Monday, May 30, 2011

Internet Marketing Without A Written Strategic Plan?: Would You Try to Build a House That Way?

This morning I continue to be amazed by small business owners and non-profit managers trying to develop their businesses without a well thought-out, written strategic business development plan which communicates how the organization intends to get "from here"... "to there" in systematic steps that build upon one another.  Imagine what kind of house you'd end up with if you tried to build a house without a plan? Imagine if you had someone just start with the "externals".. the roof... and paint job first...without a foundation, the framework, the plumbing, the heating and the electrical? 

Now imagine what the outcome and experience would be like, if instead of hiring  professionals to help design and build  your business, you hired a relative or friend "who knows how to build websites" without a clue about what it takes to build a business in a much more sophisticated and demanding marketplace? By now you should be getting the picture of the mess that many small business owners and non-profit managers get themselves in, wondering why nothing seems to work. The problem with websites and working with technology, is that now it is seductively easy to throw up a website with some content on it...without even knowing what you are doing, without a clear idea of what you'd like to go... and without any clear sense of the Internet marketplace and how sophisticated all this has now become. 

The solution is to work with seasoned professionals who can help you strategic plan, design,  develop and implement the kind of architecture, communications ...and learning that is now necessary in order to succeed. Call me today and let's talk about developing an effective written strategy that can both inform and shape not only your website but your entire business approach to a now much more demanding marketplace. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Age Social Media Marketing Entrepreneurs That Walk the Walk and Give The Gift Upfront

This morning, I am again resonating with joy and a heightened consciousness after continuing the experience of how New Age Social Media Marketing Entrepreneurs Walk the "giving the gift" of helpful information and mission-critical learning ...upfront. It alll started when I clicked through and joined Mike Koenigs of e-mail marketing list... which in effect, dumped me into his sales funnel environment and conversion engine...and how delightful this experience has been in two ways.

First, the CONTENT that Mike has been sharing has been excellent. Secondly, his DELIVERY using his conversion engine environment has been phenomenally thoughtful - e.g. In addition to providing excellent freebie videos about how to market using his amazing 10 x 10 x 4 formula, how to put together an HD studio for $200-400, and even how to get your message across to any personality type, Mike even recently provided me a link to his free speedreading course and e-book....realizing that I needed to learn thoughtful...and how smart this approach is. Small business owners have to get trained and empowered first...before they'll even think about taking advantage of the powerful social media marketing platform. 

The latest amazing gift has been the gift of his amazing friend Brendan Burchard of, an amazing millionaire communicator and author of Millionaire Communicator who makes creating 12 lucrative products that make $100,000 each over the year seem easy. I especially like the way that he designs his content "in the cloud" first  using his awesome Create Anything Framework. 

Creating content in the cloud ...first and then "multi-versioning" it across multiple product formats is exactly what I had just blogged about...Nice! Check out Brendon Burchard's excellent video on "How to Create and Promote 12 Lucrative Products and Programs" and how he has you wanting to know more... after you purchase one of his products... of course. Brendon is one "Divinely Intelligent" communicator who suggests that his near fatal motorcycle accident at 19 had something to do with this... and his wealth creation. His near-death experience had him asking himself - "Did I live?.... "Did I love?"... and "Did I Make a Difference?" ...and wow did he "Divine Presence" come roaring back to share his bounteous gifts with the world. Here's the link again ... Enjoy!

What next to do after viewing all this. Watch out if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by all of this. Remember that even Brendon didn't get there all at once. Call me and let's talk about taking one baby step... but good step at a time by doing some strategic planning first and outlining the scope of work that you'll need help with...The trip of a thousand miles begins with just one step.  425-780-6872.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Successful Ones: Five Ways The Smartest Businesses Are Finding Their Pots of Gold

This afternoon, after conducting considerable research on "The Successful Ones" ...doing well on the Internet, here are five ways that the smartest businesses, whose content I've been working with ...are finding their "pots of gold":
  • They Understand The Social Media Way - The "Social Media Way" of marketing is not just about upgrading or updating the company website with just  more text and pictures on it, and or just benchmarking oneself against one's closest competitors,  but rather it's about doing something much more exciting, much more innovative and much more refreshing than that...with video  that can make older think competitors irrelevant leaving them behind.  It's about reaching and communicating with people already searching for YouTube videos to have their questions answered ... and your company being the one to uniquely do that in a wonderfully helpful, creative relationship-building way. Helping people upfront with free content gets these smart businesses delivered to their "pots of gold". Just think of Oprah Winfrey and how wealthy she became by using "The Way" and you'll grasp the concept quickly.

  • They Produce Their Own Video and They do Teleseminars and Webinars- They understand how to produce "good enough" video content using low-cost, almost no cost consumer video technology. An entire HD "studio"  for instance can be put together for only about $200-$400. These smart companies also learn how to "roll" in their video into webinar sessions using next-generation web conferencing and webcasting technology.

  • Their Content Answers Key Questions... and it's Intelligently Designed - The smartest businesses design their content answers "in the cloud"... in conceptual space...before they assign it to a specific format like a video, an article, an audio program, an e-book, a seminar, or a webinar and this "multi-versioning" saves a whole lot of time, money and energy producing these communications products this way. That's where a good communications architect can come in as part of the project design.

  • They Use Powerful Internet Marketing Platforms - Instead of having to manually submit their content to multiple social media locations, these smarter businesses are using a mega-submission "engine" to blast out content to up to 100 locations at once. Search engines love new video content and they index it quickly... which in turn greatly improves page ranking on the major search and engines, and the great content also drives a lot of traffic to your website where leads can be captured, and prospects can qualitatively converted into customers, return business clients and even advocates that help do the selling for you.

  • They Get the Kind of Help They Need From the Right People: The smartest business owners all understand that the solution that takes them to their own pot-of-gold of necessity has to be "social" in nature and team-based itself, typically led by someone who, on the one hand understands the big picture and the new social media marketing way, yet on the other hand, this person can work out the details and quality-assure the results along the way.
So there you have it ... This is how the Successful Ones are finding their "pots of gold"... while others are still lost in the dark trying to find their way. Isn't "Intelligence"... "Divine"...the way that it can shine light on things that you didn't understand before? (See my recent  blog about Wallace D. Wattles' "New" Science of Getting Rich) How about you?  If you're ready to be one of the Successful Ones as well, we can help you with that. Just give us a call at 425-780-6872

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Attaining Sales Nirvana - The Steps To Take That Now Have Appeared

This morning, in deepest gratitude, I am thankful for what Spirit returns in the way of steps now revealed as I continue to make my journey to Sales Nirvana. Let me share them with you too:
  • 1. Strategically Plan - If you want the Universe to respond with its goodness and wealth, you need to get clear about what it is that you want, and how you intend to get there. Even though the approach is linear and Spirit doesn't  generally move this way, do it anyway...setting an intention...and feeling the wealth now that's already on its way...will set things in motion part of manifesting.

  • 2. Produce those Wonderful How To Videos - 60% of all Internet traffic is video-based and people are going to YouTube to get their questions answered. Answer the 10 most frequent questions they ask in each video. Then answer 10 more questions that they should be asking that they aren't able to ask yet in this second series of videos.  Giving excellent value upfront and concrete demonstration of your expertise will establish trust in you as a person of good heart and authority. See how Mike Koenigs of does this in his excellent 10 x 10 x 4 marketing formula video.

  • 3. Mega-Submit Your Content - - is an excellent social media marketing service that will mega-submit your video content and your transcribed article content to over 100 video and social media networking sites at once. This powerful approach gets you instantly indexed on all the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and greatly improves your page rankings in organic search... driving traffic right to your website and place of business. Your videos will also go to mobile devices and evently to home HDTV screens as they too continue to get "smarter".

  • 4. Capture Their Hearts - This is the New Age Social Media Marketing Way and how you will capture leads and convert them into sales through an enlightened, safe conversion environment and through the use of an intelligently-designed auto-responding video e-mail based conversion "engine" that continues to build trust by continuing to serve people well. Hearts can even be captured directly from Facebook. See my recent post about this.

  • 5. Serve People Well - This truly is the key and is actually part of The "New" Science of Getting Rich" that people like Oprah Winfrey and others have learned how to tap into as they continue to experience the virtually limitless wealth of what even quantum physicists are discovering is part of  formless intelligent "stuff" ...the "Stuff" of Divine Intelligence.
Take it from me... this "Stuff"... works. You just need to do your own part to show up, take the steps and be grateful for everything that this Divine Intelligence continues to bless us with, and it whatever way it miraculously comes. Life and Consciousness are one seamless miracle that is all part of that original "substance". Call me, let's connect, and together let's take those steps to Sales Nirvana - 425-780-6872

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wallace D. Wattles "New" Science of Getting Rich (Revised) is Timeless and Relevant Work

This afternoon I am still resonating with gratitude after being serendipitously led to a copy of Wallace D. Wattles' "New" Science of Getting RICH revised for the 21st Century by Ruth D. Miller in this 2007 edition. Wallace D. Wattles lived from (1860 - 1911) and was part of The New Thought Movement that was a spiritual movement that first discovered metaphysics and forces at work in the universe that by logic and by experience were discovered to be part of the laws of nature, the laws of the universe and the formless "stuff" of Divine Intelligence. (Today even quantum physicists have discovered these force fields at work... in everything... in fact they claim that we are all bundles of energy ourselves... putting out energy that constructs the world that we accept as our "material ""reality".. as part of some kind of quantum "stuff" that has intelligence in it ..influenced by our own thoughts and feelings, especially those of reverence and gratitude.)

Wattle's work itself is said to been the inspiration for Rhonda Byrnes book and film "The Secret" of 2006 and 2007. Reading Wattles' book for me personally, was like the experience of seeing random iron fragments ...separate ideas... on a piece of paper align themselves in perfect symmetry once a magnet is brought into proximity that exerts its invisible "force fields".

The analogy I can make in my own mind is that before Wattles, I was trying to make sense out of new social media marketing and how those who spend more time socializing instead of trying to forcefully "sell" them something... actually sell more because of the irresistible goodness of the energy and value that they resonate. Wattles says that it's because of the "intelligent stuff" and Divine Goodness.. and Divine and Limitless Wealth that that people resonating this way tap into. That's "The Secret" and its amazing when you see it at work. Oprah Winfrey is living concrete example of this. She and her entire crew "gets it".. and they leverage it ...wrapping entire television shows around it...doing things "a Certain Way".. so it's no wonder that Oprah has become the richest personality on television. It's because of the Divine Goodness and Infinite Wealth that she is tapping into...just by being a decent human being.

I won't even try to explain...but reading this book will sure help you get it.. and get rich too. I have just put an updated version Wallace D. Wattle's classic work The "New" Science of Getting Rich as book #1 in my own Amazon-powered New World Virtual Bookstore. Enjoy the read.

One more comment... Wattles' "science" ...actually works. After power reading and taking diligent notes in my Google Docs,  I creatively visualized what new social marketing approach should look like...and contemplated it. Then I set an intention,  flowing  my own thoughts and feelings into it ...with deepest gratitude and faith that it was on its way. I could even seeing myself doing it... then BINGO!  ... today I just landed and nice long-term contract to actually more forward with actualizing and succeeding with my vision.  The lesson here is that once you get clear about what it is that you want.. and communicate that just as clearly to the Universe... that formless intelligent "stuff" actually responds with what you had once formed in thought.. in its own timely, mysteriously delightful developmental way. Amazing stuff here.

Let's connect if you are interested - 425-780-6872. 

Peace and good will to all.