Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reflections About the Power of Community-authored Video and Hyperlocal Platforms

This Saturday afternoon, I am reflecting about three things:  1) Community authored video can be really powerful - See this video produced by Camellia Blossoms that I just viewed done for the Clean Greens Farm and Market project located in Seattle's historic Central District. 2) Hyperlocal web applications can be a powerful resource for the economic development and re-vitalization of communities ...if these mega-applications are wrapped around quality television like this produced by community stakeholders...instead of being wrapped around content controlled by corporate-owned commercial television stations not owned by local community stakeholders themselves. 3) How to make this all work? The answer to that one begins by searching deeply within for the answer and for guidance, and then acting on that inspiration and direction to develop the capacity and the business over time.

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