Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Part 6 - Think Video and Grow Rich

 Part 6 of Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow  Rich focuses on six steps for engaging your audience during the first 15 seconds of your video so that your viewer doesn't click off:

  • Step One - Communicate what your video is about and what's in watching this for them both in the title and in the content of the video.
  • Step Two - Focus on the content first and on the branding second. What you communicate content-wise is more important than the branding because this is where the substance should be.
  • Step Three - Use the Insight Tool to learn about your viewers' behavior, particularly audience retention and where your viewers start dropping off, discontinuing viewing.
  • Step Four - Work within the your viewer groups' audience retention time frame - e.g. if they start dropping off at 2:48, then communicate within that attention span.
  • Step Five - Experiment, Experiment, Experiment - Some content and how you deliver it can retain your audience longer. Learn by experimenting with what works and what doesn't.
  • Step Six - Go the Extra Mile in the execution of these steps and over time you will see and enjoy successful results - Do the "visit" with Napoleon Hill in his office (via the power of YouTube) and learn more about the value of going the extra mile as one of his 17 success principles.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Part 5 - Think Video and Grow Rich

Here is Part Five of Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich. This episode re-emphasizes the the importance and benefit of controlling and directing one's own mind to regularly and consistently produce YouTube content of value to viewing community, aligned with what you are passionate about, and aligned with doing good for people.

What can help you develop excellence more quickly is to be part of a mastermind alliance, which is what we are building using new Google+ social networking technology. There is also some great content already on YouTube that we are aggregating and taking advantage of, using YouTube's excellent Playlist architecture.

To learn more about the benefits of being a part of a master mind alliance we send the viewer to another wonderful "office visit" with Napoleon Hill where he advises and connects with you, telling his wonderful exemplary stories about successful people, all of whom formed mastermind alliances. 

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich - Part 4

Here is our fourth episode of Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich. There is also a link to a remarkable "office visit" with Napoleon Hill. The idea for this piece was driven by the realization that one has to have the right mindset and heartset...taking possession over the control and direction of own's own mind to sustain the amount of work that is required and succeed...then BINGO I discovered a series of excellent "office visits" on being successsful done by Napoleon Hill which is helpful for developing a "Definiteness of Purpose" that can fuel the energy to take on and succeed with doing a YouTube television series designed to grow business. The take-away lesson here is that if your own mind can conceive and believe in the idea of creating your own successful web television series, you can achieve this.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich - Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of Using YouTube Video to Grow Business. This episode is about The Landscape of What's Involved as outlined in two important documents from YouTube:
  • 1) The YouTube Creator's Playbook and 
  • 2) YouTube's Playbook Guide: YouTube for Good. 
There is a lot of territory covered in these two documents in terms of breadth, but not in much depth. which creates a opportunity for us to be of service to people actually interested in using YouTube video to grow their business in a scalable and sane way. so in this video I travel across it. Once you realize how vast the territory of this opportunity is, you also quickly realize that there's more to this.  It quickly becomes clear that one has to have the right mindset and approach to developing and sustaining a full-blown YouTube video programming initiative that actually does grow business, so there's also a personal development piece to this as well. 

My own mindset and approach to this is informed by this very realization, which I feel will make the contribution I make more credible and more valuable to other small business entrepreneurs interested in travelling down the same road. I therefore cordially and humbly invite you to subscribe to both my blog and to my video series on YouTube and to communicate with me by commenting on my blog and YouTube video pages and by weighing in with your likes and even dislikes.  You can start by weighing in and commenting beginning right now in the Comment field below.  

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