Monday, March 28, 2011

The New World of Communications: E-Meeting, E-Learning and Business Expansion Can All Go Together

This morning I thinking about how in this new world of communications, e-meeting, e-learning and business expansion can all fantastically go well together. The cornerstone of the communications is affordable next-generation web conferencing and web casting that allows businesses to do the following:
  • E-Meeting - People on the ground at multiple locations from around the state or from around the country can easily log in and be a part of a global e-meeting where vital information is shared. Presenters can be "virtual present" using multiple webcams and can make presentations in a variety of ways. New live streamed webcasting allows presenters the freedom to move around and rolling in best practices videos can be powerful too. As can the sharing of PowerPoint presentations and even applications on desktops. Think of the savings of time and dollars.

  • E-Learning - Web conferencing and webcasting is great for doing instructor-led learning (ITL) in real-time across the entire state, across the U.S. and across the world. These training sessions can even be recorded and played back for on-demand asynchronous e-learning.

  • Business Expansion - Instead of renting expensive additional office space in other cities, think about implementing virtual offices instead. This now makes establishing a business presence in other cities much more convenient and much more affordable with extremely low overhead and rapid ramp-up time.
What's key to this is learning how to think "outside the box" by adding a virtual world toolset and by cultivating a hybrid world mindset that uses both physical world and virtual world tools and strategies. Think of how wonderful this new world of communications will be as it helps us develop business more sustainably in this 21st century world of ours.  Call me and let's connect about all this. 425-780-6872

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The New Television - Five Good Reasons to Produce it Yourself

This afternoon, I am thinking about all the small businesses and non-profit organizations... still standing in the wings... watching the New Television opportunity.. passing them by. I think the reason is that still don't  get it... they still don't realize what's in it for them and how, with a little help from us... they could produce quality web television themselves. Just look at the numbers. The world has 5 billion TV viewers watching 5 hours a day...and every day 14.6 billion videos are uploaded to YouTube. There is an additional 1 billion Internet users watching television on the computers and another 3 billion mobile Internet users watching videos on their  mobile devices. 

So here are five good reasons that small businesses and not-for-profits should move forward producing the New Television:
  1. Television is in a class all by itself as the world's more powerful communications medium. It can be used to promote your business or to state your case for your non-profit. There are countless ways that the new television can be used to grow more business.

  2. Fantastic low cost, almost no cost radically new technology - I've seen new digital video camcorders as low as $49...even HD camcorders.

  3.  Free "airing" of your video across the entire Internet...using the Internet as an "Internet-work" - Contrast and compare that with the high cost of airing a 30 sec spot on cable.

  4. People will watch your video if its on the front page of your website.. and that's a known just need to keep it short and sweet and have something worth viewing.

  5. You can tell your own story, instead of having it be spun by someone else and not necessarily in your own best interest. Your public image and your brand is everything. Spinning a series of positive stories about what you do can build your brand.
So there you have it... and we can help you produce quality programming with The New Television... even create and program your own television channel that will stream all the way to mobile and to HDTV screens. Call us today and let's help you move forward with the new television. 425-780-6872.

New World Communications Offers Hands-on Meeting Virtualization Tele-Course using Affordable Web Conferencing

This morning I am letting other small business owners and not-for-profit directors know about my hands-on Meeting Virtualization Tele-course and how meeting virtualization can move their businesses forward.

Virtualizing Physical Meetings using affordable next generation web conferencing  is a way to gain phenomenal advantage. This three-hour course conducted "inside" of an actual virtualized physical world meeting session shows you how.

Persons taking this course will:
  • Understand the value of physical world meeting virtualization and how to leverage it for your own business
  • Learning more about the advantages of meeting with local, regional, national and international people “inside” of virtual architecture.
  • Get started on planning how you can use online meeting technology to grow your own small business or not-for-profit business

How this will be done as “we walk the walk” ourselves using online meeting technology
Participants will login to a online meeting session, dial into a telephone conference call, and learn how to leverage capabilities to grow their businesses.

Fee: $299 per person

How to enroll: You can enroll online in our Online Tele-consulting, Online Course Registration Area on our website

Scheduling: Course is by appointment. Groups of 5 people or more can receive a 15% discount.

For more information - Contact Art Johnson - 425-780-6872

New World Communications Offers Hands-on Cloud Computing Tele-Course using Google Docs

This morning I am letting small business and non-profit folks know about my new "hands-on" cloud computing tele-course using Google Docs. The fee for this 3-hour course is only $299.. and worth every penny, Cloud computing is more than just a buzzword. It’s a way to save money, save time, and grow your business. 

Because it also allows people to log in and work from anywhere there is an Internet connection...working “inside” of virtual architecture,  cloud computing can radically transform the way you do business... increasing your revenue.

Persons taking this course will:
  • Understand the value and cloud computing and how to leverage it for your own business
  • Create your own virtual file server using Google Docs to put core documents online for better security and so that you can securely share them
  • Get started on using Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, and Presentations and collaborative sessions to move their businesses forward

How this will be done as “we walk the walk” ourselves using Google Docs:
Participants will dial into a telephone conference call and do “hands-on” collaboration using Google Docs. Presentation will also use Google Presentations.

Fee: $299 per person

How to enroll: You can enroll online in our Online Tele-consulting, Online Course Registration area.

Scheduling: Course is by appointment only. Groups of 5 or more people can receive a 15% discount.

For more information - Contact Art Johnson - 425-780-6872

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Understanding Google Docs in Plain English is just what people need

This morning what's on my mind is turning on more of my friends and customers to the power of  "Going Google" especially when I see them struggling with older-think ways of working with local office applications, and files and seeing them paying dearly for it. They waste time and money buying and updating local applications and then they cry the blues when their mail server and/or file servers are down. Then they cry the blues even more for the additional IT costs and for the lost productivity.

I was thinking, if only there was a way to talk about Google Docs in "plain English" without any techie talk, this would serve people well... then BINGO ... I discover Google's great video - Google Docs in Plain English...Sweet! The practical example they give is a collaborative newsletter publishing project, but there are a lot more. What does is create a virtual files that allows you to put practically your entire "business in the cloud" for phenomenal advantage. Here are just some of the advantages:
  • No file server you have to pay for and administer - Google provides you with a virtual file server for . free with a personal Gmail account and keeps things up and running and secure. No expensive data cartridges you have to change out and no monthly cost for expensive hosted virtual file services.

  • No office applications that you have to buy and keep updating - Google does all the updating for you and the apps are free.

  • Marvelous collaboration that helps you be more productive and that helps you grow your business. This supports building virtual smart teams of people to take on more challenging projects where it pays to work as member of a team..

  • Marvelous integration with Google Apps and Google Sites website architecture... and countless other applications. My own website uses Google Sites architecture.. which allowed me to design and develop it in record time... with additional robust functionality...and I'm lovin' it! Especially the fact that I am not paying one thin dime for hosting? How much are you paying for hosting?
That's as far as I want to go "techie-talk" wise. You just need to call me and let me connect and explore how Going Google can also help your business move forward...still in plain English... I promise!  425-780-6872.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New World Communications Does Google-powered Website for Seattle-based Not-for-Profit/NGO

This afternoon I am reflecting and resonating about recent Google-powered website that I designed and developed for a not-for-profit/NGO client with ties here in Seattle's Greater Puget Sound region and in rural Ethiopia where my client comes from. They are just starting up.The direction we took, working with  new Google Apps/Google Sites architecture was straight-forward and elegantly simple to work with and administer.  

We even designed, produced and embedded a 3 minute 47 second web television overview of the organizations mission and vision on YouTube that integrates nicely with the architecture. We also used a Picasa web slideshow to create a nice Photo Gallery page.. with automatic slide changes. Google Sites architecture also supported the creation of helpful List pages that list the kinds of volunteer help and the kinds of in-kind donations that the organization needs in order to achieve its mission... saving village lives.  Their vision is to do this by helping people out with things that many of in the Pacific Northwest take for plenty of clean water, public sanitation and having schools and healthcare resources close by. Next to do will be to enable Online Giving once the organization completes its non-for-profit incorporation 501(c) 3 process. A blog page will also be forthcoming once more volunteers are recruited to help write it. 

This project and relationship has and continues to be a wonderful experience supporting such a great initiative and working with such great clients. Do you also have a need to develop a non-profit website with a modest budget...and get similar great results? If so, call us today and maybe we can also help you to move forward as well. 425-780-6872.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Leveraging the Power of the New Television Can Positively Turn Things Around

What's on my mind this morning is a conversation that I've been having with a community-based non-profit regarding leveraging the power of the New Television to positively turn things around for themselves public image-wise. They have recently and unfairly been beaten up by a money-hungry commercial media that unfortunately makes more money from spinning negative scandalous stories than it does from telling positive ones.  

I know and have worked with this non-profit group. Their leadership, and their fine work is of the highest quality and I continue to hold them in highest esteem, but a negative press has unfairly damaged their reputation. So now I am telling them that things no longer have to go down that way, not when it is now possible for them to use The New Television to tell their own more positive stories, and even even get their message out all the way to mobile devices and to prime-time HDTV home television screens. 

What's "new" about The New Television is that now, for the first time in the history of the world, quality television can be authored by community-based organizations themselves. In their own hands and with the right support of television-savvy people, they can communicate the fine work that they actually do, winning more hearts and minds,  moving forward ...instead of backward. The new technology to do television is now radically lower in price, making it much more accessible and easier to work with than "older-think" television station technology with its fancy studios, and its expensive uplink vans.

The New Television is also much easier to access and use than "older think" public access studios with outmoded equipment that no longer makes good economic or political sense.  As a former systems sales engineer who actually provided these systems to municipalities back in the day, this type of gear made sense then, but not now. 

In fact, now we can even do on-line mobile real-time reporting and live webcasting from a mobile phone and mobile 4G Wifi hotspot. Instead of using cable or an HD broadcast station, we can even do HD television ..ourselves...using the entire Internet as an "Internet-work" and getting the word out  using new social media. When I think about the fine work that we could do with The New Television to help people and organizations move forward ... rather than tear them down, I just keep buzzing with joy and hope thinking about all the good that can come from this.

Instead of wasting all that money, and sclepping all that painfully heavy and expensive older-think electronic news gathering (ENG) equipment, and instead of assigning all those staff reporters to dojournalism of the worse kind, what about the idea of this organization spinning its own marvelous stories about hopeful new directions in and for the world ...that they are already involved with? That's what I'm talking about. What positive stories do you have to tell? Call me and let's talk about moving forward with The New Television to make ours a better world. 425-780-6872

Friday, March 18, 2011

Here is the Lowest Hanging Fruit...that can make the difference

This morning, what's on my mind is letting folks know about what the "lowest hanging fruit" is that can make a phenomenal difference in their businesses...even during these challenging recessionary times.
  • Outsource the compliance training and get another pressing project off your project plate. We are into rapid e-learning and can develop and upload those modules in record time. We've also cut our teeth working with learning management system (LMS) architectures and can track learning performance.

  • Seize The New Television Opportunity - Nothing is more powerful than the television medium... and done across the is even more so. Notice that I am using the word TELEVISION here to distinguish myself from "video" folks who still don't know the television craft. Coming out of public television helps. What's new is that quality content can even be produced using radically lower cost, more accessible technology.

  • Seize the New Web Conferencing and Webcasting to Phenomenally Grow Your Business - With bigger business reach, and face-to-face communications even at a distance, you can serve existing and prospective clients better while saving time, bridging distance, and radically reducing travel costs as well as carbon footprints.

  • Contract with a Communications and E-Learning Professional On a Long Term Basis - Nothing could be better for your organization...return on investment-wise than to contract with a consultant experienced in the use of technology to orchestrate new ways to develop business more sustainably in our now 21st century world.... Especially one who can help you Walk Through The Virtual Door..using multiple technologies for phenomenal advantage. 
For more information, contact me Art Johnson at New World Communications. Also see our website at and see our NWC Overview for more info.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fives Way to Beat the Recession... Having Your Cake and Eating Too

This Sunday night I am resonating with all things positive and five ways you can use to beat the recession... having your cake and eating it too:
  • Strategy One - Cultivate An Attitude of Gratitude...especially now in our 21st century world with "net new" technology-based resources and smarter approaches to help you move forward ... that you haven't even tried yet... so stop being a sour puss and sitting on your butt... waiting for the world to change...being blown like like a leaf in the wind.... when it is you.. who with the right help can change the world..beginning with changing yourself... while working with the following awesome technologies and approaches that can actually help facilitate that change:

  • Strategy Two - "Go Google" ...and compute in the clouds... for phenomenal advantage - If you are still messing around with local apps and conventional website architecture, local file services, even conventional hosted files services, you are not as strategically well-positioned or as economically smart or as poised to grow new business as you could be. Yes, you need to invest in a consultant to bring you up to speed quickly with Google Apps, but wow will this open up whole new avenues of opportunity for you: e.g. better e-mail, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations are just the beginning ...see next:

  • Strategy Three - Go with Google Sites architecture... also for phenomenal advantage - for starters, it meshes well with Google Apps we are doing some wonderful things to add even more functionality and power:
    - Have people meet, learn, convene, exhibit and transact business with you... "inside" your
      adding next-generation web conferencing and webcasting.
    - Have people order services and/or products from you online using Google Checkout Store Gadget
    - Have us add and work with you to program an entire web television channel...right on your website
      See next:

  • Strategy  Four - Leverage the Power of the New Television also for phenomenal advantage - What I am talking about here a radical new approach to doing television... that uses lower cost but high quality technology and the entire Internet as an "Internet-work". Don't know how... then hire a consultant to train and empower you to do so. This is what New World Communications specializes in... with a robust background in all things television...including doing front-running work with the New Television. Meet with me .. or TeleConsult with me. It will be well worth the investment.

  • Strategy Five - "Walk The Walk"... for phenomenal advantage.... If you want to feel really great, then let us help you and members of your organization through Walk Through The Virtual Door... in quality assurable steps. See our NWC Overview video on our webpage ..and visualize how fantastic this world will be when you grow more business...more sustainably...and with better bottom revenue... while working "greener" and making this planet an even better place to live.. not only for just yourself...but also for others less fortunate and more vulnerable...locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, that's what I'm talking about.. and joyously so. 
Call me today and let's connect about this taking full advantage of these five great ways to beat the recession... having your cake... and eating it too! -425-780-6872.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Google Checkout Store Gadget - An elegant Google-powered E-Commerce Website Direction That NWC is Running With

This morning I am resonating about how great the Google Checkout Store Gadget is as a phenomenally-powerful and  elegant Google-powered website direction and road that I continue to travel down. What's sweet is that it now makes it more convenient to transact business with my customers online in the following areas:  See it in action.. and implemented on our Google-powered Tele-consulting, Online Courses & Registration page:
  • NWC Virtual Research - Are you considering the launch of a new business but need some virtual marketing research done to learn more about what the niche opportunity is? All you have to do us your credit card for $50 an hour.

  • NWC Tele-consulting - Or how about some excellent "insider" expert advice about strategic technology directions that can save you time, and money, and put you way ahead of even the closest competitors. That's what our new tele-consulting service is about it's the best $100/per hour that you could spend, especially once you understand that we collaborate with and team up with the world's very best local, regional, national, and international experts, can even have you meet with them... face-to-face in our New World Virtual Meeting Room.  Only $100 an hour... and phenomenally worth it.

  • NWC WebTV-1 - The New World Television Workshop - If you and members of your group are tired of "taking it lying down" and not telling your own story, then authoring The New World Television is for you. You just need to learn how to do it in qualitative and strategic way for only $299 per person. It's probably the best $299 you could ever spend... once you understand what's in this for you and your organization - e.g. better PR,  less bad press, and a lucrative new opportunity to leave all naysayers and detractors behind while you create net-new revenue from across the region and across the revenue. This course even covers how to roll best practices web television into high-powered online events designed to develop sustainable business in our new 21st century world.'s the best $299 per head that you could invest in.

  • NWC-SMB-101 - Value Innovation Based on the Book Blue Ocean Strategy - a Nine Week Remote Consulting and E-learning Course - This is an awesome online course for the people and organization ready to take their business to the next phase, raising their value proposition with a disciplined approach informed by the classic work in value innovation done by W. Chan Kim and Renee Maugborne of the book Blue Ocean. We do a chapter a week and "Walk the Walk" ourselves reshaping our approach to create whole new blue oceans of uncontested marketspace and make competitors irrelevant. At only $100 a week...$899 for the nine-week remote consultancy and course is the best $899 per person that you could ever spend...and we use state-of-the-art web conferencing, web television, and e-learning to make the learning a total pleasure. 
It's amazing what a Google-powered website direction with Google Checkout store gadget implementation can do.. Even more amazing is what New World Communication can do... on top of this platform... to move your business operation phenomenally forward. Call us today and let's connect about all this. 425-780-6872

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NWC Now Offers the New World Television Workshop...right at your workplace

Instead of yet more mind-numbing morning, noon and night "non-news" nonsense about Charlie Sheen, Christine Aguillera, and Lindsey Lohan, on "old think" television... here is some awesomely GOOD NEWS about you moving forward...doing your own "new-think" TELEVISION... via the World Wide Web... and using the Internet as an "Internet-work" itself.. and spreading the good news about your product, service, or program offering....and you and members of your staff producing that kind of quality television... yourself.

It's all now possible as an outcome of radically new and powerful high quality technology and taking The New World Television Workshop... right there at your workplace.. including you and your staff.  Here is what the "take-away" would be:
  • A team of empowered and trained in-house staffers who could plan, produce for, and program your own WEB TELEVISION CHANNEL... that has better business reach and potentially more exposure than cable television....30 second "spot" advertising that most smaller businesses, agencies, and non-profits can not afford to pay for.

  • Your powerful, compelling WEB TELEVISION CONTENT could also be "rolled" into big-reach, learning-rich web conferencing sessions..that serve your customers and strategic business partners... phenomenally well.

  • Using the same surprisingly web conferencing... you now can even mix your recorded WEB TELEVISION with a LIVE-STREAMED WEBCAST...right from your own facility or sales floor... for phenomenally powerful...and exciting "virtualized" physical world events.. like crafts seminars...and savoring your famous southern fried chicken....exciting events happening right at your place of business.... and the news about this could be "spun" on your blog and with one click be shared on Facebook... on your own Facebook Group, and on Twitter...for phenomenal advantage
...and much, much more. Let's connect today and arrange for demonstration and talk about moving forward with a proof-of-concept pilot to have you experience the benefits yourself. 425-780-6872.