Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Age Social Media Marketing Entrepreneurs That Walk the Walk and Give The Gift Upfront

This morning, I am again resonating with joy and a heightened consciousness after continuing the experience of how New Age Social Media Marketing Entrepreneurs Walk the "giving the gift" of helpful information and mission-critical learning ...upfront. It alll started when I clicked through and joined Mike Koenigs of e-mail marketing list... which in effect, dumped me into his sales funnel environment and conversion engine...and how delightful this experience has been in two ways.

First, the CONTENT that Mike has been sharing has been excellent. Secondly, his DELIVERY using his conversion engine environment has been phenomenally thoughtful - e.g. In addition to providing excellent freebie videos about how to market using his amazing 10 x 10 x 4 formula, how to put together an HD studio for $200-400, and even how to get your message across to any personality type, Mike even recently provided me a link to his free speedreading course and e-book....realizing that I needed to learn thoughtful...and how smart this approach is. Small business owners have to get trained and empowered first...before they'll even think about taking advantage of the powerful social media marketing platform. 

The latest amazing gift has been the gift of his amazing friend Brendan Burchard of, an amazing millionaire communicator and author of Millionaire Communicator who makes creating 12 lucrative products that make $100,000 each over the year seem easy. I especially like the way that he designs his content "in the cloud" first  using his awesome Create Anything Framework. 

Creating content in the cloud ...first and then "multi-versioning" it across multiple product formats is exactly what I had just blogged about...Nice! Check out Brendon Burchard's excellent video on "How to Create and Promote 12 Lucrative Products and Programs" and how he has you wanting to know more... after you purchase one of his products... of course. Brendon is one "Divinely Intelligent" communicator who suggests that his near fatal motorcycle accident at 19 had something to do with this... and his wealth creation. His near-death experience had him asking himself - "Did I live?.... "Did I love?"... and "Did I Make a Difference?" ...and wow did he "Divine Presence" come roaring back to share his bounteous gifts with the world. Here's the link again ... Enjoy!

What next to do after viewing all this. Watch out if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by all of this. Remember that even Brendon didn't get there all at once. Call me and let's talk about taking one baby step... but good step at a time by doing some strategic planning first and outlining the scope of work that you'll need help with...The trip of a thousand miles begins with just one step.  425-780-6872.


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