Friday, August 27, 2010

Wow! City of Seattle Business Casual Events Are Amazing Way to Connect

This morning I am ecstatic about how amazing City of Seattle Business Casual events are turning out to be. ...especially with so much change..and hope in the air.. in just about every area of life - e.g. Mayor McGinn's new Jobs Plan initiative just came out. And King County Executive Dow Constantine also dropped by ... and I could feel him buzzing with positive expectations...and good vibes.. King County's new county-wide Strategic Plan is about to be put into action with some excellent goals and objectives...This represents a huge opportunity for county-wide stakeholder engagement.

What's really different now is the feeling that I get that...this time around... diverse groups of people really ARE interested in connecting with each other, as decent human beings... rising to the occasion to build community and get things done in a hopeful and innovative way..and just in time too... to address our huge economic and environmental challenges...and opportunities.

And what fine folks were there, including my new client, friend and colleague David Della of Eco Ready LLC a sustainable business development consulting firm. (See his new website I just developed for him). And wow was it great to connect with folks there as interested as I am in developing virtual transportation-to-virtual architecture applications...eventually in 3D even.

I felt right at home...and what hope it gave me that a diverse group of folks ...across generations and across cultures..and across economic strata... could rise to the occasion to do amazing things together that can help turn our economy around, create new jobs, and make ours and even better world to celebrate our humanity in.  Several major issues have been on my mind that are critical to my own development as a small business entrepreneur and as a "new world communicator".

I've  been working with whole new suite of low-cost, almost no cost tools & strategies... so I decided to take my "Flip" ($89 digital "web televsion" camera) ... to "walk the walk" by doing a site survey and "screen test" to see how the lighting, audio, and the "talent" responded... Thanks Steve Johnson... you understood where I intend to go with this... immediately....and thanks Steve for putting on City of Seattle Business Casuals.  This is an amazing way to connect with folks and have ours become a better world for a lot more people.

I welcome and all comments to this post. Let's also connect by phone if you'd like 1.425.780.6872

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