Wednesday, August 11, 2010

About the Difference Between "Consulting" and "Coaching"... Thank You Dr. Maslow

Maslow's Hiercharchy of Needs

What's on my mind this morning are my customers' needs and about how to best address them. Then... Bingo!  ..the excellent monumental work of Dr. Abraham Maslow and his now famous pyramid, his hierarchy of  needs, comes to mind. (A Theory of Human Motivation  - originally published in Psychological Review, 1943, Vol. 50 #4, pp. 370–396). Then Bingo #2 happens... understanding the difference between  just shallowing trying to "sell" a product or service to someone contrasted with going way deeper, and connecting with that person where they are at needs-wise and serving them well being a good listener and by being a better human being.  

Then Bingo #3 happens.. helping me understand that difference between being a more formal "consultant" as contrasted with being more of a personal "coach". Way more territory can be covered where personal trust is established and where actual human feelings and human motivations can be safely shared. Then Bingo #4 happens.. it's about the realization that "coaching" has why more space, silence and calm in it..and way less noise and clutter in it... while at the same time more energy is shared.. almost like you are in some kind of aura..or energy field... or in Divine Presence with  that person...Deep! 

Then Bingo #5, I realize how recently I successfully entered into new business with a new client... something miraculously happened as outcome of the wonderfully deep relationship that we had built over time. As an outcome of that relationship,  the product/service solutions that I had provided ended up being way better than either of us had ever imagined...because of the way that we connected  and the way that we continue to connect as playful, joyful, caring human beings continually creating new meaning.

The final Bingo #6 has to do with looking at the top of that pyramid and gaining an even deeper understanding of why I am doing the things that I do in this blog .... being joyful, playful, as I bare my soul and self-actualize and explore my creativity, and try to be more authentic ... now makes a whole lot of good sense. 

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