Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are You Ready to Bring New Life to Your Online Meetings?

If you are ready to bring new life to your online meetings, then you may be interested in attending VenueGen's 3D virtual meeting session coming up on August 10:30 AM (PST).  VenueGen is the exciting new 3D immersive web conferencing capability that we've been evaluating, and this is good time for you to experience itself first-hand yourself. See their video.

David Gardner, VenueGen's CEO and "pragmatist" has also written some impressive whitepapers that make the case for 3D immersive conferencing's superior engagement and why VenueGen's approach to 3D immersive conferencing is in a class all by itself. We've been evaluating VenueGen for our clients for several weeks now and really like the power of this... especially the multiple "venues" ... even a virtual yacht that you can do cool blue ocean strategic "meeting cruises" on with cozy seating for up to nine people. Here I am as my "avatar" cruisin'. Wow is this a great way to e-meet and e-learn!

If you are interested in attending... call me at 1.425.780.6872 and I'll hook you up.

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