Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leveraging the Power of New Social Media Marketing Will Do It

I am now convinced that leveraging the power of new Social Media Marketing will do it. Here's how:
  • Quality Video Content.... Even that shot on a mobile phone can be produced that speaks to the needs of targeted audiences.

  • Mega-submission of Content... to multiple online-line locations at once, will get you quickly indexed and get you top page rankings on all the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing ...way less expensively than SEO and SEM consultants are charging.

  • Upgraded website with a compelling video and leads capture page can deliver what it takes to have people "join" your list and sales funnel.

  • With great content, heart-centered marketing, quality communications and learning design, site visitors can be converted into customers, return business clients, and even advocates....over time... referring you to others....and building a supportive community.
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Art Johnson
New World Communications

Blogger's Dynamic Views Are Potentially A Gamechanger

This morning, I am reeling with excitement over Blogger's new Dynamic Views.  Here's a video on YouTube that runs through seven new layouts. Personally, it makes a lot of sense to go this way than it does to implement a timeline for all your content, no matter how trivial on Facebook. This could be a real game-changer.  I welcome your own comments and thoughts about Blogger dynamic views. Which ones do you like? I am in the process of trying to figure out which layouts would be more engaging communications-wise and learning-wise. 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Community-authored Television a Hyperlocalized World

This week, I'm ecstatic after doing some experimenting, producing content using my new 4G smart phone and shooting HD video with it. The implications are far-reaching... if you have the right mindset and approach. Having a television background in systems, programming, and distance learning has helped me become aware of just some of the fantastic community-authored television possibilities in a hyperlocalized world:
  • The smallest micro-business owner who can afford to buy and use a smart phone, with the right help, can afford to produce high-quality web television and other content that can cost-effectively drive traffic to his or her company's website or place of business.

  • It's now possible for small businesses and non-profits to produce quality content for a web television channel, right on their on their own website.

  • It's now possible for different kinds of stakeholders to have a web television channel that "speaks" specifically to stakeholder's needs. Just visualize for a moment just some of the possibilities and how much good this kind of community-authored television would do:

    • Personal Development Channel - We could all use this to address our issues and help us become the people we need to be to make a difference in the world. This channel could make the world's very best local, regional, national, and international subject matter experts, life coaches, authors and  personal trainers make themselves available to you to help you feel better, lose weigh, kick a bad habit, transition to the next phase. A youth-centric television channel could spin off from this, communicating and articulating a youthful voice... with a whole lot of guidance and mentoring and community support... of a new from of "social television"

    • Health & Wellness Channel - This is a powerful new opportunity for those of the right mindset not afraid to do front-running work of quality. It can drive purchase of services as well as products. If people learn how to take better care of themselves, billions of dollars can be well as made.

    • Employment Channel - Everything you need that addresses your employment and/or possible career change needs in fresh new ways. If done right you could find a job, or even create your own using the kinds of resources this channel could provide. There's a lot of information out, but the challenge and opportunity is providing and accessing it in a hyperlocalized way.

    • Small Business Development Channel - Everything you as a small business entrepreneur need to help you move your business forward... delivered by the world's very best local, regional, national, and international consultants. Remote consulting and webinars could be part of the offering... "Green" business development could also be a part of this.

    • The Non-Profit Channel - This would be a channel that delivers everything that non-profit people and organizations need to turn that next corner, the people and the resources for capacity building, board development, fund-raising in a 21st century world using technology and social media, donor development, social venturing.. the work's.

    • The Mom's Channel - Everything having to do with being a mom, produced by moms themselves and hooking you up with great people and resources.. even online seminars and information about successfully running a business from home.

    • Baby Boomers Channel - Wow is this needed. Baby Boomers have a special set of gifts...and challenges that such a channel could address. A great channel with new directions could really help baby boomers and their families with special issues and needs that Baby Boomers and their families have from employment and re-thinking "retirement" to coping with aging parents.

    • The Edu-Tainment Channel - The Internet is powerful. With an intelligent approach, people of all ages would be able to learn anything they need to, and even take accredited courses and earn special certificates. Intensive learning is also possible through special virtualized 3-day workshops and retreats, where even remote attendees can afford to The content would not only be educational, but also entertaining...with reality tv shows that do both.

    • And many, many more - The mind boggles just thinking about all the awesome possibilities for community-authored television...taken way beyond "old think" public access television and produced in a quality way. 

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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Plot Thickens: Facebook to Release Whole New Layout

Here's a "heads-up" about the plot thickening in the social networking space. Facebook is about to release a whole new layout. Jo Barnes of Social Networking Academy fame and fortune in the UK sent me an e-mail about it. She recently attended a conference with Facebook and got sneak preview. See her layout above. Now that Google has officially launched Google+ out of beta, I suspect that we will see a whole lot of leap-frogging going on between Facebook and Google,  that will benefit users smart enough to take advantage of both Facebook and Google resources by using them intelligently and by continuing to learn. This is where working with a well-positioned communications and learning consulting firm comes in. We have the whole world's technology smorgabord to choose from and can help you manage what you put on your plate at any given time. There is also a HUGE community-authored web television and hyper-local business development opportunity. Call us and let's strategize...together - 425-780-6872.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google + Hangouts go On Air...and Mobile as Google Aces A Newer Hyperlocalized Marketplace

If you had your doubts whether Google+ would be a contender or not, you can now be put all doubts to rest. In the last ninety days, Google has made over 100 improvements to its new Google+ social networking platform already delivering phenomenal value to those of us who already understand the potential power of "Circles", "HangOuts", "Huddles" and "Photos" media sharing. 

The lastest win is HangOuts On Air that now competes with LiveStream, Mogulus, UstreamTV, Telestream and others. Phone Hangouts are also possible if you running version 2.3+ on your Android phone with front and back cameras. 

We are witnessing history in the making during this exciting time of ours. Seeing all this stuff go mobile will have important implications for the development of community-authored television and hyperlocal business development... that drives economic recovery of local communities. Talk to us if you to are interested in making some of it. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google+ Hangouts Extras Make this a Serious Collaborative Resource..Rivaling Paid Web Conferencing Services

Google has done it again with the addition of new Google Hangouts Extras in the new Google+ social networking environment. New additions of powerful capabilities like actual real time collaboration using Google Docs, now makes Google Hangouts+ a serious collaborative resource that now rivals fee-based web conferencing services like WebEx, GoToMeeting, and iLinc that you have to pay a whole lot a bucks for... and Google Hangouts is absolutely even the smallest micro-business can afford to get into the game. See this video and look at just some of the new capabilities:
  • 10-seat video conferencing with real-time global conversation and no minute-by-minute costs
  • Document collaboration using Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets to do powerful work
  • Desktop sharing - This could be a PowerPoint slide show used to share application screens
  • Whiteboard features - A great way to globally brainstorm using graphics, text, symbols and images with folks across the region ...or across the world
  • "View-podding" -  This is my favorite and what we are doing front-running work A pod of people can view a YouTube video together and talk about it together...This can be awesomely powerful...if the community-authored web television is powerful. This can be powerful tool for transforming entire communities and for revitalizing local economies. "

    A technical note: Only a few years ago, accessing this kind of capability costed more than $10,000 for licensed use, and it wasn't as good or as convenient to access as it is today. The same can be said of today's low-cost almost no cost web television technology. 
Do some of these ideas help? I continue to be amazed by folks set in their ways and not electing to even try newer technology that has the potential of improving their situation...especially during these challenging economic times... and especially when this new technology is free.  What are they waiting for? With an intelligent and heart-centered approach, Google+ and Google Hangouts can not only be used to grow business, but this stuff can also be applied to make ours a better world. We know how to do that.  Here are just some of the ways:
  • Real Estate, Community-Authored Television and Hyperlocal Advertising Applications - Talk to us. If you wait, the opportunity will have already passed you by. 
  • Independent Sales Reps in Multi-Level Marketing programs - A great way to recruit new reps and build business together
  • Small Business Owners - Use it to do webinars that can grow your business. Talk to us about how we can provide entire suite of Google resources - Google Sites, YouTube video, mobile video, Google+ and Google HangOuts to grow your business.
  • Non-profit Executive Directors and Development Directors - Let us consult with you to leverage the power of the new television and Google+ Circles and Hangouts to grow your capability as well as develop donors and fundraise.
  • Government Managers - There are countless ways we can do outreach using the new web television, Google+ and new Google Hangouts ...including community-based programs working with at-risk, court-involved youth. 
  • Large Business, Corporate Social Responsibility Applications and Community Partnerships - Talk to us. Let us consult with you regarding new applications for these stuff that can position you phenomenally well in the community.
Contact us today at 425-780-6972 let us help you move forward in this now 21st century world of our with a fresh new approach. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Excellent Video for How to Create a Perfect Facebook Page...Great Production Values!

As a new world communicator, instructional designer and web television person, I am always interested in how Internet front-runners keep pushing the envelope as they communicate. This video I found on YouTube is an excellent example of that using excellent production values. The content, the talent, the look-and-feel and the delivery using well lit green screening and a virtual set are all excellent. This how to video, one of the best I've seen, raises the bar when it comes to production values. I just bought a $20 Kindle book on Facebook page creation...and this video delivers exactly what I was looking a few minutes. Web television...done right can be really, really powerful.

I welcome your own comments. Let's connect and explore the new web television future together. 425-780-6872.