Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth... Has found me

This morning I am again resonating "abundantly" after having a book by Eric Butterworth Spiritual Economics "find me" ...right when I needed it to find me. For as long as I can remember, I have been subtlely aware of a magnificent, peaceful, omniscient, "omni-presence" that was not the same as the incessant mostly negative "chatter" of my ego-dominated thoughts trying to make my way in a competitive world, socially-defined by scarcity, fear, bidding, market share, limited resources, ultra-aggressive sales practices, charlatans, crooks, gangsters, drug addicts, ignorance, hate, violence, war, and the walking dead.  

What's been really great is that lately, the awareness of this omni-presence has continued to unfold...and more rapidly too... as my ego has been knocked down multiple notches by this "economy"...or so I thought. But instead of being demolished by it all, I am now finding peace, joy, and ...a marvelous feeling of abundance... that is already on its way.... as I get clear about what it is that I want, ... not only for myself, and  for my family, but also for the world and human family. I can also even now see my bank account balance increasing...even before it's happened...as I continue to be led to the Source...of all wealth... in the Divinity of the Human Spirit...revealed in is best light..rather than in darkness.

Now, what I am realizing is that what's been going on, has been part of something much larger, that is continuing to fold... that is taking me ...exactly... to what I need to discover about myself... and where the true source of my power emanates from.. where True Prosperity is to be discovered and how to tap into that...and and how to realize it...manifest it.  And so this book by Eric Butterworth a Unity church minister... "found" me.... and right after another excellent read, by Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich "found me" as I was inside of someone's auto-responding  e-mail marketing "conversion" engine. Butterworth's work is refinement of Wattle's work...most probably as the outcome of more "Divine" unfolding since he wrote his book in 1911.  See it and other great reads in my Amazon-powered New World Virtual Bookstore .. These books are also readily available in most public libraries so you don't even have to buy them.

Life ...and the history of consciousness... is a marvelous mystery as it continues to unfold... and already it taking shape in the form of a new of great  works "brewing" inside of me... I am reminded of Hegel and his marvelous work, the Phenomenology of Mind (Spirit) that he wrote at age 39 that moved me as a younger man, as a graduate student at UC Berkeley. Enough words for now... Now all I have to do is just discipline my mind not to get in the way...of all that is good.. abundant... and already on its way. Call me if you'd like to connect and share this abundance with me... Not understanding that I am in Divine Presence is what has been missing and there is this more than enough of this abundance to go around...to all people. The Great Creator...created with the ability to create it ourselves. Now all have to do...is do my part to have the wealth manifested - 425-780-6872.

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