Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Prosperous New Year We Are Intending for You in 2014

A Prosperous New Year in 2014 is what we are INTENDING for you and your organization.. Notice that we are now longer "wishing".for but are instead INTENDING prosperity for you in 2014 with awesomely powerful and effective approach that works 100% of the time when rightly-aligned with what we continue to learn about Developing Business in a 21st Century World informed by New Thought. "Prosperity Thinking".. "fast-forwarded" to NOW.  Here are some divinely-inspired resources that we are intending to help get you there:

  • Using Google+ to Grow Business - This is our powerful new four 2-hour session online face-to-face real-time course designed to have you "fast-track" using Google+, HangOuts, and HangOuts On Air to rocket your business forward for front-running advantage ahead later adopters sure to migrate over once they learn how prosperous they too can become..
  • Using YouTube to Grow Business - This is our six-module, six-hour, one-day intensive physical world workshop that takes advantage of no-cost and low-cost HD recording technologies you probably already are carrying around in your pocket or purse. Now that YouTube has been tightly integrated with Google+ and goes all the way to mobile and to HDTVs screents via Google's revolutionary new low-cost Chromecast HDMI player "dongle" and other dongles about to hit the marketplace, YouTube is an awesomely powerful resources to use ...and master.

    CLICK HERE for more info on our Workshops and Courses page.

  • The New World Learning Institute & Conference Center and our special Campaign Course - Using the same low-cost and no-cost technology we are now able to deliver phenomenal advantage by doing full-blown multi-day conferences and even tradeshows... either completely online in a "virtual only" or in as special "hybrid world" way...by "virtualizing" physical world conference and trade show events. We also architected a special Campaign Course and remote consultancy that gets you there over 12 months.

    CLICK HERE for more info on the Institute and CLICK HERE for more info on our Campaign Course, and CLICK HERE  for more info on our Physical World Meeting "Virtualization" Services
ENROLL NOW! DEADLINE - JANUARY 10 for pre-enrolling in next round of courses. LIMITED SPACE- CALL TODAY for more info and special discount pricing for your group, organization, company, or government agency - 425.780.6872

Kindly and best regards,
Art Johnson
New World Communications

Friday, December 6, 2013

Here are some Awesome Gifts to Give Your Business NOW to Move You Way Ahead in 2014

Folks - Here are some Awesome Gifts to Give Your Business NOW to Move You Way Ahead in 2014:
  • 1. Strategically Plan for 2014...NOW...instead of waiting until January of next year, to even start thinking about it. There is now a powerful new way to plan strategically... globally...face-to-face with groups of existing and prospective customers... locally, regionally...and across the planet ...for free using Google+ HangOuts...Talk to us..
  • 2. Move Your IT to the Cloud - We are talking about you migrating away from highly vulnerable and high upkeep older think file and mail servers and costly office applications with awful support, to way less vulnernable, and "zero upkeep" "cloud-based" virtual mail and file services and virtual applications that do way more collaboratively and that cost way less. The cloud-based collaboration allows you to work way more closely with your clients drafting proposals together... that are "spot on"..instead of missing the mark... the old way.  Talk to us.
  • 3. Upgrade Your Website... Robustly - While your are moving your IT to the cloud, you may also want to upgrade your old text and graphics website no longer enough in a way more competitive continually changing.. broad-band, "social", YouTube- dominated, Blogging, Mobile,  multi-device Internet world... and where people can now meet with you...face-to-face, "inside" of virtual web-based architecture... the old way ..sucks... while the new way rocks!... there is also an approach way more manageable than "free" WordPress sites with their hidden costs... and challenging support issues... Talk to us. See our own website... as a concrete example of just some of what is now possible - visit us at www.newworldcom.com... See our New World Virtual Meeting Room... our amazing Google-powered, New World Learning Institute & Conference Center...and our YouTube content... playlist and channel.
  • 4. Use Google+ to Grow Business ...and pre-enroll to get trained NOW- Yes... there are a million people still "friending" on Facebook, folks still "tweeting" on Twitter, and Linking In on Linked In...but the new news and awesomely powerful front-running opportunity is fast-growing Google+ which if you seize it NOW and get the right help can deliver phenomenal front-running advantage... especially if you pre-enroll NOW  in conveniently online face-to-face real-time classes that use Google+ to help you "fast-track" and get started... Having you blasting out of the chute in 2014...instead of being already too late when business picks right back up in February ..even before St. Valentine's Day... Talk to us.
  • 5. Use YouTube Video to Grow Business - We are not talking here one amateur "home movie" shot by your nephew or niece...or about a 30 second video "spot" ad for cable advertising you can't  afford but about doing a well-designed series of effective YouTube programs that "speak" to the needs of your existing and prospective customers via intentional communications and learning design. Our background is in broadcast television...fast-forwarded to now... produced in a radically new low-cost..and even no-cost way. Talk to us. 
Again, gifting your business these "Gifts" NOW... can move you way ahead in 2014... if you get the jump others only still scratching their heads about what to do in 2014 ..in January of 2014... ahead of the pack. Talk to us... NOW.

Kindly and best regards,
Art - 425.780.6872

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 - Can Be Your Best Thankgiving Yet

If you are still thinking about what to put on your plate this coming Thanksgiving for 2013, here are some nice "dishes" to consider:
  • Google Site with Virtual IT Infrastructure - If your website is old and needs updating the good news is that you can gain phenomenal advantage by going down the Google Sites/Google Apps for Business road. Google Apps delivers an elegant virtual IT infrastructure - e.g. virtual file services, virtual mail services and virtual applications...and Google Sites virtual website architecture, with 24/7 enterprise support for as low as $4.17 per month per user. Google Sites back-end adminstration is elegant and easy to manage. Even a non-technical user can add pages... so you don't have the "hidden" cost of WordPress consultants and the back-end nightmare of plug-ins with no support.
  • YouTube Programming - If you are not yet using YouTube programming to grow your business you are missing out.  YouTube next to Google Search itself...is the world's second largest search engine, with massive traffic... and it gives you very own web television channel with marvelous content sharing and playlist architecture. The YouTube phenomenon has also driven the cost of high quality High Definition (HD) technology way down, and every new smart phone that people are walking around with has HD recording capability and YouTube playback ability right on it, so your programming can even reach prospective and existing clients on their mobile devices and even their HDTV sets in their living rooms and board rooms as they become "smarter". Google's revolutionary new $35 Chromecast HDMI device for example..."casts" YouTube videos right to Chromecast-enabled HDTVs. The only thing missing is having the right expertise to do YouTube programming right.
  • Getting Social On Google+ - If you are looking for front-running advantage as you build your audiences, Google's new exponentially growing Google+ social platform  is another tasty dish you can be grateful once you start using ir the right way to "get social"... building your "Circles" participating in or even launching "Communities" and even scaling and growing your business ..in every city...across the planet.
  • Face-to-face Webinars & Remote Events - Working with Google+ and new HangOuts, HangOuts On Air, or possibily even Business HangOuts...the right way... can phenomenally grow your business, locally, regionally, and across the planet... and Google technology is free or low cost ...and way more powerful than older corporate web conferencing and live streaming capability.
  • Getting Trained and Empowered - With the right approach... and getting trained and empowered using this low-cost and no-cost technology itself, you can transform your physical world challenges into virtual world and hybrid "OPPORTUNITIES"... for phenomenal front-running advantage for you as well as for your clients.  See my "Workshops and Courses", designed to help you "fast-track" getting started, and see my new 12-month Campaign Course and remote consultancy for Developing Business in a 21st Century World...all the way to culminating the campaign with major world-class virtual conference and tradeshow events.. done at a mere fraction of the cost, and in a mere fraction of time of physical world events...and with zero carbon footprint..in a radically cost-effective, and radically-eco-friendy way. See my New World Learning Institute & Conference Center to see just some of the possibilities. once you and your people get trained and empowered to move forward in virtual world, and hybrid world ways.

    For more information... call today... and let's work together to create the best Thanksgiving yet in year 2013 - Call  425,780.6872. You can also visit us at www.newworldcom.com

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Strategic Planning - What, Why, and How - Five Good Reasons

I have recently discovered, that with all the changes happening all around us, and within our own personal and business lives, that just about everyone could benefit from engaging in some strategic planning, so I decided to produce some  YouTube content about it to answer the following questions about it:
  1. What it is it?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. ...and How is it Done?
... then I cite Five Good Reasons

The "doing" gets really interesting after I discovered that strategic planning can be done online with groups of folks using Google+ HangOuts ... face-to-face, locally, regionally...and across the planet! It gets even better than that - e.g. while meeting face-to-face with my NGO executive director client I work with in Nairobi, Kenya, from here in Bothell, Washington in the US, not only was I able to engage in global strategic planning, with her and her staff, but I was able to send her down the Google Apps for Business road.

Google Appls allows her to cost-effectively put her IT infrastructure and office applications in the cloud as well use Google Sites to develop and manage a robust membership-based website with public and member-only pages that can help grow more support for their important work caring for orphaned children of AIDS/HIV parents.

The next time we, e-met, face-to-face over HangOuts and over thousands of miles, I was then able to provide  "hands-on" direct instructions on designing and developing their cloud-based Google Site using drawing tools in the HangOuts SketchPad and actually developing the site using the super-powerful, HangOuts Screenshare tool

As an outcome of on-going global strategic planning, done face-to-face, this NGO website will be truly awesome, with instructional and informational YouTube web television programming that I help my client get started with, and all the way to developing virtual learning and conferencing capability similar to the kind of capability I developed for own Google-powered New World Learning & Conference Center.

What about your own situation? Might some strategic planning and remote face-to-face consulting done the right way over Google+ HangOuts help you and your organization get where you need to go as well? Give me call today and let's find out.  425-780-6872.

Kindly and best regards,
Art Johnson

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The New World Communications Campaign Course

Here is my overview of my new Campaign Course and 12-month remote consultancy, done "face-to-face" over Google+ HangOuts, HangOuts On Air and YouTube technologies:
  • Step One/Activity One - "Getting Enabled" - is about getting technically, logically and emotionally enabled to meet face-to-face with key people locally, regionally, and across the planet
  • Step Two/Activity Two - "Business Development E-meetings" is about learning how to work productively face-to-face online, working hands-on with cloud-based applications and virtual desktops
  • Step Three/Activity Three - "Be Social" is about using Google+ and YouTube architecture and content to build receptive and supportive audiences and communities. 
  • Step Four/Activity Four - "Use YouTube" focuses specifically on using YouTube architecture and programming content that you produce and share to grow business...including channel development
  • Step  Five/Activity Five - "Virtual Business Casuals" - Has to do with combining HangOuts On Air live programming with engaging socially in restaurant happy hours across cities ...across the same time zones. 
  • Step Six/Activity Six - "Critical Conversations Series" - is about designing a series of well-architectected face-to-face roundtable-type discussion web television programs that allow you group to "frame the conversation" in your field of expertise... locally, regionally and across the planet. 
  • Step Seven/Activity Seven - "Virtual Bootcamps" involves a one-day virtual face-to-face training bootcamp where a community-of-the-whole first gathers in a virtual auditorium, then breaks up to attend concurrent break-out training sessions, and then re-convenes to summarize and close the event.
  • Step Eight/Activity Eight - "Conference and Trade Show" - a big multi-day virtual conference and virtual trade show event culminates the campaign... with zero carbon footprint ... spending radically less money and time. 
This campaign and remote consultancy is designed to tailor-fit and dovetail with "on-the-ground" physical world marketing and business development campaigns. For more info see - The Campaign Course and/or call me Art Johnson and let's explore how this offering can work with organizations' own business development plans. 425-780-6872.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Celebrating the Return of Face-to-Face Communications and Learning in a Promising New Social Way

Here I am celebrating the return of face-to-face communications and learning in a promising new social way with far-reaching implications:
  • Being social is part of our evolutionary heritage since the beginning of human civilization
  • We've historically communicated to be social... with bodily movement, voice and non-verbal face-to-face communications even other species in the animal kingdom use face-to-face communications socially. 
  • An older think "social" Internet was developed by social outcasts objectifying women by rating their physical looks, and with big egos hacking school networks.  These developers also tried to get even by engineering being "liked" in an inauthentic and manipulative way, and it caught on...much to people's dismay
  • The real-time face-to-face commuinications, however, is what has always been been missing and this has spawned more physical world face-to-face social networking acitivity as a reaction to this older-think "social" Internet. 
  • The good news is that newer platforms - e.g. Google+, HangOuts and HangOuts On Air and YouTube bring face-to-face communications back, but in a powerful new online big-rich and potentially learning-rich way that has the potential to shift the planet... in a just-in-time, cost-effective and radically eco-friendly way... something to really celebrate, as well as take front-running advantage of... ahead of the pack and later adopters who prefer to follow rather than lead. 
I therefore invite you and members of your organization or company to meet with me personally face-to-face online to experience the phenomenal benefits first-hand, and to fast-track with our online and physical world face-to-face courses that use Google+ and YouTube for front-running strategic advantage. I also warmly invite you to visit our New World Learning Institute & Conference Center... as you think about your next conference and trade event...done "virtually only" or in a special "hybrid world" way that adds net new revenue by allowing remote attendees to "be there" virtually and face-to-face as well. Also see The Campaign Course that over 12 months helps you and key members of your organization "get there"...all the way from "getting enabled" putting on a full-blown multi-day conference and tradeshow... completely online ..with zero carbon footprint. For more info...call me directly at 425.780.6872. 

Kindly and best regards,

Friday, May 24, 2013

Google I/0 2013 - What's in this for Us?

Google I/0 2013 - What's in this for Us? is my Google+ HangOuts On Air live-streamed recorded take, giving five good reasons for "Going Google" that I have personally benefited from:
  • Reason #1 - Fueling my imagination... I'm an innovator and I love to create value like a painter does with his paint brush, dipping into his palette of powerful Google tools and resources. Google I/0 2013 opened with an excellent YouTube-based example of how Google itself uses is own powerful palette of Google  resources to grow its own business, helping others grow theirs, so this approach "spoke" to me...and to millions of others... Great job Google!
  • Reason #2 - Google Apps for Business Approach is now even better - I have been taking my clients down this road, introducing them to wonderful direction that addresses multiple challenges in an elegant, powerful, and ultra-affordable way
  • Reason #3- Google Sites Cloud-based Virtual Website Architecture - The website that I develop for my clients is hosted by Google itself for as low as only $4.17 a month and what an elegant and easy to adminster virtual website architecture this is for the broad spectrum of clients I serve.
  • Reason #4 - Using YouTube Video to Grow Business ...with even more integration - Wow does YouTube video programming done right address and solve multiple issues all at the same time - sharing info that establishes authority, buildes relationships, builds business, builds your brand, with YouTube sharing architecture that keeps your cross-platform marketing sane. YouTube's integration with Google+ Hangouts On Air (what I recorded my YouTube video with) is absolutely awesome.
  • Reason #5 - Google+, YouTube, Google Apps, and Google Sites Done Right Can Transform People's and Organization's Lives, Across the Planet - This is about "painting" from the whole palette.
How exciting and amazing this journey is.. I invite you to join me!
Best regards,
New World Communications - www.newworldcom.com

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Where An Updated Website Fits In

Using YouTube to Grow Business - Where An Updated Website Fits In, focuses on the need for updating your website as part of developing your New Age marketing strategy for success. Via a special "live" Google+ HangOuts On Air webcast that was simultaneously recorded on YouTube, I as a communications and learning architect and small business owner myself, virtual tour my own upgraded website, focusing on the following advanced capabilities that I support others with:
  • Google Sites virtual website architecture - This Google-powered approach has multiple benefits
  • YouTube playlist right on the front page - Using video to grow business ...works!
  • YouTube "Television" Channel - Think "television" "channel" not just "video" to better wrap your head around what the OPPORTUNITY is....and what you need to become in order to SEIZE it. 
  • Amazon-powered AStore - I am using mine with mind-shifting books that inspire, and a web television tech page that communicates how amazingly radical and affordable high definition television technology now is.
  • New World Learning Institute & Conference Center - Hold on to your seat for this awesome ride involving actually meeting "inside" Google-powered virtual architecture to grow business in a phenomenally powerful and awesomely good way.
To take the tour yourself, and to learn more about how to upgrade your website supporting the use of YouTube video to grow your own business visit my website at http://www.newworldcom.com. For more information, and for help moving forward, call me at 425.780.6872

Monday, March 11, 2013

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Developing a Web-based Strategy for Success

Hi Folks - Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Developing a Web-based Strategy for Success addresses cross-platform management challenges raised by Stephen Van Yoder's Costco Connection May 2012 article -"New Age Marketing - Developing a Web-based Strategy for Success". My response is my new physical world workshop Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - The Workshop, as my "fast-track" solution for  mastering this stuff:
  • The Sharing Info Challenge - YouTube video is the best and most powerful way to share info
  • The Getting Found Challenge - YouTube Video programming can get you found...powerfully!
  • The Content is King Challenge - YouTube is THE IDEAL medium for delivering quality content
  • The Tapping into Social Media Challenge - More than merely "tapping into social media", new Google/YouTube "sharing" architecture helps you address this elegantly...and more importantly...sanely.
For more info about "Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - The Workshop", visit my "Workshops and Courses" area on www.newworldcom.com - CLICK HERE. Or call me at 1.425.780.6872
I also invite you to join Google+ and start Hanging Out with us via Google-powered New World Virtual Meeting Room and meeting "inside" the virtual architecture...to phenomenally move business forward.

Best regards
Art Johnson
New World Communications

Friday, February 15, 2013

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Six Great Reasons

Here are Six Great Reasons for Using YouTube Video to Grow Your Business
  • 1. YouTube is incredibly powerful for getting found and addresses your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) challenges
  • 2. The technology needed to produce hi-quality HD video programming published on YouTube costs...next to nothing when compared with the challenge and cost of "older-think" broadcast and cable TV.
  • 3. Mastery is possible and YouTube even helps you learn...and our workshop help you learn even more rapidly.
  • 4. YouTube provides excellent programming guidelines for producing content that works with strategies for captivating your audience.
  • 5. YouTube also provides excellent guidelines for how to optimize your content, your titles, your description the way you tag your content.
  • 6. Your well-planned, quality YouTube programming builds community, builds audiences, builds your brand and builds business as you grow as a "slightly famous" web television personality...managing this elegantly and sanely across several platforms ... all at the same time.
...and the best news is that my upcoming workshop - "Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - The Workshop"...is designed to have you seize and take advantage of these six great reasons via six modules to help you get there. For more info, see our "Workshops and Courses" area under "Hybrid world Learning & Conferening Resources" on our website - www.newworldcom.com. Here also is informational video about the workshop. Also please feel free to call me if you have questions about using video to grow your own business - 206.920.8067

Friday, January 11, 2013

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - The Workshop

Hi Folks! - Here is new physical world workshop I am doing over Pinnacle Sonata's Business Center/Clubhouse here in Bothell, Washington , showing small business, nonprofit, government agency, and higher ed people, how to use YouTube video to grow their respective businesses. Here's the link to informational video about Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - The Workshop. Agenda for this six-module all-day intensive workshop is the following:
  • Module One: Understanding the YouTube Business Growth and Personal Growth Opportunity
  • Module Two: Hardware-Software Approaches that Support Sustainable Programming
  • Module Three: "Hands-on" Video Production Skills Overview
  • Module Four: Programming, Pre-preproduction Planning, and Basic Editing
  • Module Five: Optimizing (your titles, description, tags) and Advanced Editing
  • Module Six: Building Community Across Several Platforms and Managing this sanely and elegantly.

    Bonus: Our entire approach is informed and shaped by New Thought Business Development principles... that work! ...and it's been the "missing piece" not found in other technology how-to seminars.
When: Weds, January 30th - 9:00 am  - 4:00 pm at Pinnacle Sonata - Business Center/Clubhouse - 23940 40th Dr SE, Bothell, WA 98021 by pre-enrollment only. Seating is limited. For more info and to enroll early, call me today at 425.780.6872 and send you to our Online Course Registration area to reserve your seat. This will be a wonderful way to come blasting out the chute for a prosperous New Year...moving you and your business forward in a phenomenally good way. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Powerful New Ways to Move Forward in 2013

Dear Friends

Here are Five Powerful New Ways to Move Forward in 2013 that I am really passionate about:
  1. Engaging the world in a series of "critical conversations" over Google+ about "Developing Business in a 21st Century World" to help people gain focus.
  2. Producing quality YouTube programming that addresses both SEO/SEM as well as cross-platform marketing management challenges
  3. Helping companies and organizations upgrade their IT infrastructure using Google cloud applications as well their websites using Google Apps for business and Google Apps for Nonprofits
  4. Listening, learning and leading on Google+ already understanding that this mega-integrated...super intelligent platform will eventually overtake "older-think" and less powerful social communications platforms
  5. Changing business by changing minds informed and inspired by New Thought Business Development principles...practically and joyously applied.
...all of which will "do a world of good...and attracting even more of it." Enjoy my video. Please weigh in with your thumbs up/down, and share your comments (in the box below). For more information, visit me at http://www.newworldcom.com and let's meet "face-to-face" in our New World Virtual Meeting Room

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome to the New World Virtual Meeting Room

Here is an introduction to our New World Virtual Room that allows us to do the following:
  • "Get there" and "Get back"...almost instantly locally, regioally, nationally and internationally...riding the electrons..with this virtual transportation-to-virtual architecture...spending not one cent on fossil fuel and adding not one micron of pollution..with zero carbon footprint.
  • Meet "face-to-face" ...locally, regionally, nationally and internationally "inside" of virtual architecture.
  • Remotely consult...locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally 'inside of virtual architecture
  • Train and Develop groups of people at different locations across an enterprise...and across the planet
  • Engage stakeholders in a series of powerful critical conversations and virtual focus groups.
  • "Virtualize" physical world meetings... meeting simultaneously..with remote participants...LIVE and in in real-time
  • ..and on and on.
Integrating this into our Google Sites virtual web architecture... also "raises the bar" with respect to advanced website development...for phenomenal strategic advantage.

We welcome your comments. For more information, visit us at www.newworldcom.com.. or better yet let's e-meet together...face-to-face in our New World Virtual Meeting Room and explore moving your business phenomenally forward in a now 21st century world. Also visit our New World Learning Institute & Conference Center... and let's discuss planning and orchestrating a world-class global conference...completely online... done at a mere fraction of the cost, and in a mere fraction of the time.