Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now is the Time to Re-Think Television in All of its Manifestations

Older-think "public access" studios are like dinosaurs destined for extinction

What's on my mind this morning, after hearing about Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN) public access TV being eliminated from City of Seattle's 2011 budget,  is our need to "re-think" television, in all of its manifestations...not only "public" television...but also commercial television...and government television ..and for a number of reasons, all having to do with the technological change, economic change, media literacy, consciousness and it's growing  impact on the television marketplace itself.
  • Technology change - Public access television saw its birth driven by the explosion of cable television and the fact that cable companies gave up a few public access, education, and government (PEG) channels in exchange for being able to lay cable and access thousands of cable subscribers. More channels also drove the development of analog broadcast/industrial video and teleproduction technology that costed considerably less than professional broadcast technology. Back in the day, as a former broadcast/industrial television systems sales engineer, I used to design and sell public access studios to cable companies working with municipalities, experiencing and taking advantage of the growth.

    Then the digital revolution and the Internet hit changing the game from the early 1990s until now. Now the Internet is a much bigger "Internet-work" than cable. Any consumer who accesses YouTube, or Vimeo can create their own "channel" that can be be watched on the Web and new Google TV will even allow consumers to create their own channels that will be able to display on HDTVs without having to "access" an older think public access television channel.. at all. Consumers now even have access to easy to use HD-capable recording capabilities on ultra compact digital camcorders and  mobile devices.
  • Economic change - What has also radically changed from end-to-end has been the cost of television production and dissemination technology. Fast-forwarding my life a bit,  I was at KCTS Public Television when they brought in and started using first huge experimental hand-built High Definition camera in from NHK in Japan to do gorgeous Over Washington content. The technology then from camera to TV transmitters was extremely cost-prohibitive and broadband access over the Internet was non-existent for consumers and very expensive, affordable by only a handful of corporate users.

    Then the broadband explosion and the introduction of YouTube and its phenomenal success has now changed the game...for ALL television... both public and commercial. The price for everything, from cameras came way down as the quality continued to improve. A few years ago, a music video produced by consumer was virally shared by more sets of eyeballs than watch the SuperBowl. Advertisers paid attention, and this changed the commercial television marketplace forever. Now as television moves to the web, advertisers are following and as virally-shared Web 3.0 consumer-authored.... and consumer-recommended  television...will come to dominate even HDTV home television sets...with the advent of new Google TV. With it you can even watch TV and chat on Facebook...picture-in-picture... all at the same time.  (See below).

  • The Development of Media Literacy...and Consciousness - Changes in technology, making it more accessible and easier to buy and to use have also resulted in the development of media literacy..from "critical viewing".... to "critical doing"... Producing television ourselves...and understanding that now we don't have to access tightly controlled...older think "public access television" facilities or commercial stations... or pay for cable advertising... in order to do television....both public... as well as commercial... is what's radically new.

    The only thing that's preventing us from taking advantage of this is lack of consciousness and awareness of how people themselves are creating... and driving the development of a new television marketplace that promises to change a whole lot of things - e.g. education, economic development, community development....and over time the world itself. This is is where delivering the mission-critical learning a new world needs can come in. See the new series of  new world television workshops that I am putting together.
....Therefore, my recommendation is for folks to "re-think" how television can now be all of its newer-think manifestations rather than waste a whole lot of time and energy attempting to keep older-think government-controlled public access facilities going....because now in this exciting 21st century world... there are now "way bigger fish to fry".  See my New World Television Channel page and "What is Google TV?" for instance.. at least to get the conversation going. Call me and let's connect if you too are ready to "re-think" television in all of its manifestations. 425-780-6872

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jaycut - Free Online Video Editor will Help Fuel the Google TV Explosion

This morning, still resonating with the Google TV announcement (..see my New World Television Channel page and "What is Google TV?") and just for fun I decided to search Google for free online video editors... and BINGO the search returned, an online application that lets you edit your videos online... for FREE...without even having to pay a cent! All the basic features are there, video layers, transitions, audio, titles and instant rendering, so it's yet another way to do more complex projects than just creating a plain video "mix" with Flipshare software that comes with the Flip. 

I have a project coming up where I can have my clients use this if they need to.. even though I didn't have budget for editing software. Nice!... and right on time too! I also intend to watch the folks from closely. They really are software application designers and developers who even have a free API that even let's you host their application in custom developed web applications, and I wouldn't be surprised if this video editing software "engine" didn't also go mobile at some point in time. 

Of course its not a Final Cut on a Mac or an Adobe Premiere Pro type editor (on a PC) but the higher cost of these local installable applications have been barriers to a larger, explosive new marketplace that is rapidly becoming more and more television literate. Adobe Premiere Elements 8 also is a great choice but it will set you back for about $130 and you'll have to upgrade your laptop's memory to get it work right  

Wow is this television... revolution something... Already YouTubers can create their own playlist and web television channels, and new Google TV..released first via the DISH Network as on option, will put your television channel even on HDTV screens. See my blog about it. 

Wow, is it great to continue to grow with new developments in television.. in our now 21st century world. I have been in television systems and programming before some of my younger clients were even born. It's nice to have the long view and to be able to seize the new television in a strategic way. Call me if you'd like to know more about how you can use it too to phenomenally grow your business - 425-780-6872

Sunday, September 26, 2010 is a nice high-tech business referral service...that's now generating new business

This morning I was thinking about the subject of this morning's blog and where the next opportunity would be coming from...and BINGO!, my Gmail inbox has a nice referral waiting for me from a new nation-wide high-tech professional services listing service out of San Francisco that makes its money by connecting people in need of local small business professional services with small business people who need them.

What a cool service is. Their listings are free you get rated if you supply them with information that makes your more credible in the eyes of people shopping for your services. One very cool feature is that you can post your Thumbtack ad on Craigslist for free and its already formatted with your avatar. After your Craiglist. ad runs for a week, then they automatically send you another e-mail to run the ad again. This morning's website development referral was only $2 which was well worth it... nice!

Call me if you need to know more about powerful new ways to promote your business. Doing new website with web television channel and webinar capability can really make a difference. Call me and let's connect 425-780-6872.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

NWC Offers New Google TV Workshop Series...Create your own Content...Create your own Channel... Create your own Empire

With most of the pieces Google TV (See "What is GoogleTV?" on my New World Television page)  already here and in place... and with the home television piece about to be released, it's time to get the jump by ramping up quick... to reach multiple television audiences...on the web, on mobile devices, on YouTube, and on HD television screens... with your own CONTENT, with your own CHANNEL, and building your own television-based EMPIRE. Here's the workshop series we have just put together to help you move forward:

  • Workshop One - What is Google TV? - This 90-minute session provides a more in-depth overview of the new Google TV and its implications, for the smallest micro-business, to retail businesses, to government, to large business, to non-profit groups, and NGOs, and the largest nation-states and developing countries.

  • Workshop Two - Planning and Producing Your Own Content - This 3-hour session provides a hands-on crash course on planning and producing your own Google TV content, complete with hardware/software choices and approaches. You will learn how to plan, shoot, and edit complete programs withs special with insider tips for doing quality audio voice-overs, etc,. and how to render and upload to the web.

  • Workshop Three - Creating and Programming Your Own Television Channel - This 3-hour session covers Google TV channel creation from A to Z from targeting your audiences and learning about their needs through virtual focus groups to creating your channel on your website... and on large screen HDTV displays in homes and in businesses for point-of-sale and training applications.

  • Workshop Four - Distributing Your Own Television Content - This 3-hour session covers exciting new ways to reach multiple audiences via the web, via mobile devices, via home and business television, in your blog and across Facebook and Twitter. Special time-saving "insider" tips will be shared. We' also cover how your Google TV content can be used in e-meetings, and webinars...and even in multi-day virtual conferences and virtual trade shows...for phenomenal advantage.

  • Workshop Five - Business Models for Television in a 21st Century World - This lively 3-hour session will briefly cover the history of television and the impact of new technology and a more media-literate, empowered viewing audience ...and doing audience...that is now capable of authoring its own high quality television content on business... challenge-wise...and new opportunity-wise... even for the smallest micro-business. We will also focus on not-for-profit economic development, community development, and educational reform applications for the new television. 
Get the jump! Call us now about these sessions...for you, for your staff and possibly for your customers: These sessions will be offered on both a group basis as well as on a one-on-one consultative basis. The new Google TV... is a huge opportunity for multiple stakeholders.  For more information, contact me at 425-780-6872.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Catching that Perfect Wave and Reflections About Riding Out the Economy.

This morning, still resonating from the What is Google TV? experience...what I am feeling... and flowing that feeling of what it most be like to catch, be inside of and ride that perfect wave...after paddling out and waiting for such a long time, for the currents to shift and for the energy to build...and I do my own part to go with it, over and over again, and getting better and better at each time... in between the wipe outs!.

Waves, surfing, and "Surfing the Waves" are great metaphors that my good friends and coaches consultants Matthew Ferry and Thach Nguyen help me get in touch with, in coping with life and dealing with the ebb and flow of it...and  riding out the economy.

In thinking of water, flow... and this economy, two phenomena come to mind, "Recession" and "Tsunami" helping me gain greater understanding of forces at work. Here's what I mean. Right before a Tsunami, all the water "recedes". It doesn't go away, it just seems like that. What is really happening  is that new energy is building... gathering up phenomenal force and power. Then it comes roaring back, taking people and things in its path not already on higher ground and positioned to withstand the positioning is really important.

Sometimes the perfect place to be is right "inside" the curl... yet at other times it's way safer to be on higher ground...or to run like hell.

Interestingly the animals... especially elephants... wise old creatures with wrinkled skins sense the low frequency energy and danger and head for the hills before humans even know what's going on. Then after chaos, life returns to normal again... at least until the earth moves again. The lessons here really are multi-fold, paddle out and catch those waves, getting better, and better at it...balance-wise.. as you ride. That's what I am doing, paddling out to catch this new Google TV wave.  The other part I will leave to the animal kingdom and the Universe to pay attention to and take cues from. I welcome your own thoughts. Let's connect 425.780-6872.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Google TV...The Experience is Almost Like Having an Epiphany

Today is an afternoon publish ... after allowing more time... to have powerful ideas come tumbling forth as an outcome of deep contemplation of the phenomenal implications of the new Google TV.

Here's a nice little exercise and experiment to try. Watch this little well-crafted two minute and 21 second video ... What is Google TV?.. with nice female voice...on my New World Television Channel page... and then try to go about business as usual.. Then watch what comes tumbling forth to the foreground of your consciousness... in a few days.

For me personally, the experience because of my television systems and programming close to having an epiphany ...close to my intellectual and spiritual core... as a communicator... as a educator... and most importantly as a living breathing 21st century... human being. Google's bringing Web to TV and TV to the such an elegantly simple way...completely changes "The Game" ...for me in my ability to serve multiple audiences from the smallest micro-business... to the largest nation-state.

And shared with other, minds, and hearts...and can positively change the a marvelously powerful and joyous way. That's all I can say about this experience for now. What, after viewing this video.. comes forward for you... in a few days after trying this little experiment? Call me and let's connect. The entire world has already changed for me personally...resonating positively...thinking about... and now working with this stuff. 425-780-6872.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let's Lift Every Voice and Sing... and Celebrate Where The New Learning Will Have to Come From

This morning I am writing in deep reverence and awe after thinking more about the upcoming film "Waiting for Superman" and about where the new learning will have to come from.... from us... from progressive educators ourselves... willing to fight for social change.. and rising to the occasion ...because that's what's needed... I have been thinking.

With that thought and feeling resonating through me, that's when stuff miraculously started to me just happening to see a post in my Facebook stream about James Weldon Johnson's Lift Every Voice and Sing...written in 1899. Wow!. Even then, in James Weldon Johnson's life and in his song, he already celebrates where the new learning has to come from... from a proud people ...capable of raising the bar educationally, socially, and morally... liberating all. See more about James Weldon Johnson on Wikipedia

Wow, is it great and reassuring to know that "super people" have historically been and continue to be among us. So let's just leverage that, standing on the shoulders of those who came before us, and rising to greatness ourselves in service to humanity... and we don't have to "wait" for them... we just need to be them. Call me and let's continue to connect about delivering the mission-critical learning.. a new world needs. 425-780-6872.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Waiting for Superman" Film - Media can both "Instructive" well as "Prescriptive"

This morning after getting an e-mail from a friend and colleague about the new film, "Waiting for Superman" and watching how it is being promoted to raise national conversation about public education systems failure, I am elated to experience the wisdom, skill, good, and money behind the "Waiting for Superman" social change initiative. Here is a fine example where love for all the nation's children can fuel enough energy, momentum, support and resources to fund a mission-critical project like this. 

Media done this way can be both "instructive" as well as "prescriptive" ...raising consciousness and both the depth and breadth of the conversation about fixing public education to a national level. Great film can do that, getting us all to something about things that we deeply care about... the education of our children. I actually work with a social services agency and educational program that works with children from public school systems who are regularly suspended and expelled  each October, after these failing public school systems have included them in their "headcount" that this public school district can get paid fully ...for not serving them well. This is criminal...yet is failed students who are criminally charged.. often times for the smallest behavioral issue..who are given the criminal label.. and increasingly taught to become actual criminals.  

As a media professional, I would use my craft rather flow my energy into positive ways to change routinely "criminal" institutions practices such as these, rather than flow and attract even more negative energy, especially when there are front-running progressive educators who are now modeling positive alternative educational strategies to learn about and to learn from..that most folks don't even know about Wow, does that very idea make me feel good as I experience folks involved with Waiting for Superman taking this higher ground approach.

Now all what I want to do even more is to create and tell more positive stories like these that can further change the world, and leveraging group viewing of this movie to get some local momentum going. Nice! Call me and let's connect if what you are learning from the Waiting for Superman experience is also now motivating you. 425-780-6872.

Monday, September 20, 2010

This Weekend I Participated in the Building of a Ceremonial Lodge

Here is kinda what our lodge structure looked like. We decided not to take pictures

This weekend I drove down to Lewis County with friends and participated in the building of a ceremonial lodge presided over by followers of the Lakota way. What a great experience this was, as we all came together as a diverse community, brought together by the common purpose of building a marvelous structure as one people. 

Each step we took, from smudging ourselves in sacred Sage smoke to locating and grounding ourselves within sacred space defined by cardinal points of East and West, and North and South took us deeper, and deeper to a peaceful place where the Spirits of our ancestors would come forward in this miniature dome of the world. 

The lodge poles we used were living things that we had to coax into bending for us. We were all taught to relate to them by bending them over our own bent backs while extending our arms over the top of them. Before they could be "planted" in the ground, we gave them offerings of corn meal, loose tobacco, and cedar in their holes, with quiet prayers to nourish them.. and to nourish and purify us. We then lovingly tied them altogether with  blood red muslin ribbons and experienced the structure take shape and get stronger before our very eyes, as we all admired our collective work. 

Then back at the house, we all had wonderful international meal of fresh caught King salmon, Ethiopian greens, broiled chicken, Indian dahl, cornbean, red beans and rice, and wonderful West African peanut soup that I sopped my bread into, as we all buzzed with warm energy even in our rain-soaked clothes. One more time some of us came back to the site to plant sacred poles facing each cardinal direction with prayers and offerings each time. 

This morning I still feel the aura of all this Spirit still around me, even as I blog about it on my laptop. Nice. With all this marvelous energy still flowing through me. Blogging this morning has never been easier and will even flow through my business day. Call me and let me share some that good energy with you 425-780-6872

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ideal Marriage...Like Two Peas in A Pod...Marketing Communications and Instructional Design

Wow! This morning a lot is own my mind as I think about marriage, on multiple levels. At one level, there is the marriage to my lovely wife and entering into a new phase with her as "empty nesters", after we helped our youngest child move into her college dorm room this week. On the other level, there is the ideal marriage of two things continually on my mind as I strive to develop my consulting practice...Marketing Communications and Instructional Design.

Then the thought came to me .. they are like ...two peas in the same pod....Then BINGO! I searched Google Images and found this great image of a wedding favor..a wedding candle of two peas in a pod ...that I could do a little PhotoShop magic on...adding my two powerful concepts.

Many of the people that I work with don't even have "Marketing Communications" or "Instructional Design" in their vocabularies, yet an understanding of them both...practically applied to developing all aspects of their business is what they seem to need most. A case in point... like how can a website "make the mark" and be on target with customers if the the self-proclaimed "web developer" himself or herself is completely in the dark about practically applying these two inter-dependent approaches? It is therefore no wonder that so much time, effort, and money is wasted, while opportunity is missed.

Market Communications understanding can change all that, illuminating the path, every step of the way.  It can strategically inform and shape every thing you do:  1) From setting up virtual file services and working with virtual applications and collaborative documents using Google, 2) to developing your product/service offering, 3) to developing your website, 4) to informing your blog, 5) to even strategically informing your Facebooking and Twittering approach. 6) It can even inform how you develop and program your own television channel on your website.. like I am doing. It can be part of a strategic plan.

Marketing communications strategic planning can also 7)  inform how you reach people in the physical world marketplace via your phone calling, your appointment-setting, your business networking, your organizational membership affiliation, and even your volunteerism. Good marketing communications involves taking steps to learn about what people want and need, developing and positioning your product/service offering so that they can get that they get their needs met from you because you helped them so well. That's also where good instructional design comes in.

Instructional Design understanding is closely related to marketing communications understanding because learning needs to be designed into each marketing communications step. What we need to understand, particularly in today's highly competitive, and now very technology-driven marketplace is that today's customer is also today's learner...profoundly challenged by explosive technology change...and information bombardment. Not only does today's business owner need to continually learn, but so does his or her entire staff... even before he or she can take fullest advantage of what you provide. 

A well-crafted instructional design approach is like a good marketing communications plan in that it: 1) Analyses what the client's learning need is. It then 2) Designs what the learning approach should look like. In a 21st century world, the learning can happen in the physical world as well as in  reading this blog, or even via a web television channel, or webinar series that informs and empowers. 

Even the creation of a virtual learning and conference center that uses now affordable web conferencing is possible to create...even on your website. 3) Development, the third step...informed by the analysis and the design then results in the development of the learning product/solution ...which in most cases can be through marketing communications venues themselves  - e.g. via your website, via your virtual print collateral, via your social media approach, even via your web television channel . Then comes the fun parts, 4) Implementation that with a road map can be rapidly done. Finally there is the 5) Evaluation ...piece to this... like how your product/serving offering "makes the mark" and actually generates new educating the customer.. as part of the solution. 

Marketing Communications and Instructional Design...can do that and really are "two peas in a pod", and the marriage of the two in one consulting approach is what I strive to provide. Wow! Is it great how the universe responded with just what I needed to express that. 

Now let me work in the other wife is calling me to take her shopping. Call me and let's connect if you'd like to learn more how to be more strategic and more on target with everything you do....illuminated by an integrated marketing communications and instructional design approach.   425-780-6872.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whaaat? Speed Dating to Conduct Green Business?

Today I am thinking how weird it was to participate in an RFP Outreach Event designed as a "speed dating" event I attended yesterday...designed to supposedly hook me up with "prime contractors" bidding on a green business contract and having me define on the spot the role I needed to play... "prime contractor?"... "sub-contractor?".... the pursuer?"... or the pursued? ..or both? But isn't that the way that "true love" actually happens?

The RFP-related business outreach event I attended had to do with a fairly large contract currently held by an incumbent prime contractor, more than likely going after the contract again... with the bid due only 15 days later. Ouch! How can business match-making actually ...and authentically happen in that short a time frame?

After listening to officials present, and talk about how the proposal would be evaluated and awarded, it was clear to most of us that the incumbent prime contractor was the "heavy" here, and more than likely to be awarded the contract again, though special mention was made of public policy dividing the award up and of "aspiring" to be more inclusive from a "race and social justice initiative".. as well as from a "good business practice" prospective. Wow, did all of this have my head spinning. 

Inside I kept asking myself... how can "true love" happen so quickly, especially when I only have 3 minutes to connect....and to strut my stuff?  But then I took a deep breath.. and took a shot at playing this "speed dating" game thing. I still can't remember what it was that I said... and remembering faces has now become a blur but at least we exchanged "calling cards" allowing me to do an e-mail and phone follow-up today. What it felt like however was that there already were "secret love affairs" going on that most of us ... asked to play the game...were not even privy to. ... Weird... I hope that I am wrong and will be pleasantly surprised if I can participate in any of this business at all. It was a good way to get in a little face time with primes however so I actually highly applaud the idea. Let's connect if you have similar experience or insight about events like this. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Ocean Would You Rather "Swim" In?

What's on my mind this morning is what a difference working with strategically innovative people can make. If other competitors just do what every other competitor does, with little or no creativity, basically giving you the same "solution" as everybody else has, then you what you remain in is a blood red shark-infested ocean of competitors yourself.... just another "vendor" who bids on the "same" things as ever other "vendor" and late in the game too. Oftentimes...too late.

A better and more advantageous approach would be to work with people who can give you a competitive edge using value innovation and strategic thinking that can leap you way ahead of that blood red ocean of "me-too" competitors.  They can work with you to create a whole new "blue ocean" of uncontested market space, making all other competitors irrelevant. Being more innovative, and consultative can also get you in the design-and-build game earlier, where they can even contract you to develop specifications for projects that utilize and let you further leverage your unique approach...even before formal bids come out to competitors. If they come out at all. Some companies can get so unique that have to be sole-sourced.

That's what we've been working on, based on a book and strategic approach that has allowed us to do just that called Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competitors Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim, and Renee Mauborgne. See it in our New World Virtual Bookstore. As someone who also works in clay, I really like their approach to creating a new "value curve" for a business because it is "sculptural".. like shaping clay. 

Here's what I mean: In creating your new value curve, you "eliminate" some things that competitors take for granted, maybe like bidding on projects the same way. You also get creative by "reducing" some things the other less creative competitors take for granted, like the cost of travel and hotels needed to convene physical world collaborative meetings and training sessions. Leveraging a knowledge of e-learning can accomplish that. You also can get creative by "raising" the quality of what you do well above what other competitors typically provide through more advanced instructional design and graphic design skills if you have them. You can also "create" whole now approaches to communications and learning via the introduction "virtual transportation-to-virtual architecture" applications...some even using 3-D...that we are getting excited about.

That's what the authors call their "4 Actions Framework" and what as communications and e-learning consultants, New World Communications has been working with... "walking the walk" ourselves via our own unique product service offerings now ahead of all other competitors ..still just doing stuff in their own "lane" - e.g. web developers who just do web development... who can't teach with no television background, television people who just do television, who still  don't understand how partnering with their now television-producing viewers will rocket them way forward...architects and transportation people...who just do architecture and transportation who still don't understand how new 21st century communications can now rock their world.

What really feels great is the kinds of oceans that people can now choose to swim in... the same 'ole bloody red ocean or a cool blue ocean that can now be created. What ocean would you rather swim in? If blue is also for you, call me and let get together and talk about crafting your own "Blue Ocean Strategy for your business or organization. 425-780-6872

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Distance Learning and System-wide Change...We Can Do That...Having You Feeling Great!

What's on my mind this morning after a friend and colleague asked me about how to do training and development in our now 21st century world. The new tools actually are elegantly simple: 1) affordable next-generation web conferencing, 2) low-cost, almost no cost web television technology,  4) various e-learning software tools, and 5) multiple social media platforms that help me connect with folks.

What's not simple however is the mindset of stakeholders that needs to be changed before decision-makers are willing to venture out and even try some of this new stuff. What we are talking about here is not rational thought that can easily make the business case...but people's unspoken fears. You don't have to be a rocket science to do the math to estimate the time and cost savings here of meeting online. The next-generation web conferencing we use even has a "green meter" that automatically calculates the reduction in CO2 emission every time folks e-meet.

Rather, the challenge...and the opportunity for us here squarely has to do with addressing human feelings and unspoken fears that something valuable will be taken away. The problem we discovered was "binary" feeling patterns - e.g. if you seduce me into liking this virtual world connections experience...then you may dehumanize me by taking away my precious physical world human connection experience.. Amazing... Last night while watching Oprah's Farewell Season launch, I was thinking about how many millions of television views "connect" with Oprah ...hours at a time...multiple days a week watching beams of electrons streaming across their TV sets. If anything, their sense of humanity, because of Oprah, amplified and extended by technology has been enhanced, not degraded.

Then BINGO! The solution came to me.. What not just add a virtual world toolset to a physical world meeting experience...adding value and take nothing way? "virtualizing" physical world meetings allowing others to instantly "get there", and "get back"... just by logging in and out. Imagine the power of that if some of the remote participants who could do that were absolutely  the worlds best business advisors, consultants, authors, motivational speakers, organization development, public health, or emergency preparedness consultants? What if even celebrities like Oprah, Dr. Phil, or even Lady Gaga could login and annoint the proceedings in real-time... like Oprah herself has been recently modeling?

What people need to understand and comprehend is that even "on-ground" training and organizational development can be phenomenally better and happen sooner within mission-critical windows of opportunity, once we help them cultivate a hybrid world mindset.. as 21st century instructional designers. What's cool is that we now know how to do that.... even in quality assurable steps....from virtualizing physical world meetings ...all the way to using the same innovative approach to even do world class multi-day virtual conferences and trade shows with this stuff.  

If making a rational business case for this doesn't get it for you....then how about just getting quiet with yourself for a moment...and feel how good you and multiple stakeholders are going to feel as an outcome of improving the quality of life of people... not only across Seattle, or across King County, or across Puget Sound...but across the state, across the U.S. and across the planet itself. Wow do I feel great about where I am going with this stuff... even now. Call me if you'd like some of this feel good as well. I have a lot of it to go around... and I now know where it all comes from.  425-780-6872

Monday, September 13, 2010

Google TV A Huge Opportunity...for the Television-Savvy Entrepreneur

This morning I am buzzing again and at a very high positive frequency...feeling how great it will be when even smaller businesses can benefit from the new television that they'll be able to produce and program themselves...for phenomenal advantage. This is not wishful thinking here...but a manifestation of intention that has now been fueled by what Google is launching this Fall in year 2010 ...the new Google TV. See "What is GoogleTV"? on my own New World Television page. 

So what's the big deal and why is television important in our now 21st century world? Just looking at the numbers tells you why. Currently there are over $4 billion television viewers worldwide that watch more than five hours of television a day. With exposure to that many eyeballs, this results in more than $70 billion in ad revenue each year. Compare that with 3 billion mobile users and 1 million Internet users. See Google's launch of  Google TV at their I/O Developers Conference introducing Google's new LeanBack user interface.

Not only are the numbers important but so is a changing audience with now changed demographics and a television marketplace that has now become radically more democratic due to revolutionary no-cost video hosting and viral sharing/social media technology like YouTube and low cost camcorders, and new smart phones and iPods. Even HD video production is radically easier to do and radically lower cost, even right on you mobile device. Currently there are now over 14.6 billion videos on YouTube, and revolutionary YouTube playlist technology allows for the creation of entire television "channels" that will now find their way onto large HD television sets.... this means that your own content could show up there!

And it gets even better. On your TV screen you'll also be able to use Chrome Internet browser to search for anything... and the entire operating system is Android so it will run Android apps and talk to Android-based mobile devices....yet another phenomenally powerful reason to "Go Google" like New World Communications has. See my New World Television Channel on my website and see my overview about leveraging the power of the new television, then jump forward to the new content I've added of Google launching new Google TV. It is fun to do! Nice!

So what's this in for today's entrepreneur?... a whole lot.. that is if they can "get clear"..and wake up in time to get television-savvy... in time to start producing their own content and  programming of other content providers' content as a service to their customers ...on their own television "channel" ... on their own websites. That's what we are doing... "walking the walk" ourselves... and we can help them with all of it...from concept to completion.

Wow, do I feel good about being involved in television..of all and programming as long as I have, and about the way that I can now help other entrepreneurial types seize this new opportunity...and run with it...rather than be passed up by it  and be left even further behind. Call me today and let's connect if you too are interested in moving forward with the powerful new television in our now brave new 21st century world - 425-780-6872

Sunday, September 12, 2010

At NWC We Intend to Have Green Business Get A Lot More Greener

What's on my mind this morning is how New World Communications can help "Green Business" get a lot more greener. The challenge and the opportunity has to do with mindset and people's approach to the world.

Simply put, if folks still basically approach the world with a limiting physical world mindset, the best that they can come up with is physical world transportation and physical world architecture- e.g. hybrid cars, electric cars, LEEDS-certified buildings, etc. -  that lowers carbon footprint.  If, however they add a virtual world toolset however like web conferencing and other forms of social architecture that they can meet "inside" of, then they can "get there" and "get back" instantly just by logging on and off ...with zero carbon footprint.

Basically what they do is "transport" their "virtual presence" to virtual architecture using 21st century communications "vehicles"...instead of their "bods" using physical world vehicles. That "virtual presence" "inside" of virtual architecture keeps getting better and better as the technology keeps improving and as we continue to undergo a shift in paradigm... developing a new world consciousness..if you will.

So what do we do...abandon physical world approaches to improving physical world transportation and architecture in our physical world "reality"? Nope, of course not. A more enlightened approach is a hybrid world mindset and approach to both transportation and architecture that combines both physical world and virtual world strategies. This will all be better understood once it is experienced like we've been doing. Our feet are still firmly planted on the ground, however, even as our consciousness expands and as our innovative ideas proliferate.  I've been virtual worker, enjoying revenue by developing virtual architecture ..web sites... and working with hybrid world phenomena like web television " since 1997, and already we can meet with you "inside" our website in our New World Virtual Meeting Room...with zero carbon footprint.. 

That's what's been happening to Art Johnson and his proud little front-running company New World Communications and what we have been up to... "walking through a virtual door" for phenomenal advantage.. Wow, what an exciting and lucrative journey this has already become. See our NWC Overview 2010 on our New World Television channel page for more info, then let's connect... and talk about what's in this for you and how our approach can help you and your business go even greener..with more green in your bank account too. 425-780-6872.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Smart Grid Training - We're Ready Whenever Cities Are Ready

What's on my mind this morning is the new smart grid that's about to be installed and the kind of training for multiple stakeholders that can make a qualitative difference... as well as a bottom line difference...for multiple stakeholders ... in this newly emergent "green" economy of ours...and for my own front-running small business, New World Communications....not only hopefully... but also intentionally.

The challenge and the opportunity lies in thinking "outside the box" by not only designing and delivering traditional instructor-led training, but also adding a virtual world training toolset... and most importantly by cultivating a more innovative "hybrid world" mindset that can also fully leverage new 21st century tools and strategies.

Wow! What a great opportunity smart grid implementation is to serve multiple communities and stakeholders well, creating new jobs, and new dreams while helping our economy recover, and making ours a better world...Nice!

For the last few years, we've been working on that, and our new "green" communications and e-learning approach and platform that we designed to deliver the mission-critical learning a new world needs is ready to do that by uniquely providing the following resources:
  • 21st century instructional design and delivery services tailor-fit to address multiple clients' needs ...including diverse stakeholders in diverse communities even.
  • Eco-friendly "big-reach", "learning-rich" web conferencing with a special patented "green meter" that automatically calculates: 1) physical world miles not travelled, 2) $ of fuel not spent, and even 3) pounds of CO2 not emitted... every time that folks e-meet and learn online.
  • Powerful web television-based learning assets using radically new ultra compact low-cost, almost no cost video technology
As training contractors ourselves and as a minority-based small business enterprise, with years of experience, I look forward to working closely with cities in providing the mission-critical learning that can make smart grid implementation a quality experience that all businesses and multiple stakeholders can benefit from.... Both I and my rapidly scalable company, New World Communications are ready ...whenever cities are ready to move forward. For more information, call me at 425-780-6872.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Practical Strategy that Applies to All of Us: Go For the Lowest Hanging Fruit

What's going on mind after connecting with my friends, my colleagues...and most importantly... myself this week... is our need to all be more practical... keeping things simpler.. with respect to our own business development strategy. What I am talking about is our "scary smart" tendency to focus our attention on going after complex longer term opportunities that take a longer time to hatch, while not paying much attention to more immediate and simpler, fruitful "lower hanging" opportunities that can get us where we need to go sooner...financially and good feeling-wise. Here are some of them:
  • Confer with a friend, colleague, consultant or coach: People whose opinions and perspectives you trust can provide you with fresh insight about not missing more immediate "lower hanging fruit".. that you might not be aware of.  Wow, can this save you a lot of time, money, energy and frustration... especially if for some reason you feel "blocked" and could use some coaching and business advising that can help you "unblock" feel good-wise, energy flow-wise, and most importantly productivity wise. Maybe a little tweaking on your consultive selling skills could help.

  • Do a Business Facelift and MakeOver: This can start by re-thinking and upgrading your website...but at much deeper level, this can be about re-thinking your whole business strategy and about building your "brand" - e.g. what people think and feel about you when ever your name or business is mentioned. Does your tagline make anyone else besides you?  Deciding to do website upgrade is typically a "low hanging fruit" because it's much easier to deal with emotionally than "strategic planning"...but then Voila! you then discover that you've actually been engaging in strategic business planning...even to have your website make sense and get finished...and without "analysis paralysis"...Nice!!

  • Leverage the Power of the New "Television": What I am talking about is not "old-think" television done the old cost-prohibitive, inaccessible, technologically complicated way... but "new think" web television using low cost, almost no cost radically new technology that I and other early adopters have been pioneering that potentially has phenomenal business development power...once you develop the literacy and skill sets to leverage it. See my other blogs about this.

  • "Walk the Walk" Using More Next-generation Web Conferencing - This, when used in conjunction with new television programming that we are developing is also "low hanging fruit" that shoot your business forward if you use it in quality-assurable steps from virtualizing physical meetings and doing virtual-only e-meetings and webinars to participating in highly lucrative big-reach, and learning-rich multi-day virtual conferences...which themselves will become "low hanging fruit" once working with web conferencing and web television becomes a "no-brainer"... helping you take on even the most complicated of long-term projects as well. 
It also starts with getting some help with identifying the lowest hanging fruit yourself. Call me and I'd be glad to help you get started with that. 425-780-6872.

    Thursday, September 9, 2010

    The Need for Mission-critical Learning: It's Harder to Take-off and Land Without the Lights On

    What's on mind this morning is the need for mission-critical learning in our now 21st century world, and how hard it is for today's entrepreneur to try to take off and land... without having "the lights on", and in a myriad of ways. Even the word "mission-critical" demands that folks are awake enough to understand what their mission is, and how to manifest that, especially before undertaking any new business venture. 

    What I am talking about is "enlightened" action that can only happen if people are fully awake and conscious, radiating positive energy and intention as opposed to being just another member of the "walking dead" flowing negative thoughts and feelings into everything they half-heartedly think about attempting to do.  Imagine how difficult and dangerous it would be if you were an airline pilot who routinely tried to take off and land without your lights on... on your aircraft and more your brain. I see this all the time when I look into the eyes of a lot of entrepreneurs and don't see the lights on there. It's no wonder that they are having such a hard time staying on top of their business especially in a more challenging 21st century world. 

    The challenge I think has to do with the volume of information that today's entrepreneur has to deal with.  Most of it from the flood of e-mail, on Facebook, and now blasted over Twitter... is an outrageous waste of time, so people's minds shut down, filtering out just about everything, sometimes even things that they deeply care about, putting off dreams...because of all the "noise" and "clutter". Their frustration and negative energy flowing from it of course attracts more negative energy so that learning and undertaking anything new technology-wise becomes particularly challenging and problematic....with little or no energy or resources invested there.

    But this "challenge" for me is an opportunity as an educator and new world communicator. If I can instructionally design experiences that are not overwhelming and that are meaningful, saving time and helping them become aware of their own power as human beings to dream again and achieve the things that they deeply care about, then even their technology training and empowerment can end up being way more productive. 

    The good news is that when technology itself is approached in an enlightened way, positive miraculous things can not only happen but they can also now be amplified, extended and enriched ...using technology. Oprah Winfrey is a good case in point.  Just look at what she has done and continues to do in a powerful distance learning way...using commercial television and the Internet even...even Skype to help the world. Whoever thought that commercial television could be so human.

    When Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth came out and started taking off, Oprah Winfrey had Eckhart on and engaged millions in her series of live webcasts and critical conversations about how we need to become more aware so that we can create this "new earth" together. Wow! Did that experience "speak" to me communications, learning-wise,and humanity-wise. All the pieces to the puzzle were there...that fell into place:, lucid thinker, author and human being with a thoughtful book radiating positive energy that got amplified across the entire U.S. and world. 

    Oprah Book Club reading groups were an opportunity to be a part of  that positive energy flow so I amplified myself by using web conferencing and conference calling to "virtualize" our physical meeting so that folks as far away as South Carolina could log in and also be there. And what a great way this was to also have people learn how technology can support their learning and their empowerment. 

    What's key is how the instruction can now be designed and delivered in our now 21st century world... infused with positive human energy. Thanks Oprah for providing us with a learning model that I am now able to replicate even ...without a huge budget and with even lower cost technology. I can use low cost, almost no cost web television and web conferencing technology to do that. 

    Call me and let's connect around the development and delivery of mission-critical learning that can make a difference in your own business and in your own life. 425-780-6872

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    The Amazing Google Phenomenon: We Are Now Rapidly Growing Our Own Television Channel

    This is the "old-think" expensive, inaccessible  television channel "reality"... Not any more.

    This morning is yet another break-through for me personally as well as for my communications and e-learning consulting firm, New World Communications and it has to do with learning more about the absolutely amazing Google phenomenon and how I can now deliver world-class information via my New World Television Channel ... "delivered at the speed of need" to my growing list of happy customers via more rapid development of the programming.

    The old-think television channel image above.. is a mental teaser... Actually you don't have to spend even a dime on expensive, inaccessible old-think television like this...and you don't have to go through countless hassles trying to gain access to it via the old Public Access, Education, and Government (PEG) channel way. 

    Consider this:  Most small business people I talk to, including moi have not been able to keep up with rapid technology changes, especially regarding to using whole sets of of new applications that can now be used to deliver more visitors to their websites and drive more business their way... that's the challenge. 

    Web Television is the way to go to address this but yesterday, I thought that I had to produce all this video content myself and then program it into to my playlist... but this morning... BINGO!... I discovered that I can now program in... any how-to content...from any content provider....from all over the entire I immediately searched it, found it... and added it to my playlist. 

    Wow! I am speechless feeling the powerful implications of this... Now my New World Television Channel...can stream the best content in the world... and I can rapidly grow the kind of information that my clients need...delivering it at the speed of need... and address their challenge of having to drink from a fire hose.

    This also moves me way forward of all other competitors with respect to developing and delivering a world-class remote consulting and e-learning practice... using the world's very best local, regional, national, and international subject matter experts and working with them on a collaborative basis. We can even meet "inside" our website and collaborate on projects in my New World Virtual Meeting Room.

    I now sit here resonating at very high frequency...filled with joy... as an outcome of learning more about the Amazing Google Phenomenon...and leveraging it. Awesome! This also means that besides rapidly developing a powerful website, I can also rapidly deploy your own web television channel on it... even if you know nothing about producing web television content yourself.

    We can now deliver phenomenal advantage.. Call me today and let's connect so you can deliver phenomenal advantage as well. 425.780.6872

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Web Television: What Story Do YOU Need to Tell?

    This morning the art of storytelling is on my mind: "Once upon a time, there were all these people in businesses small, medium and large that lived in the village by the sea. They all happily went about business as usual... not changing a thing... that is.. not until this huge fire-breathing dragon called Economic Recession showed up and started terrifying the entire countryside ... and landscape... laying whole businesses and governmental agencies to waste. 

    Business owners and managers from the smallest start-up and micro-business, to the largest enterprise were all terrified due to lack of sales, paltry tax revenues and looming budget cuts. Even executive directors and their fundraising managers at the non-profits were all upset that even their traditional fundraising approaches, their annual galas, and their annual breakfasts were still coming up short...even after venturing onto Facebook and "tweeting" frantically with Twitter ... six to eight times a day. 

    People also frantically drove around in their gas-guzzling...carbon emitting cars, going from one Meet Up group, and Business Casual to the next, hoping to drum up some business, and even though they all smiled their "Northwest Nice" smiles, when you asked them how things were going... you could see in their eyes that they were all terrified... not knowing what to do.

    And where was traditional media in all this? The newspapers and the radio and television stations, both commercial and public with their impressive buildings, their broadcast towers and transmitters dominating the city skyline, and their cable distribution..going into virtually every home? Most of their stories were as glum as the people who read, watched and listened to them. With the sky falling... and things getting worse ...with unemployment and all ..and the risk of a "double dip" recession looming...and more fire-breathing dragons threatening to be on their way...what was there to do?

    Luckily, on the horizon there appeared some new communications technology... some tiny little cameras...and other devices... even cellphones.. that at barely even noticed...and a new generation of iPods that made some amazingly good video that people could use to frame and tell their own stories...with better endings... than the ones that they found themselves in. But people still weren't aware of how to use them that they just used them to record birthday parties and to socialize with...futiley trying to overcome all the low energy "vibes" all around them.

    But then things started to change... quite nicely and just in time to... once they discovered Arthur of The New World with his brave little $89 Flip camcorder and his laptop virtual studio...and once they experienced the wonderful stories he told about his own amazing little micro-business, and about the amazing businesses of others that he helped empower both large and small. He did it by connecting with them as human beings and by resonating and flowing positive energy using the structure of story to communicate the value of what these businesses uniquely provided... and this really helped make the economic picture .. a whole lot brighter..because of all the hope...and because of all the consumer confidence that this created. People bought more goods and services, as a result and this helped turn the economy around. 

    And people really liked they way that Arthur of the New World leveraged his "New World Television" to help people and organizations learn... and change the world ...locally, regionally, and even nationally and internationally... by combining television with big reach, learning-rich web conferencing events....and 'everyone lived happily ever after"'. The End...and the beginning.

    We now have the power ...leveraging the power of the new create our own reality...based upon things that we deeply care about.. and based upon stories with more happy endings that now need to be told. What story do YOU need to tell for you and your business? And what happier ending do you need to see, hear, touch...feel...and create. Call me today, and using the power of the new television, I can help you with that. 425-780-6872.

    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Re-visiting E-Commerce in 2010... It's Now Gone Social

    This morning I am preparing for a second meeting with one of my favorite small business clients to re-visit upgrading their print catalog and their website/e-storefront that we did way back in 2005. We also successfully project-led their migration over to Quickbooks a few years ago. 

    So now is an opportunity to "update" ourselves...on what is going on now in small business e-commerce... and to get it right, in an explosive Web 3.0 marketplace where much has now changed due to technology improvements and due to the profound influence of social media on local, regional, national, and international commerce. "Social Commerce" is what they have been now calling it since about 2006, and it presents both a new challenge and a new opportunity to understand and leverage newer approaches that link up your e-commerce storefront with social sites such as Facebook where there is now a lot of "traffic" and an opportunity to grow more business by having a business presence there.

    Communities of interest using Facebook hang out there like folks do around the "water cooler", connecting up and engaging with each other and recommending products and services. See this Wikipedia link more info about "Social Commerce". Also see Social Media Strategist Dr. Paul Marsden's presentation on International Trends in Social Commerce.

    Several newer e-commerce platforms..that we are looking at.. have now been designed to integrate with social media platform architecture such as Facebook and Twitter, to bring "The Till" (e.g. e-commerce platform) to the "water cooler" and the "water cooler" to "The Till" . See for example. Ours is a great new time. Call me and let's discuss new social commerce challenges and opportunities together. We continue to learn... just like you. 425.780.6872.

    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Television is Now Everywhere... Let's Produce it... Ourselves

    This morning I woke up with television on my mind, probably because my wife and I had just had dinner with old friends who are still over at KCTS public television where I used to work. That was more than ten years ago.

    That was the time when the only people who could do television  and who were "television literate" were at television stations, and the equipment that was most exciting, most exotic,  most inaccessible and most daunting to use was HDTV. Of course, some people could go to public access cable television, even then, but the equipment was expensive, technically daunting and not all that "accessible"..and most definitely not HD. Back in the day I actually designed and supplied those kinds of systems.. to cable companies!

    But to now we were last night sitting around the kitchen table taking a look my friend's gorgeous new ultra-compact low-cost point-and-shoot still camera... that oh by the way.. also records HD video....So also does the new Apple iPod Touch that came out a few days ago..."Television" is now everywhere...or at least the technology to produce it is.

    So let's produce quality television ourselves... and further raise our consciousness I say. Let's learn how to do that, so that we can tell and spin our own stories, and frame the world... in our own best interests and from our own points-of-view... rather than by someone else' make this world of ours more just, more inclusive and even more Democratic. Just stop for a second and contemplate...better yet... feeeel... the power of that.

    It's not only new low cost technology that is amazing...but what's also amazing is the fact that the Internet itself is a way bigger and network than the cable television and broadcast television that we have historically allow ourselves to continue to be dominated, mesmerized...and sometimes get awed by. 

    So now, instead of being glued to the boob tube to get the news... we can make the news ourselves. As we get better at this ourselves we can also create a critical mass of viewers that can transform even public television and also will have  more advertisers and more sponsors follow. That is what already is happening and why social media and YouTube is "free"...because it's all those targeted viewers, and all those Facebookers..that define themselves by their choices...  that advertisers and sponsors love to reach.

    We just need to wake up and stop being "brain dead" ... The new television is now a real, "net-new" opportunity to be seized... including even creating your own television "channel" right on our own website, and the first program that people watch ...could be a powerful web television piece about your own product/service offering or social cause. Television can also be used to educate, and to empower. Done right it can even transform educational systems both public as well as private. Wake up and observe what is already happening in the learning marketplace with charter schools, and the explosion of online schools also eligible for public funds.... the entire economic, political and social landscape is now changing. 

    Call me...and let's talk about producing some television that moves your business forward and that also can change the world. I come out of television and know how to do this. 425-780-6872

    Saturday, September 4, 2010

    What is Your Secret Secret Sauce?

    This morning what's on my mind is the amazing journey that I continue to be on as I discover my "secret sauce" and leverage my unique core essence as a communications and learning consultant. Yesterday, certainly was no exception. Now that I have been learning to "flow" my energy, I decided to try it out by meeting with one of my more challenging clients and re-connecting with him on a more positive and productive basis to finally move forward with providing his company with a better and more vibrant website.

    It would be no easy task. At first, the conversation and the meeting went well. We updated each other on what had been going in our lives and where we both were now. I then showed my client some across the board the progress I have been making by "Going Google" and how delightful the experience has been for me... but then when I focused on him and his business and addressing his own website, I could start to feel my client's low energy flow and resistance kick in.. The negative energy flow was so strong, I had to check with my own feelings. Instead of feeling good, I got a "red flag" of frustration and exasperation which told me that I needed to be more aware of my own emotions than his. 

    Luckily however, I was able to catch myself and was able to "flip-switch" to a higher and more positive frequency by feeling more positive even about this situation, a situation where my client ....absolutely would not allow himself to visualize anything that would make his life or his business better... website upgrade included. And so what I did was to just lean back and get quiet for a moment and look inside my own self to get back to a Feel Good place for myself.. telling myself to not say another word, not until I felt better and could feel more inspired and be more positive and supportive myself.

    Unfortunately, our time together ran out and we parted without resolution, but the amazing gift that I got after feeling what happened, however, was to think about "The Secret" that I am tapping into. It now has the potential of really helping me and my client.. even in situations of low energy and resistance. Nice thought ...but my own feelings needed to be ramped up quite a few notches to fuel that thought. So my journey took the form of me deciding to go to a Vietnamese market to get some fresh green vegetables to go with dinner at home with my wife. Just the thought of nourishing my body this way made me feel better.

    At the Vietnamese market, I looked at my fresh green Baby Bock Choy.. all packaged so nicely and it made me Feel Good... so my positive energy valve continued to open up even wider. Then my energy flowed me right over to the aisle where were all those delightful sauces were....and BINGO! ..there was my favorite little jar of hot chili sauce with garlic in it that I had run out of. I put it on my chicken and it spices up my life.

    Then this morning, what I had been looking for to write about this morning's blog post...miraculously...came to was my "secret sauce" ...the added value... that is missing in most technology implementations...and that is what I can uniquely provide. It's the Feel Good that I can flow into them that can have my client, his staff and all of his existing and prospective clients all feeling good. What an "Ah-Ha!" moment. Rather than trying to continue to do my "High Ho  Silver" with these and other clients.. attracting even more resistance... let me just buzz...and "flow" some more Feel Good... energy their way...and more business will be on its way... 

    So then I went to Google Images and looked for a image to go with the concept of "Secret Sauce".. and BINGO! ...Who is waiting for me but President Obama himself holding his own bottle of "secret sauce".. letting me know that miracles ... await those who only need to pay attention. That's what Obama's "secret sauce" is too... it's his value innovation... that allows him to work his own set of miracles. Wow, do I feel great this morning! Call me and let's connect and talk about you discovering your own "secret sauce." 1.425.780.6872

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    Feeling How Great Multi-day Virtual Conference & Trade Shows Will Be...and "Green" Too!

    What I am buzzing about this morning ... is the day when folks finally "connect the dots" and that light bulb upstairs finally comes on regarding moving forward to do multi-day conferences and trade shows completely online ...and they finally grasp the phenomenal...multiple "green" advantages of this. In the past when I have spoken to people about this.. and have I gotten that good 'ole vacuous "Northwest Nice" smile ...I could almost hear folks quietly thinking inside, "This guy must be nuts!" 

    Even some of my Facebooking environmentalist friends putting on expensive physical world "green" conferences and trade shows...with huge carbon footprints...still don't get it. But because I am resonating more positively about all this now...even the "challenges" (opportunities in disguise)'s how it all will work:
    • Virtual Auditorium - After folks have pre-paid online for this multiple day event, they login over a secure broadband Internet connection to a virtual auditorium that has up to 1000 physical world end-points. Several people can be sitting around a table at one end point so thousands of people could remotely participate.

      This is a "big-reach", "learning-rich" capability where local and regional, and even national and international people can almost instantly "get there"... and "get back"...just by using the "virtual transportation" to this "virtual architecture"... spending not one cent.. and with zero carbon footprint. Content-wise, the audience can see live streamed presenters speak and push their slides.. and get blown away by awesome affordable web television pieces hosted on YouTube..produced by us and other. The audio comes through earphones and if you want to ask a question, you can use the chat box or dial in to a telephone conference call.

    • Remote Participants - What's really cool is that all the participants - the speakers, the subject matter experts, the exhibitors can log in from virtually both the communications and the learning can be world-class. Log in from home, from work, or from your favorite espresso cafe while sipping your latte and munching on that scone.

    • Breakout Sessions - Just like in a physical world conference, people can go to concurrently held break-out sessions which are web seminars. Presenters are also virtual present using "video presence" via their webcam and have all be trained to be "power" presenters... and learning facilitators... leveraging even the power of the new web television that can now be produce with high quality but at low cost.

    • Virtual Trade Show Floor - Via your web browser and after viewing a playlist of videos promoting exhibitors with their booth numbers, you can then find the number of the booth you'd like to visit.. and after clicking on it... find yourself logged into an exhibitor "booth" session.

    • Virtual Exhibitors - Although all exhibitors have all paid for their booth space (e.g. and their web conferencing license) well ahead of time, they are still grinning from ear-to-ear because of the way that the quality of their lives has now changed.... now that the old days of being a "road warrior" and doing countless "road shows" is now over. They are also grinning from all the travel expenses and airport hassles that they no longer have...and all the new business that opened up as an outcome of meeting online and socially networking, before, during, and after the event.

    • About the technology - What's truly amazing is that the technology for all this exists today...web conferencing.. web television.. and website architetures.. The only thing that been missing.. has been the "secret sauce".... the value innovation...needed to bring this all together.. in new synergy..which is where I and my brave little communications consulting and e-learning firm, New World Communications comes in. Working closely with you.. we can SOAR.. doing this.
    Think about it... and more importantly... feel how great you are going to feel when you and members of your organization.. experience all that new "green" in your bank the same time that you all have helped "refresh" the world with a fresh new approach to doing business. Call me and let's feel this together... and have multiple day virtual conferencing and virtual trade actually happen... by having us help you "walk the walk".

    Virtual conferences and virtual trade shows can be done in a mere fraction of the cost of physical world trade shows...and in mere fraction of the time. Call me and we can work out the details. 1.425.780.6872

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    Wow Am I Stoked Manifesting for All Three of These HD Cameras that the Universe will Respond With

    Wow am I stoked this morning allowing myself to feel what my life would be like ... owning all three of these radically different HD cameras and serving people well with them. Yesterday the Universe sent me not one... but three separate e-mails with RFPs... all requesting web television production services.. which got me "buzzing" positively about how well I could serve existing and prospective clientele by owning not just one of these HD cameras...but all three of them...Yesss!.

    Compact Pro HD - ($1500) - A professional HD camera that's still compact and with its own mini-shotgun communicates that I am in the business as a video production professional when I show up on a shoot. Some of these Compact Pro HD cameras can now be had for around $1500....but then...

    Digital SLR Camera - ($1099) - I am also looking at the new digital single lenses reflex (DSLR) still image cameras that also shoot excellent HD video with all the advantages of superior optics and still camera image processing, pre-sets, and manual overrides. Sweet! I recently went to an outreach event where Comcast own video production crew was there and they were all shooting HD with DSLR's. I had to do a double take because at first I thought they were bunch of photographers and press people. I just need to get the audio right and carry a camera bag....but then...

    Flip Slide HD Camera (Around $280) -  I then think about how amazingly great and versatile new one-red-button Flip Slide HD video cameras are...especially when it comes to customer empowerment... with me completely changing the television empowering and training others....feeling how great this will feel... having an HD production studio and video "slides" viewer right in my own coat pocket. If I teach others how to tell their own stories and how they get paid for it, I can even create jobs for people and help turn this economy around... This feels great! I already know it good it felt to empower at-risk, court-involved youth with Flip technology and Flip HD is the next step. 

    Now all I have to do is respond to those e-mailed requests for quotation...that the Universe sent.. as though... I already have...all three of them... feeling great about the fantastic way I will be able to serve these clients... with three fine piece of gear... and via winning these bids.... they and the financing for them..will be on their way. 

    Excuse me world, but my new web television life is waiting. Thank you Lynn Grabhorn.. My feelings now have astonishing power,  and your book and your Divine wisdom were right on time. Call me and let's connect if you like to know more about what new HD web television can help you develop your own business in our now 21st century world. 1.425.780.6872