Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Where An Updated Website Fits In

Using YouTube to Grow Business - Where An Updated Website Fits In, focuses on the need for updating your website as part of developing your New Age marketing strategy for success. Via a special "live" Google+ HangOuts On Air webcast that was simultaneously recorded on YouTube, I as a communications and learning architect and small business owner myself, virtual tour my own upgraded website, focusing on the following advanced capabilities that I support others with:
  • Google Sites virtual website architecture - This Google-powered approach has multiple benefits
  • YouTube playlist right on the front page - Using video to grow business ...works!
  • YouTube "Television" Channel - Think "television" "channel" not just "video" to better wrap your head around what the OPPORTUNITY is....and what you need to become in order to SEIZE it. 
  • Amazon-powered AStore - I am using mine with mind-shifting books that inspire, and a web television tech page that communicates how amazingly radical and affordable high definition television technology now is.
  • New World Learning Institute & Conference Center - Hold on to your seat for this awesome ride involving actually meeting "inside" Google-powered virtual architecture to grow business in a phenomenally powerful and awesomely good way.
To take the tour yourself, and to learn more about how to upgrade your website supporting the use of YouTube video to grow your own business visit my website at http://www.newworldcom.com. For more information, and for help moving forward, call me at 425.780.6872