Friday, December 12, 2014

Beyond Ferguson: The Real Talk Every Parent Needs to have with Boys and Young Men of Color "Airs"!

Friday, December 12, 2014. The good news from Bothell, Orlando and New York is that last night, in spite of a few minor technology challenges,  three enlightened African American elders went "Beyond Ferguson - Walking the real talk that every parent needs to have with boys and young men of color" and even beyond that to an entire world, all with the senseless killing of countless others boys and young men of color beyond the ones that make the news. Friends and colleagues Kujaatele Kweli, Lenny Burg, and Dr. Donald Tate ...all soared last night, and the conversation on our Google + Events page is only just beginning. We welcome your comments and use of our Q&A, You can also access their wonderful article via viewing the session and accessing the special Showcase app.

Even more good news is that we used and entire suite low-cost and no-cost cloud based technologies to do that:
  • Internet connectivity, laptops, and smartphones with built-in webcams we already had
  • We also add access to the world's fastest growing "social" platform, Google+ using HangOuts and HangOuts On Air, while other folks drifting on Facebook and Twitter are still scratching their heads about what's in Google+ for them. 
  • Envision this! - Members of a now global, local, regional, national and international community themselves authoring their own television content, doing a world of good, and attracting even more of it.... That's what just happened and and more good news is on the way as we "think:" into and "align" with an everywhere divinely present world of unlimited potentiality and infinite possibility.
A fruitful possibility for you and your own organization from the smallest solopreneur, to small businesses, to faith-based organizations, public library systems, and non-profits, to local, regional and national government agencies..including U.S. Department of Justice,  to educational institutions...from the family on up... to the largest of enterprises and nation-states: Using the very same massively scalable technology to do a world of good for you and the people and organizations you serve too.  It's all about the learning..and the enlightened doing. See our Learning Resources page for more info and/or just call me and let's connect about using low-cost, and no-cost cloud-based technology to make a positive difference in our abundant world of infinite possibility, working with you as well - 206-920-8067

Art Johnson
New World Communications
Bothell, Washington