Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just More MickeyDs? ... or A Whole New Bento Box Full of Value?

"Just More Mickey Ds or A Whole New Bento Box of Value?" That "Bento Box" is what's been on my mind and what I have been up to, now made manifest in this post. Our Bento Box serves up some fresh new services, specially designed to deliver more value and move business forward... from the smallest micro-business... to not-for-profit organizations... and to government and the largest of enterprises... even nation-states:
  • Strategic Planning - Strategic planning is a consultative process where we do basically help you do three things: 1) we help you assess where you are right now; 2) we help you focus and get clear about where you want to take your business, and 3) we work with you to design a strategy which serves as the blueprint and roadmap for how to get there.

  • Web Presence - If your website is still mostly just text and graphics, and doesn't "sizzle" or represent your business presence or brand in its best light, then you need to talk with us. We've "Gone Google" and are now enjoying phenomenal advantage... partaking of Google's broad spectrum of resources. It's simple as that. Talk to us.

  • Television Channel - That's right... a whole television channel.. that we can put right the on the website we design for you. Our background is in television, both delivery-wise and content development-wise and there are now awesome new low-cost, almost no cost ways to do television in a big-reach, learning-rich way. Talk to us.

  • Webinar Series -  This is a way to serve your customer phenomenally well with information of value that we design to be of value. The technology is now way better and more affordable too.Talk to us.
Here's the number. Call me and let's connect today and focus on where you'd like to go...and we'll even include the Wasabi and the soy sauce. - 1.425.780.6872

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