Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Communications Done Right ...is Like a Bowl of Cherries...Sweet!

When it comes to communications, here's a little more food inspiration for you here... This time it's a bowl of cherries, simple, elegant and sweet .. and its about the CONTENT and the DELIVERY and planning and caring that has to go into this to have that tree bear that luscious fruit and to have that bowl present it so nicely.

Communications ...done right... can be like a bowl of cherries...if you invest in developing and implementing a good communications plan that speaks to the needs of your audiences. 

The CONTENT needs to be ripe with meaning that people care about, as they personally experience the VALUE of your offering and what's in it for them ...FEELING-wise if they are to buy in. Feeling good.. is important because that in itself attracts other positive energy that results in action. 

This especially goes for important social causes and public policy issues that can improve the quality of our lives and the lives of multiple stakeholders. Think about kids for instance, and how great you feel when you step up to the plate and advocate on their behalf  so that all kids can have what they deserve to have: food, health, shelter, caring, love and a quality education. 

Now about the DELIVERY and the vessels that communicate and deliver your offering. In a 21st century world, we are talking multiple venues here that can comprise your marketing communications "mix" and campaign:
  • Public relations events like political rallies and marches ... that are also documented by your trained web television production team. If your programs support kids, have some of them testify on their own behalf. These events can culminate a whole year of communications activity.
  • Blogging campaign...with simultaneous posts to social media
  • Web television channel that even includes videos produced by customers.
  • Virtualized physical world outreach meetings.. that use web conferencing and roll in the television.
  • Website..upgraded so that you can even meet with stakeholders "inside" your website.
  • Virtual conferences and trade shows.
  • Donor development and fundraising events...done both in the physical world as well as online
Communications...done right... can be like a bowl of cherries... and oh so sweet. Call me today if you need some help with this. 1.425.780.6872

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