Monday, October 31, 2011

YouTube's Broadcast Yourself Raises the Bar on Excellence

This afternoon I am resonating positively after experiencing where YouTube's Broadcast Yourself blog is going... raising the bar on excellence. The Life In A Day Project provides an exciting and inspiring portrait of life of people across the planet... providing us with a glimpse of what community-authored television can be about.

It's great to be alive.. appreciating and grateful for this. I welcome your own thoughts and comments.

Best regards,

Art Johnson
New World Communications
Bothell Washington (near Seattle)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Community-authored now possible even using an Android cellphone

Our experiment worked... The question we asked was "Is community-authored television now possible using an Android smartphone and YouTube?" See for yourself, the answer was an exciting "yes!". Although this impromptu video just focused on just a few small businesses in the Canyon Park region of Bothell, what's in this for multiple stakeholders is the following:
  • Micro-Business and Small Business Television - Even the smallest micro-business can now afford to produce quality television programming, designed to grow business in a phenomenally powerful way.

  • Non-Profit Television - Even the smallest and most challenged non-profit organizations can now afford to produce quality television programming, designed to develop capacity, fund-raise and develop donors in a phenomenally powerful way. This television can be produced by clients themselves... not just by slick professional video production companies.

  • Government-based Community Services Television...authored cooperatively by and with citizens and businesses themselves.... will be the key to economic recovery, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • Edu-Tainment Television - A new learning model is emerging where increasingly communities of people themselves will be instrumental in authoring their own learning and even driving institutional educational offerings. The new model will be both educational... as well as entertaining...designed to hold audiences... and informed by how Oprah, other prime-time television shows...and front-running Internet knowledge gurus do it.  This television will be more "social" in nature...extended via newer social networking architectures.

  • Large Businesses - The hand-writing is already on the wall. Today's smarter businesses already recognize that all current and future business success will depend upon authentically socially-responsible venturing and partnership with people in the community... not just "public relations". Quality community-authored television will also be instrumental in developing that relationship and in creating and telling that story, driving short-term, mid-term, and long-term profitability. 
What we are already seeing...and involved with... a whole new world communications landscape where community-authored television ... will be the medium, that when combined with other social media technologies.. will be the big game changer.  Call us today... if you too are interested in seizing this new opportunity for phenomenal advantage whatever area of business you are involved with. 425-780-6872.

Art Johnson
New World Communications

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Dream Come True: Google Presentations... with YouTube video..."Inside" a Google Hangout Session

This is a screen capture of live Google Hangouts Enhanced version session. 
This morning, I am resonating with a marketing communicator and trainer's dreams come true, with respect to using Google Hangouts a powerful communications and learning resource...using it to do online events and webinars where the following is now possible...without paying cent.. for fee-based web conferencing:
  • Participants can see each other "face-to-face" in real-time using multiple webcams
  • Participants can do collaborative work together using Google Docs....and Spreadsheets
  • Powerful YouTube training videos can now be viewed "inside" a Google Presentation.
....all for free...using Google+ and Google Hangouts.

Capacity - Right now its up to 10 people... ideal for a small workshop or workgroup. You can even use a third-party screen recording utility to record sessions if you'd like. Down the road, another version of Google HangOuts ...Hangouts "On-Air" will live stream to large audiences as well as record the session. That version will more than likely will be ad-supported, so that you we will also be able to use this for "free". 

What's in this for you... Lot's when this technology is practically and innovative applied to grow your business, locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. For more information, call us today at 425-780-6872 and let's connect. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ten Great Reasons For Learning How to Produce Community-Authored Web Television Programming

This morning I am feeling the satisfaction that people will have as a direct outcome of my New World Community-Authored (Web) Television Workshop experience.  Here are ten great reasons for learning how to produce quality community-authored web television content:
  1. Web Television is where the action and the traffic is. 300.000 people visit YouTube a month. It's where and how you can reach your audiences.
  2. Web Television content done right... can be phenomenally powerful ...communications and learning-wise.
  3. Web Television production television technology is low-cost but high quality, elegantly engineered and radically mobile...going all the way into peoples' homes. See it on our Web Television Technology page of our Amazon-powered New World Virtual Bookstore.
  4. Web Television...done right... and mega-submitted to multiple online locations, can drive traffic to your website and place of business in a smart and cost-effective way that addresses Search Engine Marketing (SEM) challenges...without having to spend an arm and a leg paying to an outsourced consultant to do this.
  5. Web Television, designed as core learning content as part of a heart-felt marketing and sales conversion process, can establish authority, build relationships, and convert visitors into customers, and return-business clients that really value your offering.
  6. Web Television is social and your content will be virally shared if people value it.
  7. Web Television can be used you create your very own TV channel ....right on your website.
  8. Web Television ...done right... can be a source of unlimited creativity and wealth creation.
  9. Web Television...done right... can be the glue that brings hyper-local, regional, national, and international communities together.
  10. Web Television storytelling ...done right .. can be an awesomely rewarding, transformative experience, building your brand, communicating your unique value proposition...turning your business around....changing your life...and changing the world.
New World Communications has designed a special Community-Authored (Web) Television Workshop experience that teaches you and others members of your organization how to do ...and leverage the power of the new web television medium right. We can even tailor-fit our offering to meet your personal and organizational needs. For more info, call us today at 425-780-6872 and let's connect.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Web Television Can Be Inspirational... Look at Young Demias Jimerson

This morning I am most grateful for a social Internet that still celebrates all things positive. Here's a great story about 11 year-old football star and middle schooler, Demias Jimerson from Arkansas who is so good ...that they benched him for making too many touchdowns...invoking an obscure "Madre Hill Rule". Check the way this young man carries himself and how he communicates...even in spite of it. There are multiple "wins" ...and "take-away" lessons in this story including him stating what his priorities are. Check it out.

Watch the video. Web television... authored by communities themselves can be just as powerful... if not more so, when positive stories are shared that can build community...locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. There are young Demias Jimersons inside of all of us. That's why we love him so.  I welcome any and all comments.