Wednesday, July 22, 2015

10-Part Series Helps People and Organizations "Walk Through The Virtual Door"

To help people and organizations address their physical world challenges of time, space, distance,  productivity, money, and eco-stewardship  I have produced a 10-part mini-series in HD on my smartphone adding virtual world and hybrid world resources to help them "walk through the virtual door" for potentially phenomenal benefit:

  • Program One - traverses the landscape of walking through the virtual door.
  • Program Two - focuses on conscious evolution and the choices we make
  • Program Three - focuses on advantages of implementing virtual IT infrastructure
  • Program Four - focuses on smart website/web portal directions
  • Program Five - focuses on addressing social media marketing challenges
  • Program Six - focuses on the Google Plus advantage
  • Program Seven - focuses on the Google Plus HangOuts advantage
  • Program Eight - focuses on the Google Plus HangOuts On Air advantage
  • Program Nine - focuses on a long-term business development campaign approach
  • Program Ten - focuses on the advantages of doing virtual boot camps, conferences and trade shows
Here is the link to view the entire YouTube Walking Through the Virtual Door Playlist

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Art Johnson
New World Communications