Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your Business: Like a Leaf Blown in the Wind?...or Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

What's on my mind this morning after listening to the radio about the economy and our predicament... is the choice that we have that we oftentimes don't realize we have, and the power of that. Simply put, what do you want...and how do you feel about that?

Do you just want to have you and your business be blown around like leaves in the wind, not knowing where your next revenue is coming from, not meeting your financial obligations, and not getting "above water"... or would you rather have your cake and eat it living more intentionally, with regular cash flow and repeat business, meeting your financial obligations  and actually accumulating wealth? ...even in spite of  "The Economy"?

It's not a trick question... that is not until you check in with your own feelings and see what they actually are attracting. If, for instance you can look at that cake and feel how great it's going to taste..even before you have it... then the positive high frequency energy that you are sending out will attract more positive frequency energy and that cake will be on its way. If, however you look at that cake and don't feel good, even looking at it, because you don't have it...and you say that because of the economy, you can't have it...feeling bad about that.. then the "no cake" negative low frequency energy you are putting out will attract more "no cake". It's as simple as that.

They call it the "Law of Attraction" and this is not just "Woo-Woo" popular science, because now even quantum physicists are telling us that these energy force fields really do exist. As a matter of fact, they say that all we really are is a bundle of energy...including the rocks, the trees... everything. Energy is what holds us together and what gets transfered when we die and our bodies decay. 

Interestingly enough, the reason why "The Economy" is so "bad"... is because of the way that people "feel" about "It" and all the negative energy they put out.... and this of course this makes things worse because more negative energy begets more negative energy... so the economy is at risk of even "double dipping"...because of lack of "confidence". People feel they make bad choices, laying people off because not enough revenue is coming in... and then they experience less revenue...because people with no jobs have no spending then they also lose their houses, and go homeless. I know this may sound weird,  but its actually the power of our own feelings and the fields of energy that they collectively create that creates that phenomenon that we call "The Economy"... and it goes up or down depending upon how we emotionally go up or down. Just look at the stock market and how it works.

So what's the good news...? The good news is that if we learn how to get in touch with our feelings and learn more about how to use them to put out and harness positive energy, especially during "tough times",  then the more we will be able to "have that cake and eat it too." We can even turn the economy around, and starting with ourselves and our own businesses. 

So where does technology come into this? The answer is that it can help communicate and help us learn more about this stuff because it's so important... hence this morning's blog. For more info about how to use positive feelings to attract the things you want for you and your business, see this great book that I have been reading by Lynn Grabhorn - Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings. Feeling the way that I do now... I now know that more contracts are already on their way.  Call me and let's connect if you'd like. I'm onto something here...and imagine what good vibes can do when amplified via technology.  1-425-780-6872.

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