships are also being built based upon "communities of interest".

Marketing "communities of interest" in a 21st century world are critical due to the sophistication of today's technology, and new ones are forming, while older business associations in the physical world not serving people all that well are struggling to remain relevant. These newer online communities of interest are interestingly enough sharing the vital information they need, and some are even getting more organized to create their own series of workshops, webinars and even web television programs to promote businesses and to share the new knowledge. They also network in the physical world as well, but the basis is the online connection that has already been made.

Imagine how great it would be for you now, if instead of wasting time and money going to boring meetings where nothing happens, you instead actively participated in a series of powerful webinars, or "on-demand" web television series cooperatively put together that delivered the information you need, when you need it. This would be information of vital importance, driven by a series of initial web conference/conference call sessions that would allow us to gain focus and be right on target with what we need. 

That's what I and some other folks have been working on, because we can't afford to wait for it to come from  somewhere else any longer from organizations that have proven themselves to be ineffective. Here's a great question for you - In a webinar series and in a television series called "Developing Business in a 21st Century World", what subjects would you like to have addressed...and why? Call me and let's connect about all this 425-780-6872

Monday, October 11, 2010

Google part of Google Apps Offering Is An Excellent Resource For Corporate Television

This morning I woke up with Google Video on my mind. It's an excellent resource for distributed business organizations where more security and control is needed, and is part of Google's phenomenally powerful Google Apps offering that is taking corporate and government marketplaces by a storm. Google Video is also great for smaller small-to-medium business organizations with multiple locations as well. Great for training and employee development applications at multiple locations.

The history of Google Video is interesting. Google Video was a free resource that you could upload to before Google acquired YouTube, then Google re-thought its marketing approach to include in with their power Google Apps offering. The idea of doing corporate television takes own whole new meaning when viewed within the context of Google powerful front-running cloud computing direction... with multiple applications. Here are just some of them:

  • Corporate Gmail account - This can use your own domain name...
  • Google Docs - These are virtual files services with excellent online applications for creating, filing, and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Google Video - This allows organizations to host and share their videos in a more protected setting than on more public sites. 
  • Google Sites - This is Google's powerful website development on-line application... We've done our own website using Google Sites.
  • ...and on and on... Google is continually adding new applications and updating existing with Droid and mobile... it doesn't stop.
There's lots to talk about here. Call me and let's connect about a whole new world of television opportunity ...for any sized business. 425-780-6872.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Five Things To Do Now to Help Move Business Forward

This afternoon...existing and prospective clients are on my mind ... and in my heart.  Wow.. I am already feeling great about how I can help them all. Here are five things that I can help them to move their business forward... even in spite of tough economic times:
  1. Help them Get Their Heads On Right - All the economic analysts say that the cause of our "economic crisis" has to to do with a "lack of confidence"... that creates a chain reaction of negative energy that ripples throughout society.attracting even more negative energy...poverty. If we instead create "abundant confidence"... now...instead of lack of it.. this can create a chain reaction of positive energy that ripples throughout society...and throughout the Universe... that attracts even more positive energy...sending wealth on it's way.  Here's a great read about this called Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting that I recently blogged about. Once you understand how to flow your energy right... you can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too...instead of allowing you and your business to get blown around by negative economic "winds"... that are all around us....messing with your own "confidence"...and your energy fields...attracting "no wealth"...instead of it's opposite...what you need and want.

  2. Help Them Strategically Plan - Imagine what it would be like...trying to build a house without a plan. I could sit down with them.. and have them get more intentional... about everything.... asking them pressing questions like, "Who is your customer? What does your customer actually need? ...and how do you intend to reach your customer..first? And how in a now 21st century world ...chocked full of new world communications tools & strategies...changing each and every day... do you intend to do this? Do you intend to try to take on all this by yourself... or just rely on one consultant? Or might it be better to work with a consultant who also collaborates...with a whole team of consultants who specialize in just what you might search engine optimization (SEO) or producing compelling television programming... or instructionally designing a customer education curriculum .....or putting together a series of "critical conversations" designed to move your business ...phenomenally forward?

  3. Help Them Do a Comprehensive Business Make-over from End-to-End - With a disciplined mental approach, and informed by a strategic plan that is also with it new world communications-wise that takes advantage of the latest tools & strategies, I could help them with "computing in the cloud" using Google virtual applications....I help could help by helping them design their print collateral ...and by designing an attractive website that builds their brand...with all the goodies..including their own web television channel....maybe even with affordable or free web conferencing so that they can meet with people... "inside" their website.

  4. Help Them Feel Good About Moving Forward Now ... to make moving forward... way easier because of the positive energy they''ll be flowing out... and be met with... as we work together to move forward.

  5. Help Them Feel Even Better..Now ...once they call and connect them about moving forward... with some of this.. or possibly...even all of it. 425-780-6872.

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    More info about Google TV... and What's in it for You

    This morning, after receiving an e-mail from a friend and colleague reporting how traditional media ...ABC, NBC, Fox is "underwhelmed" responding to Google TV, I decided to post more info about Google TV and what's in this for you.  See this article about "Top Networks Not Yet On Board with Google TV" in the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal". What a hoot this article is.

    What I walk away with is... is the fact that even though the major networks....ABC, NBC, Fox...who continue to dominate our consciousness supposedly are "underwhelmed",  the article goes on to say that Google TV...doesn't depend upon them. What the article didn't say is that Google TV depends on us to understand it... and to seize it.... to change the game... and change the world. 

    So "What is Google TV?". The short answer...This brings Web to TV and TV to the Web. To learn more, see "What is Google TV?" on my New World Television Channel page. Also see this new Flash content about Google TV that Google just put on on their site that let's you browse main features.

    Here is what's in Google TV for you, depending on what hats you wear:
    • Personal/Spiritual Development Television ... content that we produce.. and content from others
    • Health, Wellness and Wealth Television... content that we produce...and content from others.
    • Creative Artists and Entrepreneurs Television...content that we produce and content from others.
    • War Veteran's Television... content that we produce and content from others
    • Peace Advocacy Television ...content that we produce and content from others
    • Small Business Development Television ...content that we produce...and content from others
    • Government Contracting Television ..content that we produce...and content from others
    • Green Business Development Television...content that we produce...and content from others
    • Community Action Television ..content that we produce...and content from others
    • Immigrant Television ...content that we produce and content from others
    • Native People's Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Gullah-Geechee Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Network Marketing Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Single Mothers Television ...content that we produce and content from others
    • Families of Prisoners Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Prisoners Who Just Got Out Television...content that we produce and content from other
    • Homeless Peoples Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Unemployed and Laid-off People's Television ...content that we produce and content from other
    • Recycled Seniors Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Recycled Youth Television... content that we produce and content from others
    • College-bound Youth Television...content that we produce and content from other
    • Parent Advocacy Television... content that we produce and content from others.
    • College Readiness Television... content that we produce and content from others
    • Baby-Boomers Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Public Safety/Catastrophe Preparedness Television that we produce and content from others
    • Education Change Television...content we produce and content from others
    • Citizen/Voters Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Research and Development Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Innovation Television...content that we produce and content from others
    • Political and Social Change Television...content that we produce and content from others.
    • "The Network"... a prime-time television reality television show that I am putting together... with all of us starring in it. 
    I can work with you and others to produce the communications and learning new world needs to produce the television a new world needs.. training and developing folks to create their own content... their own television "channels" and using low-cost almost no cost tools and strategies to do it. Call me and let's connect - 425-780-6872.

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Adobe Premiere 9 Video Editing Software Makes Consumer-authored Television Even Easier

    This morning I got an e-mail from about new Adobe Premiere 9 video editing software. I clicked through to watched their features video. Then I looked at the under $70 price ...after rebate... and the experience  put me into deep contemplation, thinking about how far television technology how now come and what the possibilities now are. 

    Back in the day when I was a broadcast/industrial video systems sales engineer, everything was way more expensive, and it did  way less than what consumer gear over the Internet can do now...shooting for birthday parties?...  I not worried ... because often times things are not like they appear. The same mom that learns how to videotape her kids and tell stories about them can also develop into being a full-blown "new world communicator'' creating television that change the world.

    Now is never a better time. From end-to-end, television technology has been radically transformed and put right into peoples hands. The only thing that still in the awareness and consciousness...but even that is people get more comfortable using the medium. Wow is this a great time to be alive, awake, and aware of some the creating whole television channels even that this year will show up even on HDTV screens. The possibilities for business development, for economic development, for community development and for reforming education are nothing less than phenomenal. Call me and let's connect if you too are interested in seizing television in our now 21st century world - 425-780-6872

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Reflections About Media These Last Few Days: What Sense Can Be Made of All This?

    This morning, I am reflecting about the media... film and television these last few days... experiencing new possibilities for change in areas that really matter to me personally. Beginning with Oprah, the nation and the world was introduced to the Waiting for Superman film and school reform project with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Then there was the group view of the film, paid for by Stand for Children, a national interest group invested in leveraging the the films progressive charter schools message to mobilize a voting public, and putting all stakeholders on notice, including all teachers, their unions,  and principals, school superintendents...entire school systems. There were 600 people that showed up and filled the house... This is BIG.

    The film debut downtown in Seattle was on Friday and there had other coordinated screenings...across the country... as well....then on Sunday nite on 60 minutes the public is treated to a rare glimpse of Bill and Melinda Gates at work... with a commitment of giving 60 billion dollars away... 90% of their wealth away for HIV, malaria, polio eliminations, and education... We see Bill Gates...again... this time as part of the Bill and Melinda The message points were both philanthropic and human... as well as corporate...reflecting an enlightened understanding of our dependence upon one another...a good business to be in.

    What I keep asking myself is "What Sense Can Be Made of All This?"... and why now?

    What particularly speaks to me is the way that even commercial media is being leveraged to create a new reality that promises a better and more just world. I keep thinking to myself... how can I make the world better... with media that is our own hands? We can produce films television programs ourselves.. and these programs can now be uploaded... to our own "channels"... There are also various business models that pay for television to study, learn from...and to practically those of us right here on the ground. Call me and let's connect 425-780-6872.

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    About Visualizing The New World Communications Landscape

    This morning, after reflecting upon many issues I am being called upon to address, I decided that a good exercise for me would be to visualize what I, via my company New World Communications and my journey is about. After getting quiet for a moment...BINGO! what came forward to the foreground of my consciousness is a marvelous... new world communications landscape ... that I am both exploring, surveying and by working with others, helping to simultaneously develop.

    The two major areas of the journey are what I call "Intelligent Communications" and "The Mission-critical Learning a New World Needs" order to create a truly new, fresh, and above-all, better world than most folks still painfully accept as "reality". My years of experience as a developing communications professional, as a consultant, and as human being have taught me that "learning" ...or lack of always the mission-critical piece here... and even more so in a highly competitive, rapidly changing technology-influenced world.

    For example, I am absolutely amazed by the fact that most small business people don't have a clue about marketing or communications, yet they all have a pressing need to market, to communicate and to develop their businesses using sophisticated 21st century marketing communications tools and strategies. Working in the dark, they waste time, and precious hard-earned money... going down the wrong road... and inevitably getting stuck there...because of wrong choices and poor judgment.

     How can they even make an informed business decision about which consultant to use if they are not themselves informed. by a good marketing communications understanding... that can light their to a now technology-dominated world? Yes, they are all on Facebook...but without a more intelligent approach... they continue to waste tons of time, theirs well as mine,  while both sets of bills accumulate.

    The "intelligent" piece to communications... doing whatever... therefore also has to do with the learning.  What a challenge...and what an opportunity this is. For me, personally a half a glass of water is always half full rather than half this is about mindset,, and by flowing my energy in a positive way, I have discovered that I have unique strategic advantage.. that keeps moving me forward.

    So this gets us to what needs to be order to be even able to accomplish one's mission and move forward, positively, hopefully and successfully. Wow, what has been popping for me consciousness-wise is that we all need to do some personal "homework" as people and as managers of our "reality" ourselves, if we are to be anything that we undertake to do.

    I see it all the the time in many of the small business owners I communicate with. Even though I make a rational business case for moving forward, saving time, money, and for being more effective... many of us are "blocked" by deep personal issues that stand in the way of us being more effective than we are. Then there are the organizational learning issues that go hand in hand with personal leadership development stuff... that can't even been gotten to if the main decision-makers are "blocked"...Ouch!

    So what is the workaround? and how can we all move move forward more cost-effectively, more intelligently, and more humanly in this now 21st century world to make it better? What I am learning is that the solution to this is both social and global in nature... and the new learning has just as much to do with learning how to be... as it does with learning what to do... because when you learn how to be...a decent human being... the Universe itself responds with just what you need...when you need it.... that's The New World Communications Landscape that I am navigating, surveying...and developing. How exciting and wonderful this new landscape is. Call me and let's communicate what you too are discovering - 425-780-6872.

    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    Waiting for Superman: Thoughts, Feelings and Next to Dos

    I am blogging this morning, full of thoughts, feelings and next dos,  after watching and experiencing the film Waiting for Superman last night...with thousands of other people across the U.S. and across the world. Retrospectively, the film is a powerful statement about across-the-board failure of the nation's public education system and how most schools and school systems, urban, and suburban doom the majority of their students to academic failure and lack of opportunity. I and the entire audience were brought to tears, especially, when we had to experience parents and their children's hopes and dreams crushed by school lottery systems with only a few "lucky" winners able to get into better educational programs.

    Before that however, the film did a good job of providing an excellent overview and insight on the difference a good teacher versus a bad teacher can make.  The teacher unions "brand" also did not fare too well because the film showed how teacher's unions and tenure system policy and contracts have tended to guarantee job security and a paycheck, even though some teachers aren't even doing their job. Some amazing "undercover" footage is included in the film that I am sure makes teacher's union officials cringe. Charter schools  presented in such a glowing, contrasting way, by focusing on some of the nation's best, will get public school systems and teacher's unions thinking about how to re-position themselves policy-wise and contract-wise.

    So after all is said and felt about the film, what is there to be done about the situation? What I am walking away with is how powerful and effective good media can be used to facilitate broad-based social change starting with what's going on...right here in our own communities and state....and we can produce some of this media ourselves. I do media.. so I intend to outreach to the organization who paid for the screening, Stand for Children about doing some post-viewing grassroots television for them that can facilitate even more positive social movement.

    What made me really feel good, is that I had already been to a grassroots community meeting earlier this week where powerful regional leadership was already in place and where action agendas were already being laid out. One stakeholder even had handout sheets on what each stakeholder: parent, teacher, student, principal, superintendent, concerned citizen could do to fix education... after the film Waiting for Superman.. has come and gone.

    Wow, how hopeful I am, even after being brought to tears by this excellent film that most likely will be too overwhelming for many. Others may only just get angry, just putting out more negative energy. The point, however, was that we all need to come together to fix education for all of us.

    Call me and let's connect about facilitating positive educational change.. and not "waiting for superman" in order to have that happen. What's really new is that we can now create our own grassroots, community-based learning channel to further educate learning stakeholders and we don't need a huge film budget to do it... See my New World Television Channel page and What is GoogleTV? for more info.  425-780-6872

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    Google TV for Small Business...What's in this for You?

    This afternoon, and as a small business person... still buzzing about new Google TV, let me share with you what's in this for small business. The first thing you need to do is understand What Google TV is by going to my New World Television Channel page on my website and viewing Google's two-minute, twelve-second "What is Google TV?" video.

    For me personally, it's one of the best two minutes and twelve seconds I've spent for the following reasons:
    • Currently there are no less than about 4 billion television viewers worldwide... and Google TV streamed across the also world wide. $70 billion a year is spent on television advertising...worldwide.
    • My own Television Channel can be accessed by Google TV viewers...also...worldwide.. without having to go through...any other entity... no commercial television station gate-keeper...  no public television station gatekeeper... no government channel gate-keeper... no public access channel gate-keeper
    • I can communicate my offering... with global business reach...beyond cable audiences... without paying a cent for broadcast advertising or cable advertising... Now I can reach local, regional, national, and international audiences with information of value... programming that can serve multiple audiences... phenomenally well.
    Just get quiet a moment... forget TV and just contemplate the implications... related to the things you care about - small business development and capacity-building, mobilizing communities of interest, reforming public education, transforming organizations, growing not-for-profit organizational capacity, reforming government, growing green business, changing the world...making it a better place to live...then think about using Google TV channels...programmed...and...instructionally-designed... to do that.

    My cup now runneth over thinking.. and flowing energy into practical...mission-critical... applications for a new world television. What about a television channel for something you care about? .... or even a Primetime television show idea that we can brainstorm together. Call me and let's connect. 425-780-6872.