Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project... Refreshes the Mind

With the Pepsi Refresh Project... every Pepsi refreshes the world:

This morning. after thinking more about value innovation and the astonishing power of feelings...and ATTITUDE, its great when you see those feelings communicated positively, and what can happen as a concrete outcome of that. A case is point is Pepsi's marvelous Pepsi Refresh Project and what it does to "refresh everything"  using the power of value innovation, people development and community service over the Internet to do that.

Most important to me personally... is the take-away learning from this that refreshes and stimulates my mind....creating that buzz.. and feeling of joy in my heart that lets me know that more good things and ultra-creative initiatives are now on their way. 

How it works: Each month Pepsi gives away millions of dollars in grants to "refresh" individuals and communities that do important revitalization work in the following areas: Health, Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter, The Planet, Neighborhoods, and Education. Grants are awarded in $5,000, $25,000, $50,000, and $250,000 denominations, and $1.3 million is being awarded to projects that "Do Good for the Gulf". People browse and vote on ideas submitted and this determines the award.... it's brilliant.

This high-visibility national initiative is most "instructive" in a myriad of ways:  1) TECHNOLOGY-WISE it demonstrates how communications and e-learning can  be innovatively used in a marvelously human way to serve people well. 2) CONTENT-WISE, each positive new idea and the feelings that power them have the effect of attracting even more positive new ideas and even more positive energy, 3) BRAND DEVELOPMENT-WISE... this campaign is "off the charts". Now when you see the Pepsi logo, the Pepsi product line and when you sip a "refreshing" Pepsi product ...the emotional experience...the branding ... is that you are "refreshing everything". 4) SALES-WISE - Wow... imagine how Pepsi has now created a whole new blue ocean of uncontested market space ... making even its closest competitor Coca Cola... irrelevant... sales of Pepsi products must now be going through the roof.

What to take away: What I am taking away from experiencing all the learning... Learning that can also be practically applied elsewhere by first studying the Pepsi Refresh Project model and secondly by "de-constructing" how campaigns like this can now be done, and thirdly by practically applying Blue Ocean Strategy to further raise the bar. Now for me every, Pepsi I drink...not only "refreshes the world"... but also refreshes my mind. Call me and let's connect about the power of all this and explore designing and implementing powerful projects like this ourselves - 425-780-6872.

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