Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Those of You in Large Enterprises...Value Innovation... Can Be Good For You

Here's an interesting dilemma: Stodgey old larger institutions in government, education, and public utilities used to doing business the same old  ... usually unproductive... carbon-intensive way...need innovation the most, but respect the diversity of new ideas least..like experimenting with new green-metered web conferencing that has zero carbon footprint. New low-cost, almost no-cost web television... produced by employees...and even customers themselves... that we train and empower could help too.

We can save them a whole lot of time.. and tons of money. We can even do multi-day virtual conferences and virtual trade shows with this stuff.. also with zero carbon footprint...helping organizations "find" new budget they never knew they had. So for us small business innovators, this dilemma continues to be one of our greatest CHALLENGES, but also one of our greatest OPPORTUNITIES...Yesss! (That's the eternal optimist ...and good 'ole human spirit in me.) More learning could help... I've been thinking...

It's amazing how the Universe responds...e.g.  right when I am focusing my thoughts on this, BINGO!, I get this e-mail from Chief Information Officer (CIO) magazine with short but sweet little article about Innovation being "The Next Frontier" on the Human Capital Agenda. Wow.. did it open my eyes wide about how larger organizations work... the value innovation in most cases only happens at the top ...unless corporate managers empower others to be innovative at lower levels.. as the "learning organization"...or unless brave little managers and courageous staff people in some way step up to the plate and become leaders.. based on their own convictions and excellent problem-solving skills. 

... It's all about leadership and the culture of place. Hmmm! Reading this article gives me some insightful ...and some inciteful.. ideas. What are yours? Call me and let's connect. There's more than one way to skin the cat and we can work with you.  1.425.780.6872

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