Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Successful Ones: Five Ways The Smartest Businesses Are Finding Their Pots of Gold

This afternoon, after conducting considerable research on "The Successful Ones" ...doing well on the Internet, here are five ways that the smartest businesses, whose content I've been working with ...are finding their "pots of gold":
  • They Understand The Social Media Way - The "Social Media Way" of marketing is not just about upgrading or updating the company website with just  more text and pictures on it, and or just benchmarking oneself against one's closest competitors,  but rather it's about doing something much more exciting, much more innovative and much more refreshing than that...with video  that can make older think competitors irrelevant ...by leaving them behind.  It's about reaching and communicating with people already searching for YouTube videos to have their questions answered ... and your company being the one to uniquely do that in a wonderfully helpful, creative relationship-building way. Helping people upfront with free content gets these smart businesses delivered to their "pots of gold". Just think of Oprah Winfrey and how wealthy she became by using "The Way" and you'll grasp the concept quickly.

  • They Produce Their Own Video and They do Teleseminars and Webinars- They understand how to produce "good enough" video content using low-cost, almost no cost consumer video technology. An entire HD "studio"  for instance can be put together for only about $200-$400. These smart companies also learn how to "roll" in their video into webinar sessions using next-generation web conferencing and webcasting technology.

  • Their Content Answers Key Questions... and it's Intelligently Designed - The smartest businesses design their content answers "in the cloud"... in conceptual space...before they assign it to a specific format like a video, an article, an audio program, an e-book, a seminar, or a webinar and this "multi-versioning" saves a whole lot of time, money and energy producing these communications products this way. That's where a good communications architect can come in as part of the project design.

  • They Use Powerful Internet Marketing Platforms - Instead of having to manually submit their content to multiple social media locations, these smarter businesses are using a mega-submission "engine" to blast out content to up to 100 locations at once. Search engines love new video content and they index it quickly... which in turn greatly improves page ranking on the major search and engines, and the great content also drives a lot of traffic to your website where leads can be captured, and prospects can qualitatively converted into customers, return business clients and even advocates that help do the selling for you.

  • They Get the Kind of Help They Need From the Right People: The smartest business owners all understand that the solution that takes them to their own pot-of-gold of necessity has to be "social" in nature and team-based itself, typically led by someone who, on the one hand understands the big picture and the new social media marketing way, yet on the other hand, this person can work out the details and quality-assure the results along the way.
So there you have it ... This is how the Successful Ones are finding their "pots of gold"... while others are still lost in the dark trying to find their way. Isn't "Intelligence"... "Divine"...the way that it can shine light on things that you didn't understand before? (See my recent  blog about Wallace D. Wattles' "New" Science of Getting Rich) How about you?  If you're ready to be one of the Successful Ones as well, we can help you with that. Just give us a call at 425-780-6872

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