Monday, May 30, 2011

Internet Marketing Without A Written Strategic Plan?: Would You Try to Build a House That Way?

This morning I continue to be amazed by small business owners and non-profit managers trying to develop their businesses without a well thought-out, written strategic business development plan which communicates how the organization intends to get "from here"... "to there" in systematic steps that build upon one another.  Imagine what kind of house you'd end up with if you tried to build a house without a plan? Imagine if you had someone just start with the "externals".. the roof... and paint job first...without a foundation, the framework, the plumbing, the heating and the electrical? 

Now imagine what the outcome and experience would be like, if instead of hiring  professionals to help design and build  your business, you hired a relative or friend "who knows how to build websites" without a clue about what it takes to build a business in a much more sophisticated and demanding marketplace? By now you should be getting the picture of the mess that many small business owners and non-profit managers get themselves in, wondering why nothing seems to work. The problem with websites and working with technology, is that now it is seductively easy to throw up a website with some content on it...without even knowing what you are doing, without a clear idea of what you'd like to go... and without any clear sense of the Internet marketplace and how sophisticated all this has now become. 

The solution is to work with seasoned professionals who can help you strategic plan, design,  develop and implement the kind of architecture, communications ...and learning that is now necessary in order to succeed. Call me today and let's talk about developing an effective written strategy that can both inform and shape not only your website but your entire business approach to a now much more demanding marketplace. 425-780-6872.

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