Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remote Consulting and E-Learning and Excellent Entrepreneurship Curriculum Would Do It

If you are as tired as we are, being invited to attend countless "multi-cultural" small business outreach events that rip you off, wasting both your time and your money, and delivering nothing of substance, then you need to talk to us. We continue to be amazed about how bad so-called business development services are in the Pacific Northwest, so much so that we are now on a mission to do something about that.

The challenge and the opportunity is that most of the organizations that offer business development services are not in touch with the needs of the people they try to sell their services to.  They also don't know how to consult with folks or how to design, develop and deliver a business development curriculum that makes a bottom-line difference with small business that also provides a greener and more sustainable approach.

What would be way better would be a remote consulting practice and an e-learning offering in entrepreneurship that would make a real difference.. business development-wise.  It could take advantage of powerful communications resources like e-meetings, and best practices web television that save time, cost less and that are way more cost-effective than expensive hotel and convention center events.

Also a program that develops "green" businesses by lowering carbon footprint, conserving energy and improving profitability would be most timely...and we are working on that... For more information call us today and let's connect and focus on what you need business development education-wise and how to get it. 1.425.780.6872

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