Friday, August 13, 2010

"Going Google" Feels Like Getting Repeated Gifts From Heaven

After deciding to "Go Google", computing-in-the-cloud with Google applications. and upgrading my website, I ended up saving myself a whole lot of time and money. Wow! Now it feels like I keep getting repeated gifts from heaven. I feel this way because of the continual software updating and improvements that I keep receiving at no extra cost...and with no time wasted! How cool is that! I even get Google Update e-mails letting me know about all of the improvements. Google most definitely got it right! Here just a few of the applications I am using and enjoying:
  • Google Docs - This is a free virtual file server with the Docs word processor and an excellent drawing program. Google Spreadsheet is also great and so are Google Presentations. I just keep thinking about how much money and time I used to spend buying and installing software and paying for all these updates. What's really great is also my peace-of-mind, knowing that if my hard drive crashes.. I lose not one document and my e-mail.. never goes bonkers.
  • Google Sites - An amazing, elegant application in the cloud that is a small business and not-for-profit business dream.  It's way better than having to hassle with more complicated and more problematic approaches to site development and administration.. and what I discovered is that the hosting is actually free! Incredible!
  • YouTube - YouTube is also a Google offering that integrates nicely with Google Sites thematically and allows for the creation of my own Web Television Channel page.
  • Picasa - This yet another Google offering that allows me to manage images as well as collaborate with my clients regarding image choices.
  • Blogger - That's what I am doing this blog with. Wow! What a great and elegant application this is. What I really like is the way that my blog can be "Shared" and "Followed" and what a pleasure it is to do these posts.
  • ...and on and on. There are many more applications that I am looking forward to working with.
"Going Google" really is like getting continual gifts from heaven with all the continual product improvements and tweaks. I feel really blessed. What about you and your own situation? Wouldn't you like to enjoy all this cool new stuff too? If so, call me and let's work up a cost-effective way to help you "Go Google" too. 1.425.780.6872.

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