Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Moving Forward With Your Own YouTube Profile Can Do a World of Good


Moving forward with your own YouTube profile can do a world of good. Here's how I moved forward with mine: 
  • I developed a One-page Concept Sheet to inform what I intended to communicate
  • I then developed a Storyboard Script with audio and  image columns to inform what graphic overlays to produce and use.
  • I then recorded my profile in HD on my smartphone
  • I then snagged, produced and formatted my graphic overlays using both SnagIt! and Photoshop
  • I then edited, rendered, and uploaded my profile directly to YouTube.
  • I then used YouTube's cloud-based editor add my outro to give it more sizzle.

Just give me call or e-mail me if having your own YouTube profile could also do a world of good for you. I will be happy to help you. 206-920-8067 - email -

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

10-Part Series Helps People and Organizations "Walk Through The Virtual Door"

To help people and organizations address their physical world challenges of time, space, distance,  productivity, money, and eco-stewardship  I have produced a 10-part mini-series in HD on my smartphone adding virtual world and hybrid world resources to help them "walk through the virtual door" for potentially phenomenal benefit:

  • Program One - traverses the landscape of walking through the virtual door.
  • Program Two - focuses on conscious evolution and the choices we make
  • Program Three - focuses on advantages of implementing virtual IT infrastructure
  • Program Four - focuses on smart website/web portal directions
  • Program Five - focuses on addressing social media marketing challenges
  • Program Six - focuses on the Google Plus advantage
  • Program Seven - focuses on the Google Plus HangOuts advantage
  • Program Eight - focuses on the Google Plus HangOuts On Air advantage
  • Program Nine - focuses on a long-term business development campaign approach
  • Program Ten - focuses on the advantages of doing virtual boot camps, conferences and trade shows
Here is the link to view the entire YouTube Walking Through the Virtual Door Playlist

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Art Johnson
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Beyond Ferguson: The Real Talk Every Parent Needs to have with Boys and Young Men of Color "Airs"!

Friday, December 12, 2014. The good news from Bothell, Orlando and New York is that last night, in spite of a few minor technology challenges,  three enlightened African American elders went "Beyond Ferguson - Walking the real talk that every parent needs to have with boys and young men of color" and even beyond that to an entire world, all with the senseless killing of countless others boys and young men of color beyond the ones that make the news. Friends and colleagues Kujaatele Kweli, Lenny Burg, and Dr. Donald Tate ...all soared last night, and the conversation on our Google + Events page is only just beginning. We welcome your comments and use of our Q&A, You can also access their wonderful article via viewing the session and accessing the special Showcase app.

Even more good news is that we used and entire suite low-cost and no-cost cloud based technologies to do that:
  • Internet connectivity, laptops, and smartphones with built-in webcams we already had
  • We also add access to the world's fastest growing "social" platform, Google+ using HangOuts and HangOuts On Air, while other folks drifting on Facebook and Twitter are still scratching their heads about what's in Google+ for them. 
  • Envision this! - Members of a now global, local, regional, national and international community themselves authoring their own television content, doing a world of good, and attracting even more of it.... That's what just happened and and more good news is on the way as we "think:" into and "align" with an everywhere divinely present world of unlimited potentiality and infinite possibility.
A fruitful possibility for you and your own organization from the smallest solopreneur, to small businesses, to faith-based organizations, public library systems, and non-profits, to local, regional and national government agencies..including U.S. Department of Justice,  to educational institutions...from the family on up... to the largest of enterprises and nation-states: Using the very same massively scalable technology to do a world of good for you and the people and organizations you serve too.  It's all about the learning..and the enlightened doing. See our Learning Resources page for more info and/or just call me and let's connect about using low-cost, and no-cost cloud-based technology to make a positive difference in our abundant world of infinite possibility, working with you as well - 206-920-8067

Art Johnson
New World Communications
Bothell, Washington

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 Can Be Your Best Thanksgiving Yet

If you are still thinking about what to put on your plate this coming Thanksgiving for 2014, here are some nice "dishes" to consider:
  • Google Site with Virtual IT Infrastructure - If your website is old and needs updating the good news is that you can gain phenomenal advantage by going down the Google Sites/Google Apps for Business road. Google Apps delivers an elegant virtual IT infrastructure - e.g. virtual file services, virtual mail services and virtual applications...and Google Sites virtual website architecture, with 24/7 enterprise support for as low as $4.17 per month per user. Google Sites back-end adminstration is elegant and easy to manage. Even a non-technical user can add pages... so you don't have the "hidden" cost of WordPress consultants and the back-end nightmare of plug-ins with no support.
  • YouTube Programming - If you are not yet using YouTube programming to grow your business you are missing out.  YouTube next to Google Search the world's second largest search engine, with massive traffic... and it gives you very own web television channel with marvelous content sharing and playlist architecture. The YouTube phenomenon has also driven the cost of high quality High Definition (HD) technology way down, and every new smart phone that people are walking around with has HD recording capability and YouTube playback ability right on it, so your programming can even reach prospective and existing clients on their mobile devices and even their HDTV sets in their living rooms and board rooms as they become "smarter". Google's revolutionary new $35 Chromecast HDMI device for example..."casts" YouTube videos right to Chromecast-enabled HDTVs. The only thing missing is having the right expertise to do YouTube programming right.
  • Getting Social On Google+ - If you are looking for front-running advantage as you build your audiences, Google's new exponentially growing Google+ social platform  is another tasty dish you can be grateful once you start using ir the right way to "get social"... building your "Circles" participating in or even launching "Communities" and even scaling and growing your business every city...across the planet.
  • Face-to-face Webinars & Remote Events - Working with Google+ and new HangOuts, HangOuts On Air, or possibily even Business HangOuts...the right way... can phenomenally grow your business, locally, regionally, and across the planet... and Google technology is free or low cost ...and way more powerful than older corporate web conferencing and live streaming capability.
  • Getting Trained and Empowered - With the right approach... and getting trained and empowered using this low-cost and no-cost technology itself, you can transform your physical world challenges into virtual world and hybrid "OPPORTUNITIES"... for phenomenal front-running advantage for you as well as for your clients.  See my "Workshops and Courses", designed to help you "fast-track" getting started, and see my new 12-month Campaign Course and remote consultancy for Developing Business in a 21st Century World...all the way to culminating the campaign with major world-class virtual conference and tradeshow events.. done at a mere fraction of the cost, and in a mere fraction of time of physical world events...and with zero carbon a radically cost-effective, and radically-eco-friendy way. See my New World Learning Institute & Conference Center to see just some of the possibilities. once you and your people get trained and empowered to move forward in virtual world, and hybrid world ways.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

My New Article - "Supportive Cloud-based IT Infrastructure and Empowerment"

The "challenge" and OPPORTUNITY that successful business owners have is during that critical period in their business growth when their existing "older-think" IT infrastructure, no longer supports them. This is usually right when newer demands for quality of service (QOS) are paramount. From everything to company e-mail services crashing, to securely managing important documents that are the life-blood of the business, to fixing and updating websites with broken links that do harm to their brands, to attracting and retaining new people and contracts, to scaling and developing the business in a more competitive,"social", mobile, video-rich collaborative world,  to serving clients well, these success business owners remain highly at risk of losing all that they have fought so long and hard for,  if they don't solve these issues in a timely and mission-critical way. 

The good news, is that today's successful business owner can address all of these "challenges" as a huge OPPORTUNITY by "Going Google."  This now means three things: 1) Migrating over to low-cost Google Apps for Business suite of applications that elegant address and solve, email, file services, office applications, and even website issues (e.g. Google Sites)  with excellent 24/7 techical support, 2) Using Google's amazing suite of no-cost social, mobile, video-based, and face-to-face collaborative resources - e.g. YouTube, Google+, and other affiordable third-party e-mail marketing and CRM applications,  to grow business in a now more "social" Internet world and and marketplace.  Equally important is 3) Enlisting the right expertise, and support, and training that successful business owners need to make the transition smoothly and cost-effectively. For more info and to receive a copy of my new articale about this, just give me call at 425.780.6872. Using Google+ to both grow scale your business is also key. For a Free Consultation, just submit a request

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Art Johnson
New World Communications

Monday, March 17, 2014

Five Powerfully Good Ways Public Transit Agencies Can Use Google+ to Grow Business

by Art Johnson - New World Communications

To date, although most national public transit agencies still have a “me-too” presence on older social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, they stand to gain significant front-running advantage, serving the public even better, by additionally using Google+ to grow their business.

What is Google+ anyway? Just calling it "another social network that few people are on" is both an understatement as well as blatantly untrue. Regardless of whether public transit agency people know it or not, Google+ has been rocketing forward as the fasting growing social platform on the planet. Already at more than 540 active users since it first launched in July of 2011, Google+ has been exponentially growing, at such a fast rate, already overtaking both Twitter, and LinkedIn, that now some analysts, "doing the math" and watching this trend more closely are now even predicting that Google+ will overtake Facebook by as early as February 2016.  
What’s the reason for such an ambitious prediction and why does it matter for public transit agency folks who for the most part are still just doing “me too” communications on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Once public transit agency people experience Google+’s unique virtual architecture first hand,  and get their heads around both the unique power and the potential good that Google+ can uniquely deliver, they too will understand and jump on the Google+ bandwagon...becoming front-runners themselves... ahead of later adopters sure to come.
Here are five powerfully good ways that public transit people and their agencies can significantly benefit, by using Google+ to grow their business:
1. Strategic planning and virtual focus groups - Nothing is more challenging to public transit agencies than getting public and private policy right by engaging with their stakeholders - Google+ and HangOuts, and YouTube allow you to do this, via group-based online “face-to-face” problem-solving sessions conducted with people locally, regionally, and across the planet.. even recording these sessions publicly or privately for later review and study...and the technology is free.
2. “Virtualizing” physical world meetings - It’s now possible for public agency people to “virtualize” physical world meetings, reaching and qualitatively engaging with people remotely, “face-to-face” and in real-time all the way into their homes., schools, offices, “face-to-face” even via their smartphones waiting at the bus stop or train station or even while riding. Google+ and YouTube are no-cost technologies, and all it takes are some low-cost technologies and smart application of it. Even non-technical users can fully participate as audience participants and even have a community voice at virtualized physical world meetings without being techno-enabled at all.
3. “Doing collaborative business e-meetings, “face-to-face” - Using Google+ HangOuts, and Google Drive  it’s now possible for small groups of people to meet “face-to-face” and work on the very same cloud-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations together across their entire service areas...and then some...across the planet even doing major master planning across the nation... no-cost Google+ technology now makes this possible.  Think of the time and cost savings... This takes “tele-work” to a whole new phase and you can do it even while riding the train or bus! 4. Virtual Training Bootcamps - Once people are are fully “enabled” to easily meet and engage with each other over Google+ HangOuts and HangOuts On Air and know how to produce and share their YouTube videos. all-day virtual training bootcamps simultaneously held at key locations across a public transit service region are possible either as virtual only or as “virtualized” physical world events. Again, most of the technology is free, low-cost, or already being used by people walking around with it.
5. Virtual-only or “Virtualized” Conferences and Tradeshows - The merger of both low-end and high-end broadcast-quality webcast technologies now makes it possible to do full-blown multi-day conferences and tradeshows. Smart use of Google+, YouTube and other technologies will be the way to do this, allowing for more riders and public transit stakeholders to both participate in and profoundly influence regional, and national American public transit proceedings.

These are just five powerfully good ways that public transit agencies and the people they serve can benefit, using Google+ to grow their business... but you can be sure that there will be more way more forthcoming and we intend to write home about it.

Art Johnson - Art Johnson, is a 21st century communications and learning architect with his own Seattle area-based consulting firm New World Communications. He has worked closely with public transit front-runners over several years -

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let Us Help You Get Unstuck

By Art Johnson - In this fresh new  2014, let us here at New World Communications help you "get unstuck". What I have discovered is that many business folks and organizations are still having a tough time trying to do "business-as-usual" the old way in a world that has now changed. Trying to do "business-as-usual" ... the same old way just isn't working, and so its time to leave those limiting ideas and habits behind and make room for more liberating and bountiful ones this year. 

Here are those limiting ideas and old leave behind
  • "Physical world" only thinking - People and organizations are limiting themselves by thinking within just a physical world framework, and the cost of this personally, to business and to the planet is literally unfathomable. Quantum physicists as well as enlightened teachers though the ages have all been telling us that just having a physical world mentality.. is not as good as it gets.
  • "Physical world" only transportation - Think about how much physical world transportation costs and how slow it is...just to get there and get back. Might there now be other ways to "get there" and "get back" on.
  • "Physical world" only architecture - Think about how much it costs to create a business presence and to develop a sales force in other cities using just a physical world architecture to meet, collaborate, train, learn, convene, and transact business inside of. Might their now be another way? ...Read on.
  • Older-think websites - With the exception of e-commerce and shopping online, for the most part websites are basically there to support basically a "physical world"  approach to doing business. Most websites are like brochure-ware, encouraging you to just call on the phone, or request info via submit form and then get in your car, bus, train, or plane to meet with  face-to-face inside of physical world architecture trying to continue doing "business-as-usual." 
The good news... is that there is an Infinite Supply of new ideas to align with and tap into...and new habits to form having to do with "re-thinking" reality itself and doing business more sustainably.
  • Adding "Virtual World" and "Hybrid World" Thinking - people and organizations can now greatly benefit by adding a "Virtual World" and "Hybrid World" mindset supported by new low-cost and even no-cost technology that radically reduces cost personally, business-wise and planet-wise...and just in time too. This new thinking using the new technology also validates what quantum physics and enlightened teachers across the ages have been telling us... that "substance" ...that the  "stuff" behind physical world appearances.. and of the universe is not essence.. so our view of reality ...and the way we chose to do business.. is "not as good as it gets."
  • Adding "Virtual World" Transportation - It's now possible, for instance, to "get there" and "get back" from meeting "face-to-face"..virtually instantly with groups of people, locally, regionally, and across the planet..."riding the electrons"... just by logging on and off... spending not one cent on fuel and adding not micron of pollution with zero carbon footprint...and the technology to do this is low cost...even no-cost.
  • Adding "Virtual World" Architecture - It's also now possible to have a business "omnipresence" in literally every city across the planet by meeting "face-to-face" with groups of people "inside" of  low-cost and even no-cost virtual architecture.. all the way doing major events... for phenomenal advantage.
  • Upgrading to Newer-think websites - Once you have added and cultivated "Virtual World" and "Hybrid World" mindsets, a whole world of communications capabilities can open up... way beyond just e-commerce and shopping online way beyond just driving around in your hybrid or electric car, and way beyond just meeting inside or physical world "green" architecture.
To help you get unstuck and for more information,  I invite you and your other business colleagues to meet face-to-face with me "inside" of my website - Call me today if you are interested - 1.425.780.6872 and let's connect.

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