Thursday, January 26, 2012

Part 1 - Introduction - Think Video and Get Rich

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There's been a lot on my mind recently about how to use low-cost almost no cost web video technology to grow business supporting my growing list of small business, non-profit, government, and enterprise clientele. At the same time, I have been reading some excellent books about wealth-creation and actualizing prosperity.. and so the mind is a beautiful thing... What's been  unfolding is a course ... Think Video and Get Rich that practically applies lessons learned to actually achieving some remarkable entire channels of marvelous content that can help develop multiple communities in our now 21st Century world. Here are applications for this that I been working on thus far:
  • Community Resource Development Television - People watch it and contribute to it as part of growing physical world and online community

  • Small Business Development Television - Small business owners watch this and contribute to it so that they can do better job of not only just surviving but also thriving in a now 21st century world.

  • Health and Wellness Television - All the local naturopaths and yoga instructors I know still aren't taking advantage of new low cost almost free web television to grow their business. If they mastered the web television thing... their businesses would flourish.  There are several health and wellness shows on traditional cable television to learn from... as a point of departure, and web television using now Google+ HangOuts sessions could be even more social.

  • Non Profit Capacity Building Television - Executive directors, their development people and countless volunteers, as well as organizational members can all benefit from quality content that they watch and that they contribute to that communicates how to develop non-profit capacity in a rapidly changing, 21st century world. All kinds of organizations could use some help achieving their mission and their vision in a now even more competitive marketplace.

  • Government Human Services Television - Local, Regional, National, and International Governments could also use some help with empowering entire communities and neighborhoods to address critical issues of health, enterprise innovation, employment, and continual learning by authoring some of their own "how-to" web television content in a specially-developed social learning online virtaul space that I can design as a communications and learning architect.

  • Social Venture Partnership Television - Even large corporations are finally starting to get wiser about becoming authentically involved in front-running projects and new initiatives that create win-win scenarios for multiple stakeholders.. not just for the "1 percent". They need to learn from and become involved in front-running initiatives by community-stakeholders that actually work. Microsoft has been considered by some to be an "Evil Empire"... and Google itself it connects its numerous properties is next. Getting more socially involved and promoting heart-centered applications of their technology can greatly improve their brand.

  • ...And on and on - Creatiivity is the source of unlimited properity once folks learn how to tap into it and leverage it... which is what I am committed to help orchestrate.
The books I mention can be found online in my Amazon-powered New World Virtual Bookstore. Also see how affordable web television technology now is on my Web Television Technology page. All of this content development and business development can be rapidly accelerated via the use new Google+ and other social networking architectures. I welcome your own comments and thoughts. Let's connect if you like to communicate - my phone as 206-920-8067 and welcome your comments. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ira Glass's Wisdom-sharing is Worth Blogging, Tweeting, and Google +ing About

This morning I was thinking about what I and other creative small business entrepreneurs need to hear... in spite of all the hype from Internet marketing gurus who claim that they can help you get there way quicker...just by buying their latest, greatest online learning product offering, even though their own learning path to excellence took a lot longer and was a lot more painful.  

Then BINGO!, someone sends me this excellent video done by Ira Glass on YouTube that is way more honest...and way more enlightening that relates to what I have been personally experiencing myself....on the one hand, I have been given the gift of good taste... knowing what I am striving for, yet on the other hand, getting there can take a while.

Wow, am I grateful for all that I have learned thus far, and what I have been able to accomplish both for myself as well as for my growing list of customers who also share the "long view" of what it takes to succeed....and am I humbly happy to learn even together we learn and master new things...enjoying both the ride as well as the destination...working closely together...moving the business forward.

It's not what folks...looking for instant gratification want to hear...but it is the Truth... with a big T. Of course that doesn't preclude flashes of Divine Inspiration, and "special insider tips"  that can help you hit the jackpot more quickly, but struggle and plain hard work, even with all that, is STILL part of the equation... any lottery winner can tell you that. True prosperity and authentic happiness is a deeper and broader phenomenon than what the instant gratification folks understand.

I am really ecstatic about the potential power of web television as a way of driving more business. Call me if you too understand excellence when you see it, and if you too are willing to do what it takes to achieve it yourself...over time. There are a few things that we can share with each other that we have learned along the way. 206-920-8067.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jo Barnes of Social Networking Academy Has Ten Great Rules for 2012

Happy New Year for 2012. While coming up with some resolutions of my own for this year,  I had the good fortune to listen to social media marketing guru Jo Barnes of the Social Networking Academy in the UK talk about hers in her Start 2012 With A Bang webinar replay. Jo is "The Real Deal" whose "number #1 secret"  is "consistent, focused action" practically applied through these rules to live and work by:
  1. Set your goals sanely at three levels - Minimally - what you intend to do minimally to move towards the goal - Reasonably - what is reasonable with more effort, and Maximally with even more effort. Don't overwhelm yourself by making too many goals.. Just work on your top three. Even if you are only able to work on two of them, you'll feel great about the progress you are making which is good for programming the subjective subconscious side of your consciousness.

  2. Measure Your Success Against Your Own Results, Not Against Others' Results - This flows the energy outward from within and prevents you from get discouraged by others who may be ahead of you and who may appear to be more successful.

  3. Test & Measure Everything - The web has some great tools that you can use to analyze and measure the impact of what you do online. Don't allow yourself to to get overwhelmed by too many analytics. The ones you want to watch are: a) daily visits to your site, b) how many sign-ups you get to your list as a percentage of site visitation, and c) how many sales you get ("conversions") as an outcome of your marketing campaign initiatives.

  4. Give, Give, Give... as much as you can - Jo really "walks the walk" with this one the way the way that she gives of herself.. up front with free content, free templates, free advice and in her charitable giving of part of her revenue. The Universe responds to those who do good and who serve well.  Don't wait until you reach a special number before you start giving. There are many ways that you can give NOW and this plants seeds of goodness that is returned to you. You reap what you sow.

  5. Content, Content, Content is King - Consistently providing valuable content in multiple ways is key to building relationships of value and converting prospects into customers, and return business clientele. She produces a lot of great videos, does webinars, and even gives away free leads capture templates.

  6. Network, Network, Network - Write down all the people you'd like to network with ... and do it. Write them down. This starts the ball rolling with you following up on these. Comment on their posts, outreach to them, share their info, feature them, ask to interview them. Invite them in as honored guests. Get in their radar.

  7. Remember How Awesome You Are! - You are a child of the Universe and you need to acknowledge and respect that by taking care of yourself physically and mentally. What you are and who you worth it. Make it a habit of feeling good. She suggests getting up early and watching some YouTube videos of the master inspirational gurus Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and others.

  8. Be Insanely Brave... Because Good Things Can Only Come From It - Jo is incredibly right on here. It's our fear that holds us back and prevents us from creating and actualizing the reality we want to live in.

  9. Spend More Time Being With Friends and Family... Now even as you go - This is about living in the NOW. that also keeps you grounded and sane. The journey is more important than the destination.

  10. Live The Life You Choose to Live - Jo reminds us that is really up to us to choose how we want to live and than create that life.
Again Happy New Year 2012 and thank you Jo. Social Media Marketing is part of it. Call us and let's explore working together to help you accomplish your dreams - 206-920-8067