Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bettina Carey... Nails It Again at Staples BestTech Bootcamp Event

Staples at 3011 196th Street SW in Lynnwood, Washington was the place to be yesterday from 10:00 am all the way 'til 4 pm.. (The time flew!). My good friend and strategic business partner Bettina Carey of Women In Small Biz.. and Bold Men (I might add) just did yet another great in-store marketing event with the Staples Office Superstore chain. This time the event focus was an all-day  "Best Tech Bootcamp" designed to empower small business owners with new ways to develop their business and improve their profitability using technology. The pizza and all the free drawings and give-away door prizes were great.

Of course this is when, just before presenting, the LCD projector Bettina had... didn't "like" my laptop... So I had to "connect" with folks the old-fashioned way... without presentation support...talking about my work...instead of being able to show it... and connecting with folks by having them their minds...what the heck I was talking about... using their own imagination to make their mental "movie" even better than the one I could produce.

The experience made me feel like I was a living "public radio" program. (Hmmm! maybe I should also think about doing a web radio blog... I love This American Life... and WireTap.)  Luckily, I did take my Flip digital video camcorder along with me and was able to capture some of this great event. See the video on YouTube

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