Friday, August 20, 2010

Excuse Me...Your Business is Waiting... Here's a Great Read for You

This morning I am still buzzing over the joy I have discovered reading a book that my sister down in California recommended to me called Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting - The Astonishing Power of Feelings by best-selling author Lynn Grabhorn. Written in 2000, the book is an outcome of what she calls a "grand spiritual journey to get more out of life" as she learns about the Law of Attraction, first academically through formal study that didn't get her very far, and then by way of people she experienced and learned from along the way, and with way better results. 

My interest in the book has to do with two major things that affect all of us, especially me as a small business entrepreneur: 1) How to "unblock" myself so that I can make my business work and get more out of life, and 2) how to tap into the powers of the Universe and make things happen for me and my customers... and BINGO! did I hit the jackpot! 

What I have been really sensitive to lately is something that folks back in the day used to talk about, "vibes"... or energy vibrations.. and how important they are. This is what the Law of Attraction is about.  Modern day physicists in fact now all agree that this is what our so-called "physical" world is made of...pure vibrational energy.. everything... even the rocks..the earth, the wind, the fire, you and me.  

This world of energy also "responds" to human energy transmitted in the form of human emotions... not so much as by thought as by actually feeling things into being ... in a high energy way. Positive, high energy attracts more positive high energy, and negative, low energy attracts more negative, low energy. It's our own feelings that create our "reality"... not "Reality" itself... which is a giant energy field....Pure Spirit itself. There is no such thing as "facing Reality"...objectively. What we mistake for the "object" is our own subjective consciousness... our own feeling state that most often we are not even aware of or in touch with. 

This approach is radically different from than the way most of us approach life in a more mechanistic, billiard ball way. Here is the sequence that we have been indoctrinated with ... do, do, do, act, act, act. and be careful about all the dangers and the pitfalls along the way, then maybe if you are lucky you can succeed, and allow yourself to feel happy, safe, and loved. Wow, if you approach life this way, with these kinds of feelings the energy level that you attract is so low, so frustrating, and so brain-dead... it's no wonder that attracting and closing business is so tough, delivering more of what you don't want. 

What's so great his how the author shows you how to flip that around by focusing on what you want rather than on what you don't want. Amazing what the power of positive feelings can do.  Wow! What a goldmine this book is, especially the way it makes moving forward elegantly simple. Get it and let's connect around feeling and getting what we want for ourselves business development-wise. Here's my phone: 1.425.780.6872

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