Saturday, July 31, 2010

Need to Grow Your Membership.. and Organization's Bank Account?... Start by "Virtualizing" Your Meetings

Remote participants and prospective new members can also
 "be there" too..using affordable web conferencing and
project the real-time session on the wall.

Are you a member of an organization that needs to grow its membership and bank account? Well then the good news is that in this now 21st century world a lot can be done using affordable next-generation web conferencing and low cost, almost no cost web television to do this. 

The way to start is by working with us to "virtualize your physical world meetings using an inexpensive web conferencing license  - e.g. your general membership meetings, your standing committee meetings, and your workshop, your outreach events and even your "meet-and-greets"  can all take advantage of the license, and if you use the built-in Internet audio and have your member call in with cellphones using  unlimited long calling plans ... there would be no minute-by-minute costs.

The cost for a special  enterprise-wide "green-metered" web conferencing annual license ...that your entire organization can use...starts at less $4 a day... less than what most of us here in Seattle spend for that "grande" fancy espresso drink... just on ourselves!

The formula is simple: Extended business reach + more quality communications = more members + more sponsors + more revenue.

The "secret sauce" to do this cost-effectively and successfully has to do with technical consulting, strategic planning and value innovation, which is what New World Communications uniquely provides. For more information, call us today and we can focus on the details. 1.425.780.6872

Friday, July 30, 2010

New 3D Immersive Conferencing - "The View from The Top" in Your Own Virtual Executive Office Suite Can Be A Rush

People who know Art Johnson have heard me say, and more than once, that one day, I will be meeting with people from all over the world "inside" of  3-D virtual architecture from the top floor of my own virtual executive office suite. That's also when they usually give my that polite "Northwest nice" look...while quietly thinking inside.. this guy must be nuts! 

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I learned that I could actually demonstrate what I've been talking about... NOW... even now, while I'm still working in the "mail-room" financially, but proudly building up my little minority owned and operated New World Communications from the ground floor, enjoying every minute of the journey...even now as I hand-deliver my e-mails and do this blog.

So CLICK HERE to see me struttin' my stuff ..."walking the walk" ..NOW in my future top floor executive suite as the commercial virtual real estate, and communications and learning mogul that I intend to be. How sweet this is!

Is 3D immersive Web  Conferencing  Ready for "Prime-Time" Yet?:  Our customers are now encouraging us to answer that question by doing more on-going research on practical applications of this capability multiple markets - e.g. utilities, government, small business, education, engineering firms, large enterprise, world trade, not for profits, etc. we are pulling together  by special invitation only "3-D Thinktank"...where we will be "immersing" ourselves.. as our own "avatars" engaged in a series of critical conversations about 3-D immersion during regularly held ...immersive...sessions. 

For more information -  Call us today at 1.425.780.6872

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thoughts About Social Venture Partnering and Giving The Gift

I went to a community meeting last night in Tacoma about "Closing the Achievement Gap" between African American kids, Latino kids and White kids, and about improving education for all students. The experience got me thinking about how low-cost communications technology and value innovation could be practically applied to address this issue in a big-reach, learning-rich way.

... Then I got to thinking about how social venture partnering and "Giving the Gift" connecting with and helping each another could turn things around in a big reach, learning-rich way... Hmmm.. now my entire Mind, Body and Spirit are all working on this!

Call me and let's brainstorm together if you too are interested -1.425.780.6872

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Organizations Stand to Gain Phenomenal Advantage by "Walking Through The Virtual Door"

Many organizations still don't realize yet, but they stand to gain phenomenal advantage by learning how to "Walk Through the Virtual Door" over time, and if they can undergo necessary paradigm shift in quality assured "Steps". These "steps" go all the way from virtualizing physical world meetings to putting on full-blown, big-reach, multi-day virtual conferences, and virtual tradeshows... with zero carbon footprint... at radically lower cost.  We are not talking about rocket science here, but just about adding THREE things to an organization's communications and learning TOOLSET that they are not using and haven't mastered yet.

  1. Affordable next-generation web conferencing that can phenomenally extend their business reach and influence, while saving time and money. This phenomenally powerful capability, when used in conjunction with social media - e.g. YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter - can be instrumental in growing membership and generating "net new" revenue streams for multiple stakeholders.

  2. New low-cost...almost no cost web "television" that in class all by itself as a potentially phenomenally powerful, radical, game-changing, communications and learning medium. Now even the one-button consumer video stuff the right hands ... can be used to produce serious television programming and online training that can make move your business forward.

  3. Value Innovation ... its not just the "technology", or "tools", but how they can be practically and innovatively used that is going to make the difference and deliver the phenomenal benefit and advantage on top of this "green" communications and learning platform and that's where Art Johnson and his ambitious little company New World Communications comes in. 
Call us today if you need more information about how we can help you and your organization "Walk Through The Virtual Door" for phenomenal advantage.  1.425.780.6872 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's About the Google Platform as the Canvas and Blue Ocean Strategy the Strategy

I woke up this morning asking myself,  "What is all this 'Going Google' stuff about for me personally?" What comes forward as my fingers show up at the keyboard is that the Google "platform" - this awesome website architecture and all these great virtual applications - is  like having a giant canvas with some very elegant paintbrushes...ready for me to paint something really awesome and valuable.

After painting most of that canvas blue, I am immediately reminded of this awesome book about value innovation, by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne - Blue Ocean Strategy, that is now allowing me to sail on a whole new blue ocean of market space ...where no other competitor is even close. I have been using it to both "sculpt" and to allow myself  to be "sculpted" by my consulting practice, as I continue to move my business forward.

As I continue to read and go over this book, what's been wonderful has been the discovery that what I have doing with my business ...sculpturally...can be hewn into a discipline and practice of VALUE INNOVATION that can move me as well as my clients way of ahead of the pack. Developed and practically applied as a discipline,  it can even increase the distance from competitors ..even making them "irrelevant".

So that's what we've been about,  sailing on a whole new blue ocean and most recently beta testing 3-D immersive web conferencing capability... even on a virtual sailboat!.

So now we are even offering a special 9-week remote consultancy and e-learning course for other entrepreneurs also interested in reading, discussing, and practically applying each chapter of the book to create and sail on their own "blue oceans". See it in our Online Courses & Registration area.

Wow! How wonderful and exciting this journey is! Call us if you are interested in "coming aboard" yourself, applying value innovation to your own business in our 9-week consultancy, or perhaps just to the upgrade your website and applying Blue Ocean Strategy to that. 1.425.780.6872

Monday, July 26, 2010

Upgrading Our Website: Five Great Reasons for Going Google

Regarding our decision to "Go Google" for upgrading our small business website and well as for upgrading websites for our small business colleagues and clients, we had five great reasons:
  1. A crisp, elegant, no-nonsense, look-n-feel - This greatly improves our brand and quality of service
  2. Ease of administration - Gone are the days of being held captive by web developers who charge an arm and leg just for page changes. Now you can make changes yourself without knowing HTML, CSS, Java, etc.. We can even show you how you can add modules, gadgets, even applications yourself.
  3. Elegant integration with Google Docs, and ease of adding powerful gadgets and applications. Just browse our website yourself and see what we mean.
  4. Price and Value - Via this intelligent, elegant approach we now have more communications power at much lower cost than what we had paying the old way.
  5. Business Opportunity & Strategic Advantage - "Going Google" in our business consulting and website development direction, and adding value on top of that through value innovation, now provides us with phenomenal strategic advantage that our existing and prospective customers will greatly appreciate.
Call us today, you'd like to learn more about "Going Google" in the development or upgrade of your own small business website. 1.425.780.6872

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Robert Heller's Making Decisions, Synchronicity, and Getting Help From a Master Consultant

As a small business owner and as the "essential manager" of my own consulting firm, I am being constantly called upon to make important decisions that have profound impact on the success of my business. My computing in the clouds direction using Google Apps, and my decision to "Go Google" with my website and web television direction had been one set of them..but how did I just DO that?

The challenge I had now was how to "de-construct" what I just gone through, so that I could help other small business owners, other "essential managers"... "make decisions" in a similarly effective way. What I needed was a master consultant to consult with me about how to do this...

So here I am chewing gum and walking out of the King County library focusing intently on all this...resonating this energy out to the Universe... when in the lobby .. my consciousness is mysteriously directed to the Bargain Used Books for Sale bookshelf right near the door . Then, as my eyes browse the shelf... BINGO! Out pops world-renown master consultant Robert Heller's timeless little book from his "Essential Managers" series "Making Decisions" ...right when I needed it.. for $.25! (Amazon has it for as low as $.01 from used booksellers!)

Not only did Hellers little guidebook "de-construct" what I just done to make my own successful decisions, but here was the perfect little handbook and guide that I could carry along with me and use to consult with other "essential managers" helping them make good decisions. This little gem of a book has it all right there...both the left brain logical stuff well as that miraculous inituitve right brain stuff that I had just been through. Amazing...what "synchronicity" this is. So now it's become part of my consulting practice...and right on time too.

So now when it comes to making the right decisions, as essential managers and consultants continually developing expertise ourselves, we can now tell you how we did it... so that you can do it too...using both sides of your brain ...with you too tapping into and resonating with the miraculous "magnetic" powers of the Universe...but being solidly rational, and relying upon timeless wisdom as well. How sweet this is!

Having to make some important decisions about your marketing communications and website direction? Call me today if you too could  use some consulting help making your decisions as the essential manager that you are, and I'll bring master consultant Robert Heller's great little book with me to help guide us along the way. 1.425.780.6872

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Google Virtual File Services.. and Free Virtual Applications Have Made Our Lives Way Sweeter

This what our Google-based virtual file services  actually  looks like now...sweet!

It now been over two years now, and ever since we went Google, our Google-based virtual computing direction has been sweet. Way sweeter than a few years ago when we paid dearly by working the old-think way, working with more costly and more risky local virtual file services and local applications.

Before "Going Google" we were paying dearly for local software licenses, wasting time upgrading them, and then ultimately losing our data because of inevitable hard drive failure. And trying to do collaborative work with clients and strategic business partners with all the difference versions of documents as e-mail attachments was a nightmare.

Now that's all way different and costs for local software licenses and wasting time upgrading them is also all gone. Instead, the updates done by Google's more competent technical staff are automatic and e-mail notifications about newer features are  like receiving mini-gifts because each an every month they give us even more communications and business power. Now, even when our hard drive sees its inevitable fate, we can be rest assured that our data is safe and feel really great about that.. and not missing a continuity-wise

Unfortunately many people and organizations still don't realize that their situations could be way better and their lives way "sweeter" by "Going Google".  Now "Going Google" has even become the latest and newest addition to our consulting practice. Call us today if you need to consult with us about some of the phenomenal advantages of "Going Google".. starting with "re-thinking" your IT infrastructure but not even stopping there because Google has an entire suite of new capabilities that can help you move phenomenally forward.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to re-think your IT infrastructure, data security, and business continuithy as well as focus on other ways that  "Going Google" can help you move forward.  - 1.425.780.6872

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Going Google" Has Been Awesomely Smart for Us

"Going Goggle" - e.g. using Gmail, implementing virtual files services using Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, Presentations and collaborating with strategic business partners, producing our web television channel using YouTube, implementing our iGoogle power dashboard, and most recently migrating our entire website to Google Sites, and then embedding Google-owned Blogger within it.. has been awesomely smart for us and has now become a core part of our direction, providing us with unique strategic advantage.

Many, many or our clients are going to benefit from this "Going Google", from the smallest micro-business, to small to medium sized businesses, to not-for-profits, to government, and to the largest enterprises.. even nation-states especially when it comes to reducing their IT costs. Starting with some of my own small business colleagues that I work with they are going to flip with joy once they discover how much business power they can have at such a fantastically low cost and without all the headaches of doing things the old way. Talk to us and let us consult with you to provide you with the following services:
  • Strategic Business Planning for a Gone Google World
  • Gmail migration and Google Docs implementation and training
  • No cost CRM-like contact management using Gmail Contacts, Tasks, and Calendar
  • Google Sites website migration and adding powerful functionality from Google Apps Marketplace
  • Web Television Channel creation and low cost television production for powerful programming that can move your business phenomenally forward.
  • i Google power dashboard set-up
  • Leveraging the power of Google Groups.  
  • ...and on and on.. new apps and updates are amazing.
Call us today. Here is our new Google Voice phone number.. Call me today if you'd like to learn more about Going Google and how we can now help you with that. 1.425.780.6872

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Art's 3D Avatar Engages in New Immersive Virtual Meeting and Distance Learning Environment

Here is me as my 3D avatar experiencing what its like to engage with other people's 3D avatars new 3D immersive virtual meeting and distance learning environment still in beta. Although the jury is still out with respect to how well this radical new way to virtually meet and learn will be received, the experience ended up way more engaging than being on the audience end of plain vanilla web conferencing from companies like Cisco WebEx or Citrix GoToMeeting... and what fun it is to discover all the engaging "venues" this capability from a company called has.. including even a virtual yacht that you can cruise, schmooze, and do serious strategic planning meetings on. I like the idea of sailing on a whole new "blue ocean" of uncontested marketspace created by this new capability.