Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Socializing into Sales: Learning How to Turn On The Social Media Marketing/Facebook Money-Spigot

This morning, via a rather serendipitous route, I am finally breaking through about how front-running Internet marketing savvy small business entrepreneurs are turning socializing on Facebook into sales after learning how to turn on the Facebook money spigot. This is a question that most small businesses still have been scratching their heads about, as they daily hear about the social media marketing Facebook "gold rush"... while in their own small businesses with their "home job" websites they are struggling just to stay afloat. "How can I make money using social media and Facebook?" is their mega-dollar burning question. The answer is to be found by studying how front-runners are already doing it. Here's what I have been learning myself thus far:
  • They understand and know how to leverage the social media marketplace:  The new social marketing is about investing in a whole lot of video-based learning content that develops trust and authority by delivering information of authentic value upfront and over time, and that leverages the "laws of attraction". See how front-running Internet marketing guru and entrepreneur Mike Koenig of TrafficGeyser.com does this as he delivers value and builds trust upfront by helping you succeed as powerful video communicator social media marketer yourself. His 10 x 10 x 4 formula video on his TrafficGeyer.com site is amazing. The information he shares here is at the very epicenter of the new social media marketing based upon authentic giving and selling from the heart.

  • They understand and leverage the power of The New Television - See how Mike Koenig shows how to get together you own HD studio for $200-400 and how he teaches you to create a video product with it in 10 minutes and how he teaches you how to get your point across to any personality type by answering four simple questions. This is some amazing good content ...given lovingly upfront... that helps you be way more effective if you invest in putting together a power video learning series and blast each video out using TrafficGeyer.com.. to up to 100 destinations... automating your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ... and driving traffic straight through your door... and right into your sales funnel. See next.

  • They know how to design and develop an awesome supportive and safe conversion environment and conversion "engine" that uses video and auto-responding e-mail marketing management that is informed by the same enlightened selling from the heart social media marketing approach that captures leads right from their websites and right from Faceback fan pages. Observe how Jo Barnes of TheSocialNetworkingAcademy.com talks about developing a conversion engine and about delivering sequences of value to build trust first. 
About the value of all this - With this kind information now available,  small business owners really do have a choice: 1) they can get the special help that they'll most definitely need to succeed in a now 21st century world dominated by the socially-mediated Internet, or 2) they can elect to to ignore it all and have their lunch completely eaten by competitors way smarter and more enlightened than they are. Call me and let's connect if option 1 makes way more sense to you too. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day, April 22, 2010 - NWC Can Help Using Our "Green" Communications and Learning Approach

With Earth Day 2011 right around the corner on April 22, and with the world right in our hands, what's on my mind this morning is how my company, New World Communications can uniquely help...using our special "green" communications and learning platform that we have been developing over the years. We have been "re-thinking" transportation, and social architecture as we go, while radically lowering carbon footprint 

Helping the planet and life on it, is what New World Communications is about. There are some marvelous things that we can all do together if we just approach the world with a different mindset that also includes the innovative use of virtual world strategies and tools such as next-generation web conferencing and the new television. See our The NWC Overview on YouTube for more info. We welcome connecting with you. 

Call me at 425-780-6872 and let's connect.

Art Johnson
New World Communications.

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Fix the Deficit or Else" - NWC's Critical Conversations and Virtual Focus Groups Can Help

This morning I am thinking more about "Developing Sustainable Business in 21st Century World" and the importance of engaging the world in a series of Critical Conversations & Virtual Focus groups about this as a public service, when I receive an e-mail from NPR and their news article about Standard & Poor, a big rating agency, and their advice to the United States goverment to "fix the deficit or else" See the article.

As challenging as all this is, what's got me excited is the opportunity of even addressing this issue by having people and organizations Walk Through the Virtual Door... for phenomenal deficit-reducing advantage. I even have the quality-assurable "Steps" for how to go about it:
  • Step One: Virtualize physical world meetings... for phenomenal deficit-reducing advantage. The "virtual transportation-to-virtual architecture" just by logging on... costs nothing and has zero carbon footprint, and more local, regional, national, and international stakeholders can all meet in the "room" for the first time in the history of world consciousness ... to move the business of doing business more sustainably forward.

    With more stakeholders at the table, and working as a world community full of innovative ideas, let's work it out.  Folks can instantly "get there" and "get back" just by logging on off. The green communications and learning platform that we use, even has a special "green meter" that automatically calculates:1)  the miles not traveled, 2) the fossil fuel that we don't have to pay such unfathomable cost for and unnecessarily die in socially, economically, and environmentally disastrous wars for, and even the 3) pounds of CO2 not emitted...everytime we e-meet.

  • Step Two: Leverage the Power of the New Television... If government and the corporations that control the government and the war machine are not that innovative enough to reduce the deficit, then let's use crowdsourcing and the power of web television to...weigh in...and do this. I am already seeing innovative solutions coming from multiple community-based stakeholders. See what Bill Strickland of the Manchester Craftsman Guild has been doing in Pittsburgh communicating powerfully with his fundraising and consciousness-raising slideshow on Ted. Also see what Ted founder Chris Anderson says about the the power of web video for fueling innovation and how he ends up, focusing on the important work that a bright Kibura teenager is doing fueling innovation using his Flip video camera to have Kibera become "a hotbed of innovation". Now he is into doing TED X events where community-based stakeholders are the content contributors. Also see the important sustainability social venturing work that folks right here at GoodGRuB.org in Olympia are doing with their wonderful Garden-Raising Bounty initiatives, working with youth and the community at large. How cool is that!.. Here's nice video about their excellent program on their AboutUs page.

  • Step Three: Engage the World in a Series of Critical Conversations & Virtual Focus groups: That's what we've been moving forward with...as a community service... and wow... what results we are already getting...starting with building excellent collaborative social venturing partnerships deliver folks at the very epicenter of sustainability....which also by the way... reduces the deficit and helps the entire United States become sustainable... informing and shaping public and private policy that is social equitable, economically viable, and environmentally bearable. See the outcome of our most recent critical conversation and virtual focus group via my recent blog.

  • Step Four: Develop a World-class Hybrid world Consulting and E-Learning Practice - For the last two years, we've been developing a special "green" communications and learning platform to deliver the consulting and the learning, locally, regional, nationally, and internationally using the world's very best local, regional, national, and international subject matter experts...include marvelous community-based activists wherever they can be found... We can include all in the learning and facilitate broad-based systemic change...as well as new leadership development. We now even have people that can teach folks on how to make money on Facebook. Imagine the power of that for economic recovery and deficit reduction. It's going to be small business coming together and doing innovative social venturing  that saves the world... Mark my words.

  • Step Five: Engage the World in a series of World Class Multi-day Virtual Conferences & Tradeshows focusing on "Developing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century World" that leverages successes of taking Steps One through Steps Four...culminating the year. These marvelous events communicate the world's very best practices for reducing the deficit and for doing business more sustainably across multiple marketplaces - e.g. government, education, small business, nonprofits, and the largest enterprises and even the largest nation-states. What was missing at last international conference where not much happened was the voice...and the power of people. 
I personal invite you to join "The Conversation" about "developing sustainable business in a 21st century world". Call me and let's connect if you are interested - 425-780-6872 or you can use our Online Inquiries Form on our Contact Us page. By working together... in an intelligent innovative way...everything is possible... even reducing the national deficit... one courageous act at a time...and witnessing how all the positive energy resonates... across this entire planet.  I welcome any all comments. Please post them right on this blog.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Outcome of our first online "Critical Conversation" - Social Venturing Will Be the Most Effective Way to Attain Sustainability for All Parties Involved

This morning I am resonating about the outcome of our very first online "Critical Conversation About Developing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century World" held in our New World Virtual Conference Room. Although we experienced the usual number of technology glitches - e.g some folks couldn't login, or got their invitations too late,  the outcome of the conversation ...even in spite of these challenges.. was most valuable. Those attending all agreed that:
  • Social venturing most likely is the only approach that when supported by big reach, learning rich 21st century communications and learning, will work. It will allow stakeholders in Society, the Economy, and the Environment to create policies and initiatives, and offerings  that are Bearable, Equitable, and Viable, allowing multiple stakeholders to arrive at the very epicenter of Sustainability.
  • Social Venturing is a collaborative venture between for-profit businesses who seek to add value to their brand and to their longer term profitability and sustainability by working in partnership with individuals, nonproft organizations, government agencies, and NGOs in the social sector to add social value.
  • Social Venturing has become the new model for large businesses meeting resistance for their domination and monopolization of the marketplace and for their massive accumulation of wealth, while the majority of the world's people, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, don’t enjoy the same standard of living or benefits.
  • Social venturing is also critical for addressing the problem of increasing political instability and for developing more favorable relations both abroad in the international theater as well as domestically right here in the U.S. It helps to assure peace, political stability and environmental stewardship, foster more opportunity at far lower cost than the cost of political instability, terrorist attacks, and the massive destruction, human waste, material waste, obscene financial drain, and unfathomable ecological damage of war.
  • Social venturing at its very center, is entrepreneurial in nature in that entities exploit challenges as new opportunities, fueling important innovation, important to future growth and to sustainability.  
  • Social venturing creates much goodwill that is also bankable. The better public image and brand identity of monolithic enterprises and banks authentically "re-investing" in the community...not just for PR purposes can also drives even more demand for products and services that drive increased profitability in response to addressing new demographics and new markets where diverse stakeholders are gaining more market influence and clout.  
  • Social venturing implicitly also has deeply human, and deeply spiritual component that typically is expressed in the wonderful, life-affirming stories of successful social venturing captured by the new social media and via the exchange of arts and culture of multiple stakeholders all of whom benefit.
  • Social venturing drives positive social change  and the mobilization across entire organizations and industries, because of the hope that it creates. It therefore, with the support of 21st century communications and learning,  can also be leveraged as an excellent and positive  resource for facilitating broad-based systemic change and organizational development across entire enterprises.
  • Social Venturing can  include school systems, government, and even the entertainment industry that increasingly is venturing into more and more “edu-tainment” type programming with messages of social value and gift-giving also helping drive more viewership and advertising revenue. The front runner in this new type of social venturing in entertainment has been Oprah Winfrey, followed by a host of others following in her footsteps.  
  • Social Venturing is also made possible because of the evolution and explosion of 21st communications, new social-driven learning, and new social media across broadband Internet that make partnering and the exchange of fruitful, innovative ideas...especially via the New Television possible. By giving newer stakeholders voice as consumers, via the television they are now authoring.the New Television also can gives people and organizations more marketplace clout.
  • Social Venturing is something happening right here in Washington on both sides of the mountains and across the Puget Sound. Those who attended were able to learn more about existing and promising new initiatives.
Therefore, you may not want to miss out on our next online "Critical Conversation About Growing Sustainable Business in a 21st Century World", especially if you are interested in learning more about how you and your own business can sustain itself ...in these challenging but also marvelously opportune times.
For more information, call Art Johnson - New World Communications - 425-680-6872

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Book: Enterprising Nonprofits.. and "Walking the Walk" is Just What Non-profits Need to Sustain Themselves... and Flourish

This afternoon, I still resonating about at great book a client of mine turned me onto, Enterprising Nonprofits by J. Gregory Dees, Jed Emerson, and Peter Economy (now in my Amazon-powered New World Virtual Book store).  It's about the concept of "social venturing" or "social entrepreneurship" where non-profits and major corporations, in addition to creating social value  also create economic value...by creating net-new streams of revenue in the marketplace itself.  Wow... How exciting and hopeful is this!  It's the result of a fresh new entrepreneurial mindset that treats challenges as opportunities by building strategic public/private partnerships that make ours a better world.. .at the same time that it re-thinks and "refreshes" brand identity in innovative ways...in a now 21st century world that now has great resources for doing this.

An excellent example of this is Pepsi's marvelous RefreshEverything.com campaign. On the one hand, thousands of dollars are invested by Pepsi each month in socially valuable ideas and projects that people on the Internet "vote" for. On the other hand, the "refresh everything branding" reminds you of all the good that Pepsi is doing..working in the social sector to help "refresh everything" that people deeply care about and that they value socially..driving more Pepsi sales and leaving it's closest competitor Coke... way behind by innovatively enhancing its value curve. It's a brilliant. living, working model to learn from and to practically apply elsewhere.

This is where New World Communications and it's own mission comes in. We are passionate about "providing intelligent communications solutions for our 21st century world... and about delivering the mission-critical learning a new world needs" using powerful, yet affordable ways to do this..and we Walk The Walk ourselves... using innovative strategies and tools to do. it. One way is to do a series of webinars that can raise consciousness and awareness.  so that things can be better for people and organizations, locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.  See the New World Communications website at http://www.newworldcom.com and see our NWC Overview for more info... look forward to seeing info about an upcoming series of webinars and series of "critical conversations" that we intend to do...that will help a great many folks. For more info, call me, Art Johnson at 425-780-6872

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sir Ken Robinson Gets it Right... Now It's Our Turn

Sir Ken Robinson from England is a visionary educator from a working class background who understands what is needed in the way of a liberating 21st century education that takes on the issues of the world. Here he gives a talk to a group of folks committed to "learning without borders". The world of web television that communicates wisdom and important idea sharing from people like Sir Ken...and from people like us... makes this kind of  wonderful knowledge-sharing possible.

What an exciting time that we live in. With all these tools and resources right at our disposal, we have no excuse, for not helping make this world an even better place to live in...for all the world's people.

Getting inspired by Sir Ken has already made my day. Call me and let's connect around how you too can help change education to make it better right in your own neck of the words. 425-780-6872.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Walking Through the Virtual Door: Taking The Five Steps Can Be Major Game Changer

This morning I am again resonating with the positive energy thinking about how adding a virtual world toolset with new virtual appls, web conferencing, web casting and web television can be a real game changer as people and organizations take the following "Steps" using the technology over time:

  1. "Virtualizing" Physical World Meetings - This phenomenally extends your business reach and uses instant virtual transportation to virtual architecture that you can meet "inside" of to do business. It can also add world-class learning richness allowing you to take on the issues of the world in a powerful new way. The technology to do this costs less than $3 a day....less than that grande espresso drink....and it has zero carbon footprint. You are not paying a penny for gas either... no hotel... no hassles with travel visas and getting through security.

  2. Leveraging the Power of The New Television - We are talking radically new technology here with a radical new mindset and support services that allow people themselves author their programming content instead of having it authored by someone else with not the same point of view or interests at heart.

  3. Engaging the World In A Series of High-Powered Critical Conversations and Virtual Focus Groups - Where you and members of your community "frame the conversation" about serious issues in important to economic recovery and education reform, and where you can communicate best practices that you know work. Imagine the impact of that.

  4. Building a World-class Hybrid World Consulting Practice - Using this awesome technology, we are in the process of aggregating the world's very best, local, regional, national, and international subject experts to address the issues of the world on a contractual basis. Our special green communications and learning platform perfectly supports this.

  5. Engaging the World in a Series of World-class Multi-day Conferences & Trade Shows - This is guaranteed to significantly "raise the bar" over conventional conferences and trade show that cost a fortune to put on and to travel to. The talent and the resources can also be way better. 
Just stop and think about the advantages of all this. If you are not already taking advantage of this new approach and experiencing it then you are missing a whole lot. Call me today and let's connect around how you too can move ahead of the pack Walking the Walk right along with me. 425-780-6872