Thursday, December 1, 2011

These are Gifts for Your Business That Can Keep On Giving Throughout 2012

In light of the challenges and opportunities ahead in our now 21st century world, these are some great gifts you can give to your business that can keep on giving:
  1. Social Media Marketing Plan & Program - Only about 26% of small business owners invest in the development of an integrated online marketing plan and program. The newest and best plans can leverage new video, social media, and mobile tools & strategies to drive traffic, build a supportive community, and grow business both online and in your brick-and-mortar business.

    Most small business owners just don't have the time, the in-house resources or the skills to do this themselves, so working with a competent consultant makes a whole lot of good business sense. If your consultant has a training and development background, he or she can also train and work with you and your staff and help you and your entire organization move forward very cost-effectively.

  2. Web Television Channel - Web television is potentially more powerful than broadcast or cable television and way less expensive, with an elegantly simpler production process and viral sharing across social networks. See our Web Television Technology page in our Amazon-powered online store to see how inexpensive the new ultra compact technology actually now is. YouTube, (owned by Google) is the world's second largest search engine with over 300 million people a month accessing over 12 billion videos. A consultant with a strong television background can help develop some powerful programming that speaks to your customers needs and drives traffic to your website and place of business. Web television can be a core component of the plan and program. Web television, done over YouTube is also instantly mobile as well.

  3. Google Apps & Google Sites - Google is the undisputed leader in search, in cloud computing, in web video (via YouTube) and now in web browsing with Chrome, in operating systems for smart mobile phones with Android. and in the development of Google Sites architecture. Google also owns Google Earth and Google Places and is the process of changing the social networking equation with its launch of Google+ that early adopters like us are loving. When you "Go Google", you immediately experience the benefits of lower cost, and less frustration with elegant architecture that scales incredibly well. Google applications are automatically updated, and your core business documents end up being a lot safer. Google Docs can even be used to create print collateral and presentations that can be shared online without printing or mailing costs. A competent consultant working with other strategic Google business partners can help you to take fullest advantage of these resources.

  4. Google+ with HangOuts and Pages - Google+ is Google's elegant new social network that is already delivering significant advantages that early adopters are already loving, like 10-seat video conferencing and having collaborative e-meetings ...for free! Google+'s Circles feature is perfect for communicating with groups of people important to your business without the "noise" of pseudo "friends" posts. Launched only a few months ago, Google+ already boasts a rapid growth trajectory of more than 41 million members with personal accounts and the updates keep coming. Google recently launched Pages that allow businesses to build their brands on Google+. If you realize how many properties Google already owns....and if you work with a consultant to help you "connect the dots"... getting you established and building your community on Google+, this will put you way ahead of people and companies who join later. Google+ is also mobile.

  5. Facebook Marketing & Leads Capture - The best challenge and opportunity of Facebook is its 800 million people who access and socialize on it on a daily basis. The problem is that it can be a real time waster trying to sort through all the clutter and "noise" of who "friended" who. On the other hand, an intelligent marketing strategy for a company or organization that understands its niche and that communicates its compelling offer using video to capture leads and develop business can be very effective.  The plan and program can also include the design and development of this. The great thing about Facebook is that it's also mobile.
Imagine how much better off you and your business will be with more and better business coming through the door, as you move way ahead of competitors by leveraging the power of video, social networks, and mobile like early adopters have already been doing. The key is to realize that you could use some outside consulting help to design, develop and manage all this.

Call us today and we can help develop a intelligent social media marketing communications solutions for you as well as deliver the mission-critical learning that you and members of your staff may need. (425) 780-6872

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